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Environment Update

John Rintoul Environmental Issues Manager

Oil & Gas UK

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The representative body for the offshore oil and gas exploration and production industry within the United Kingdom

• • • • Just under 400 member companies Large integrated oil and gas companies Independent E&P operators Large contractors SME contractors

Member’s Primary Business

Oil & Gas UK Strategic Objectives

Maximise recovery from the UKCS

Sustainable long term future for the UK Supply Chain

Raise positive profile and reputation of the industry

O&G UK Directorates

Environment Operations

Communications & Events

Health & Safety Economics


Oil & Gas UK Environment Directorate

What do we do?

• Keep up to date with National and International environmental legislation • Respond to consultations on behalf of the industry.

• • Work with the regulators to determine the best way of implementing new (and existing) regulations offshore Ensure that Oil & Gas UK members are kept informed of potential implications.

Who do we engage with??

External Policy &Work Group Regulators Advisor's to Regulators Environment Directorate eNGO’s External Associations

But most importantly Environment Forum

Fora and Work Groups

Oil Spill Response Forum

What does the Environment Forum do?

• Ensure effective management of environmental issues through the input of specialist knowledge and operational experience.

• Enhance engagement of all member company specialists.

• Improve the speed of response to new issues and to enable more effective lobbying.

Environmental Forum – Work Groups

Oil Based Mud Cuttings

MODU Drainage Water Drilling Fluids Waste

EU ETS Atmospheric Emissions Radiological Issues

NORM Disposal

External Engagement

• • •


– Provide industry response to regulatory consultations.

Stakeholder Events

– Attending to ensure positive industry profile – Ensuring that the industry has input if required.

Regulator Interface

– Attending regular meetings with the main regulators and advisors to the regulators, DECC, Marine Scotland, Scottish Government, Joint Nature Conservation Committee, MMO etc.


Produced Water Risk Based Approach

Implementation of the RBA - UKCS

Working Closely with DECC

– Pulled together an Industry Work Group to discuss the implementation offshore.

What’s new

– Need to undertake toxicity testing.

– Need to undertake modelling of the discharge •

When is it starting

– Next year, nine tranches – 11 platforms per tranche.

Regulation Implementation

EU Directive Safety of Offshore Oil & Gas Operations (12


June 2013).

EU Safety (and Environment) Directive

• • • • • Needs to be implemented by mid 2015 Early stages at present and concentrating on Annex IX – “Sharing of Information & Transparency”.

From environmental aspect we need to influence /determine: – “A major environmental incident” – “Failure of a Safety and Environmental Critical Element” – “Unintended release of oil” Work groups set-up to work with HS&E and DECC to work the implementation.

Ensure that there are no unexpected consequences.

Oil Spill Response Forum

OPEP WG Oil Spill Response Forum Environmental Sensitivities Oil Spill Treatment Options

Environmental Sensitivities WG

Oil Waste Management