School Funding 2014-15

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School Funding
Arrangements 2014 to
Briefing for Governors March 2014
Simon Darby / Patrick Fletcher
• Schools are funded through a series of ringfenced grants
• Dedicated Schools Grant
(Schools, Early Years and High Needs Blocks)
• EFA Post 16 Grant
• Pupil Premium
(Deprivation, Children Looked After & Service Children)
• Specific Grants
(KS1 Meals, Primary PE, Year 7 catch up)
Dedicated Schools Grant - Early Years Block
£3,883 per fte pupil (aged three and four) on the January
census each year
No increase per pupil over the four year settlement
Fixed grant of £11.92m to roll out free 15hr provision to
vulnerable two year olds
Two year old grant will be based on the census from
Dedicated Schools Grant - Early Years Block
Vulnerable two year old if:
• meet the eligibility criteria also used for free school meals
• if their families receive Working Tax credits and have
annual gross earnings of no more than £16,190 per year
• if they have a current statement of special educational
needs (SEN) or an education, health and care plan
• if they attract Disability Living Allowance
• if they are looked after by their local authority
• if they have left care through special guardianship or
through an adoption or residence order
Dedicated Schools Grant - Early Years Block
Funding to Settings
Three and Four yr olds £3.80 per hour plus deprivation
allocation based on post code of each pupil
Two year olds £4.85 per hour, funding also used to
expand number of available places where needed
Two year old funding fixed, three and four yr old funding
block not finalised until after end of 2014/15
Dedicated Schools Grant – High Needs Block
Funding based on 2012/13 expenditure adjusted for
transfer of responsibility for SEN up to 25, and
population changes. Bid based on additional SEN places
and increased Hospital Education provision.
Final allocation announced by 31.3.2014
Dedicated Schools Grant – Schools Block
Funding based on 2013 October census numbers at
£4,538 per pupil. Final allocation received 23.12.2013.
Gross allocation reduced by funding transferred to
Academies, and reduces in year if further schools
EFA Post 16 Grant
Academic year funding (Aug to July) based on previous
October data. E.g. Aug 2014 based on October 2013.
Funding of sixth forms reducing to that of Colleges
Funding for yr 14 reducing by 17.5% from Aug 2014
Funding rates and allocations finalised by 31.3.2014.
Pupil Premium
£1,900 per Looked After Pupil, or adopted, under
special guardianship arrangement or residence order.
Deprivation premium based on FSM eligibility over
previous 6 years.
£1,300 per Primary pupil
£935 per Secondary pupil
£300 per pupil where parents in armed services
If qualify under looked after criteria, cannot qualify
under deprivation
Universal Infant FSM
£450m September 2014 to March 2015
£635m April 2015 to March 2016
To fund meals provided to under 7s not eligible for
FSM under benefit criteria
Allocation will be based on meals served to these
under 7s at £2.30 per meal
Data collection for allocation of grant based on
School Census
‘Start up’ revenue funding for small schools
Universal Infant FSM
Potential Funding from Grant
£5.4m (14/15) then £7.6m (15/16)
Other Potential Revenue Benefits
Reduction in overall cost per meal produces
saving in cost of all current meals served
If current charge to a pupil for a paid meal is
less than £2.30 a further saving will be realised
Specific Grants
Primary PE Grant £8,000 per school plus £5 per
pupil – extended for 5 years
Year 7 catch up premium £500 per pupil not
achieving L4 in reading or maths at KS2
Yr on yr
Schools Block
Early Years Block (3 & 4yr olds)
Early Years Block (2yr olds)
High Needs Block
EFA Post 16 Sixth Form Funding
Pupil Premium – Deprivation
Pupil Premium – Children Looked after
Pupil Premium – Service Children
PE & Sport Grant
Yr 7 Catch up Premium
Free School Meals under 7’s
Use of Balance of DSG B/fwd
Gross Schools Budget
Academy recoupment from the Schools Block –
transferred to the EFA
Pupil Premium paid direct to Academies
Net Schools Budget
Schools Block £439.83m
– allocated to Schools and Academies (Reception to
yr 11) after central retention of certain defined items
Equal pay settlements, prudential borrowing, Schools
Forum support, combined services (Clusters and
TaMHS), and Admissions
Costs cannot be increased year on year – Schools will
be charged for Admissions Appeals from April 2014
Schools Block £439.83m
- Schools Forum vote to de-delegate contingency fund
including support to schools in financial difficulty, Staff
cover costs, Museum and Library Services, SIMS and
PRS Licences for Primary, Behaviour Support and
support for underperforming ethnic minority groups and
bilingual learners
Growth Fund – in-year funding where increase in
admission limit due to basic need, and pre-opening
costs where new school due to basic need
Schools Block £439.83m
- Secretary of State has arranged central national
licences for all Schools and academies
- Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA)
- Music Publishers Association (MPA)
- Newspaper Licensing Authority (NLA)
- Education Recording Agency (ERA)
- Motion Picture Licensing Company (MPLC), and
- Filmbank Distributors Ltd. (for the PVSL)
Schools Block 2014/15
Less Continuing Commitments/Responsibilities and Growth Fund:
Equal Pay Costs
Prudential Borrowing
Contribution to Combined Budgets
Schools Forum
CLA and MPA Licence
Total Continuing Commitments/Responsibilities
Growth Fund
Schools Block to be allocated by Formula
plus one off use of balance b/fwd
Individual Schools Budget before de-delegation
De-delegated Services for Maintained Schools
Individual Schools Budget Received by Schools
High Needs Funding changes
High needs funding is one element of wider
funding reforms
School funding reforms – the £6k threshold is
mandatory for Primary and Secondary
High Needs places funded at £10k for SEN, £8k for
Alternative Provision. Data collection process for
distribution of place funding led by local
authorities, with a move to lagged funding of
places from April 2015 planned
Top up funding where additional support costs
above £6k determined by home local authority
Funding of the first £6k
‘Local authorities should continue to provide
additional funding outside the main funding
formula for mainstream schools and
academies on a consistent and fair basis
where the number of their high needs pupils
cannot be reflected adequately in their
formula funding and they should define the
circumstances in which additional funding will
be provided from their high needs budget.’
SEN Consultation
To reduce the number of instances in each school and
academy where the school must meet the first £6,000
from within its delegated budget.
To increase the unit of resource used within the
Funding for Inclusion SEN funding allocation from
£663 to £684
To retain a reduced transitional protection where
individual schools have received reduced funding for
SEN through the introduction of the simple funding
2015/16 Funding Arrangements
Protection of funding for Reception to year 11 in real
Protection of funding through the pupil premium in
real terms
Continuation of Primary PE grant
Full year of universal infant free school meals
An expectation of efficiencies in under five and post
16 funding
Consultation on introduction of National Funding for
each school and academy