“So, you want to be an ITSP?” Andriy Zhylenko <> V1.2

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Transcript “So, you want to be an ITSP?” Andriy Zhylenko <> V1.2

“So, you want to be an ITSP?”
Andriy Zhylenko <[email protected]>
So, you want to be an ITSP?
•Your business model
•Choosing the right tools for the job
•Plan the project properly
What is your business plan?
• Second Skype or Vonage?
• Something better?
Case study:
•Globe7 (www.globe7.com, a-la Skype
•More than 25 million of downloaded and
installed soft-phone clients
Who are your customers?
• Residential users
• Small business (hosted IP PBX, IP Centrex)
• Enterprise SIP trunking
Something new:
• Mobile phone users
• Foreign DID re-allocation
• Resorts, hotels and new residential
Can you fight the “big guys”?
• Be fast
• Be flexible
• Be always on the run
• Real-time provisioning and charging, prepaid balance control
• Converged and customer-tailored services
• Automation and customer self-care
Your platform – a basic view
A softswitch
Unified communications
Bank and payment
Termination partners
Choosing the right tools
• Open-source platforms: a panacea? a stone
• Building your own vs. buying – do you have
to make the choice?
• Embrace the change (and a lot of it!)
• Look very carefully at TCO
Capacity planning
• What is “1 million of minutes” in terms of
your network?
• What are your [estimated] traffic patterns?
Capacity planning - continued
•Average daily volume = monthly volume / 30
•Volume per hour = daily volume / 10
•Average length of call – 5 minutes, average success rate –
•1M min -> 33,000 min/day -> 3,333 min/hour -> 12 call
attempts/minute -> 30 concurrent calls
Planning a VoIP project – do your homework
Who is the vendor?
What is their core expertise and focus?
How do they understand your business?
What is the development roadmap?
Can they support you (especially when
something goes wrong)?
Planning a VoIP project
• Go for a test-drive – do an evaluation
• Learning curve: you can optimize it, but
you cannot skip it entirely. Training will
help you a lot.
• Plan properly for the testing and the prelaunch phase.
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