Interim Project Report group 5

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Group 5 Interim Report

Amanda Edelman, Alex Libardoni, Maria Pregnolato, Derek Rosendahl, Katrin Sedlmeier, Julie Shortridge, and Heather Yocum ASP Colloquium, July 31, 2014

Project Overview

Project Type:

– Developing a Proposal on Decision Making Under Uncertainty for The National Science Foundation •

Overall Objective:

– Develop an integrated framework that will support stakeholder driven climate adaptation plans for urban areas

Project Overview

Overarching research question:

– Does using an iterative, stakeholder-driven approach improve outcomes such as consensus, generation of alternatives and social learning?


– Develop methodology / framework – Implement framework in two U.S. urban areas

What do Stakeholders Need?

Initial Meeting: Collaborate to identify useful and feasible tools and information Feedback throughout process What Can Climate/Impact Science Provide?

Identify the Most Problematic Climate Events and Impacts for the City Develop future projections Develop tools Final Meeting: Presentation of final tools and discussion of process

Who is Doing What?

Stakeholder Engagement: Amanda and Heather Climate Scientists: Alex, Derek, and Katrin Impact Modelers: Julie and Maria

Under Consideration

• How will outcomes be evaluated?

• Which factors (i.e. vulnerabilities, population, location) will be tested?

• Which cities will be research sites?

Insights from the audience appreciated!