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RFID Deployment Activity Today

• Industries and Applications

Motorola’s Product Portfolio

• Industrial and Business Class Readers

Case Studies

• Dunlop Tires • Gulf Oil Spill • Sempra Energy • Volkswagen • Levinoff-Colbex • St. Luke’s Hospital • Gilead Sciences • City of Hattiesburg

Where RFID Is Today?

Tracking… Medical Supplies Garbage Clothes Computers People Oil Rig Equipment Totes & Bins Shipments Vehicles

Key RFID Applications & Markets

APPLICATIONS Item level Inventory Visibility Supply Chain Management Asset Tracking File Management Process Automation IT Asset Tracking WIP / Parts Tracking People Tracking RETAIL

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RFID In Government

Issues: Asset Management Evidence Tracking Personnel Accountability Supply Chain Document Tracking Mobile Device Tracking Healthcare Inspections / Code Enforcement Disaster Response Waste Management Federal P & L

Products That Fit The Way You Work



• Warehousing & Distribution • Supply Chain • Manufacturing • Energy








Retail Inventory Management Asset Management File tracking Healthcare




MC3090-Z MC3190-Z Hands-Free DS9808-R

RFID Real-World Deployments

Dunlop Tires

Business Issue

• Strict rules required to monitor tire usage during races to insure fair competition • Current barcode system could not guarantee 100 percent accuracy – done randomly; human intervention, delays to race • Solution can’t interfere with the race


• Datalinx Tire Tracking software at pit stops collecting data using Motorola RFID fixed readers and antennas • Tags embedded in tires and on cars are automatically read as cars enter and exit the pit lanes • Tires assigned to teams and cars prior to the race and again when installed


• 100 Accuracy in race regulation – checking 100% of cars • Immediate, real-time data – sorts, compares, displays info • Data available for commentators, press, fans • Reduction in personnel needed to meet compliance • Embedded tags prevents wear & tear and interfering with data • Ability to react immediately to rule-infringements • Track tires from mfg to allocation to usage and back for recycling • Ability to analyze usage data for development purposes

Gulf Oil Spill

Business Issue

• Needed to track 73 yards of equipment and tools during clean up after Gulf oil spill • Poor utilization of equipment resulting in over purchasing and delays • Needed a way to provide visibility to the country about clean up efforts


• Utilized the RFID best practices learned by Wal-Mart and quickly put them to use in the Gulf • Using ShipCom’s CATAMARAN™ solution to enable a fast and reliable way of deploying an RFID solution that could integrate with the current back-end system.

• Used mobile handhelds with RFID and GPS to keep track of all equipment – 10,000-12,000 assets


• Eliminate pen and paper process • Real-time asset visibility and visibility • Improved utilization of equipment and tools, stopped over renting, reduced unnecessary purchasing of safety stock • Ability to replicate solution to track office assets during emergency evacuation


Sempra Energy

Business Issue

• Out of 250,000 Meters installed yearly, 3300 were not being billed • $1.5 million yearly revenue losses due to lost meters • Inefficient paper based stock-taking processes • No real-time visibility of gas meters in the supply chain


• Motorola fixed and handheld readers set up at Sempra’s central warehouse • RFID portal readers scan pallets from suppliers as they enter the warehouse • 64 district warehouses used Motorola RFID handheld readers to accurately control, route and aggregate multiple meter deliveries and installations • CATAMARAN application was tailored to Sempra’s need & seamlessly integrated with Sempra’s ERP system.

• Central Enterprise server hosted in addition to distributed warehouse edge servers located across California.

• CATAMARAN Mobile & RFID solution to track gas meters at each process gate, from American meter to consumer


• ROI within 30 months & continued savings of $1.5M annually • Increased inventory accuracy with real-time data available • Increased revenues due to improved billings from previously lost meters • Full visibility of gas meters across the supply chain • Reduction in ordering safety stock

Volkswagen of Mexico

Business Issue

• Improve spare parts distribution process for dealers • Improve customer service with faster parts identification and shipping • Reduce cardboard shipping container waste


• 16,000+ spare part reusable shipping containers fitted with RFID tags • Motorola XR Series fixed readers mounted at loading docks read containers & send information to VW’s WMS • Return process is simplified as containers pass through dock doors and back into VW’s warehouse


• 30% reduction in annual parts distribution expenses • Reduced shipment errors via switch from manual to automated shipment verification process • Reduced packaging costs and waste from reusable shipping containers • Improved dealer service due to faster shipment verification system • Generating replacement revenue for containers not returned within 10 days

Levinoff-Colbex Canadian Meat Distributor Business Issue

• Improve tracking process of meat throughout the agri-food logistics chain – in processing, in transit, at distributor,, at food store • Distinguish between usable and non-usable meat in production facility • Track product in distribution chain to enable post-production recalls • Solution had to withstand high temperatures, humidity, extreme shocks and soaking with high pressure sprays


• All animals and meat products are tagged • Motorola’s rugged RFID fixed readers are installed along meat production process to track progress


• Meat production process now fully automated requiring no human intervention • Inspectors can pull all associated meat if any part does not pass inspection • Product recalls simplified and tracked to each distribution center for faster alerts and shelf removal • Obtained new customer contracts due to process improvements and increased bandwidth • ROI in less than one year

Saint Luke’s Hospital


• Needed to manage inventory valued at over $2.7M

• Need to secure supplies, manage expiration date tracking, improve capture of charges • Supplies used in Cardiac Catheterization Lab were not properly accounted for • Supplies used during cases were not being billed to patient • Inaccurate inventory since supply usage was not accurately recorded • Over purchasing of supplies to compensate for errors • •


RFID Gen 2 RFID tags assigned to critical items Motorola FX7400 RFID readers set up in key locations monitoring treatment rooms, labs, and critical locations in numerous hallways and • • stations • Cenbion software tracks all moving assets • •


Increased revenue from fully capturing charges Due to improved process, now authorized to place larger orders. Recently placed a $900,000 order of pace makers and defibrillators – bulk purchase saved 12% or $127,000 on that order alone Reduced on-hand inventory significantly from 5-10 days to 2-3 days Care givers able to spend less time on administrative duties and care for patients

Gilead Sciences

Business Issue

• Biopharmaceutical company needed to improve quality systems and regulatory compliance • Multiple types of items to track – F&D Admin regulated documents, archived records and biologicals such as tissue samples • Time consuming asset auditing process


• RFID readers and antennas were placed above the ceiling tiles in each attorney’s office and connected to an existing Ethernet network • Files automatically checked out to attorney when read by reader • Readers/antennas placed at returns table in the file room to automatically check files in as they are dropped off • FileTrail RFID Solution, including installation of RFID hardware and loading of legacy data, implemented on a fast-track n a matter of weeks.


• Real-time visibility of all assets for easy retrieval • Simplified audit process by reading tags through boxes, no need to break the seal of boxes to inventory and manage samples • Implementing RFID in other areas to track and manage IP assets, patents and trademark files, lab notebooks and traditional file folders

City of Hattiesburg

Business Issue

• Current residential and commercial garbage collection system needed to be updated due to rising liabilities for worker injuries and workers’ compensation claims • Unsightly and unsanitary conditions were being produced by the use of trash bags


• Implemented an automated collection system that could track trucks and utilized collection carts (not trash bags) • Placed RFID readers and antennas on garbage trucks along with GPS • Used Otto Environmental trash carts which had embedded RFID tags in the handles • Antenna type, size, placement important for reading tags only when cart was tipped into the truck and not while on side of road • Concept2 Solution ContainerMTR integrated suite of products that is used to manage, track and provide reporting


• Noticeably cleaner city by moving from a bagged trash/open truck collection system to a closed cart/truck compactor • Reduction in injuries and workers’ compensation claims due • Visibility into trash collection by address and the ability to offer incentives to residents • Next steps to expand RFID waste collection tracking solution to recyclables

Motorola & RFID

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• • • Long history in RFID: since 2001 ISO 2000certified/ mature operations Highest skilled applications engineers, engineering design, testing & support • Global industry experience


• Over 75 years of technology innovation • • Broad RF leadership Many firsts in RFID: Portal, Mobile, Handheld, Multi-protocol, Customers Installations • Over 300 RFID Patents


• • • Most complete suite of RFID reader products in the industry First to market with Industry/Application-Specific Product Line Wireless, Mobile, Scanning & RFID

56% UHF RFID Market Share in North American

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