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Traditional Core & Advanced Capture
 The Capture Process
 What’s New in Capture Workflow?
 Core and optional capture features
 Imports
 Image processing
 Separation
 Output
 Structured vs. unstructured capture
 Product Demonstration
 Q&A
The Capture Process
All capture typically starts with a 3 step process
Classify - identify the type of document. This may include
sorting documents into individual batch types or scanning all
documents in a folder/process as one.
Separate - manual or intelligent separation of batch
document sets.
Data Extraction - extract meaningful data through OCR,
barcode, KeyFree, advanced capture or manual entry.
Alternative Post Processing Techniques
Data Merge – database lookup on a unique field(s) to
populate other data.
Core Capture Features
 Capture Workflow - Monitor a UNC or
shared folder on timed basis
 Unlimited capture and processing
 Server side image processing for fast client
 Image enhancement, Barcode, Zone OCR,
Delete Page & Text PDF Creator
Multi-core OCR processing options
Six (6) capture intake activities
Four (4) document separation activities
MFP/copier integration
 Sharp OSA, Kyocera HyPas & Xerox EIP
 3rd party vendor integration
 Nuance (eCopy), NSI Autostore, Planet Press,
Kofax, PSIGEN, etc.
What’s New in Capture Workflow?
 ImportEmail – ability to bring body
and attachments in as PDF vs. MSG
 Priority Workflow- provides priority
routing for certain Capture
 Create One Batch per File – allows
each document to be processed
through all capture workflow stages
and into SmartSearch w/o waiting for
the entire batch to process
 Multiple output release – ability to
release to inbox, archive or file
system all at the same time
 Release to File – ability to release to
a file system directory using a field
value as the file name
Core Capture Imports
MFP Scanning - supports capture from ANY
network attached MFP/Copier via scan to
directory/ftp or email.
Desktop Scan- capture paper from any
TWAIN/WIA compliant scanner with the ability
to index at time of capture.
Drag & Drop – any document or email can be
dragged into SmartSearch. Soon to be added to
Import- Manual or automatic import of ANY file
type into an Inbox or Archive.
ImportbyFileName- monitor a network folder
and automatically ingest the file name as index
field values.
Core Capture Imports
Import Email- Drag and drop or automatic
monitoring of any POP/IMAP mailbox
Import Data and Documents- Bulk import of
data and documents from a CSV or XML file
Import Web Forms – provides integration with
FreeForm product to offer post image processing
of resulting web to PDF document.
File XChange– “Save As” will prompt users to
index into SmartSearch through tight integration
with Windows Explorer.
Print- capture documents into SmartSearch by
printing to eDoc virtual print driver.
Image Processing Engines
 Bar Code Recognition – SmartSearch supports 1D barcode recognition, the process of
optically reading a bar code and assigning extracted values to a pre-configured
SmartSearch index field.
 Zone OCR– This option allows extraction of computer generated text from structured,
zone based areas on a templated document.
 PDF Creator – This option is a full page OCR engine and provides the ability to turn
scanned images into text searchable PDF documents.
 Delete Pages – Deletes blank or barcode pages.
 Image (Clean-up) Enhancement – Using state-of-the-art image enhancement
technology, SmartSearch quickly and easily applies despeckle, deskew and various other
document clean-up tasks to improve OCR capabilities.
 Set Field – Set a static field value as part of the capture process.
Image Separation Engines
SmartSearch supports 4 different types of
batch separation
Barcode – separates based on barcode.
Supports prefix separation.
Zone OCR – separates when zone field changes
from previous page. **NEW FEATURE**
Blank page – use a standard blank copy paper
to separate documents
Page count – set static number of pages for
Core Capture Output
 Release to Archive
This activity releases the
image and the extracted data to the designated
 Release to Inbox
– This activity is often used
when preprocessing documents prior to
release to their permanent SmartSearch
 Release to Folder
– This activity outputs
the captured document to a pre-defined
file share. **NEW FEATURE**
What is Advanced Capture
Structured vs. Unstructured
Structured forms:
Semi-structured forms:
 Forms of the same type with
 Forms and documents of the same
EXACTLY the same layout
 Information is located in the
same place of each page
 Quantity of fields per page is
 Templates used to locate and
capture data
type but different layouts
 Information located in different
areas of a document
 Quantity of fields, lines or
transactions per page can vary
 Documents may have varying
number of pages
Sample Structured Forms
 Credit application
 Employee time card
 State/federal income tax
 Customer survey or
Sample UNstructured Forms
 Vendor Invoices
 Sales Orders
 Remittance Advice
 UB-92
 Bill of Lading
 Transcripts
Core SmartSearch
Capture Demo
• Ad-hoc KeyFree of a Purchase Order
• Text zone OCR of structured AR Invoices
• Barcode recognition, separation and Data
Merge of BOL
So, is there such a thing as
Advanced Capture Demonstration
• SimpleCapture with Auto learning technology of AP
• docAlpha full unstructured data extraction of footer
and line item data of medical EOB’s