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SAT-7 Kids
YAC Project 2010/2011
‫?‪What is SAT-7 Kids‬‬
‫‪SAT-7 KIDS‬‬
‫هي المحطة الفضائية المسيحية األولى والوحيدة ألطفال الشرق‬
‫األوسط وشمالي أفريقيا‬
‫رؤيا خاصة وهي إيصال كلمة الرب والقيم ‪SAT-7 KIDS‬لدى‬
‫المسيحية لألطفال مع الترفيه والثقافة والمعرفة‪ ،‬كما وتهدف إلى تنمية‬
‫روح العطاء والحوار والمحبة في قلوب صغارنا األحباء وفي المقابل‬
‫إلى نبذ العنف ‪.‬‬
‫يعمل في هذه المحطة فريق متخصص م ّطلع على أوضاع األطفال‬
‫وظروفهم العامة ويملك خبرة في العمل في حقل الرب وفي كيفية زرع‬
‫كلمته بصدق وشفافية في قلوب األطفال ‪.‬‬
‫أسرع إذاً وال تدَع الوقت يداهمك!‬
‫‪ ،‬شاهدها ‪SAT-7 KIDS‬أجمل البرامج والفقرات بإنتظارك على شاشة‬
‫والحظ الفرق ألنها موجودة من أجلك أنت ‪.‬‬
What Is SAT-7 Kids? (In English)
It’s the first and only Christian Satellite Channel for the children of the Middle
East and South Africa.
SAT-7 KIDS’ vision is to share the word of the Lord and the Christian values with
the children along with entertainment, culture and knowledge.
Its aim is to develop the spirit of giving, dialogue and love in the hearts of our
dear little ones, and to teach against violence.
The channel has a specialized team who knows the situations the children are
living and the circumstances they are facing.
The team is also experienced in working in the field of the ministry, and in
planting the word of the Lord in truth and transparency in the hearts of children.
“Hurry up then and don’t miss our programs! Very beautiful programs are
awaiting you on SAT-7 KIDS, watch them and see the difference; they
are there just for you.”
Location: Middle East, bordering
Mediterranean Sea, between Israel and
Area: 10,400 sq km
Capital: Beirut
Government type: Republic
Population: 4,123,247 (0-14years:23.4%;
15-64years: 67.7%; 65years and over:
Life expectancy: 74.5years
Ethnic groups: Arab 95%, Armenian 4%,
other 1% (many Christian Lebanese do not
identify themselves as Arab but rather as
descendents of the ancient Canaanites
and prefer to be called Phoenicians)
Religion: Muslim 59.7%, Christian 39%,
other 1.3%
Official languages: Arabic (official),
French, English, Armenian
Currency: Lebanese Pounds and US
Lebanon and Christianity
Christian activity is
severely restricted in
this part of the world
and yet through the
satellite Sat-7 can reach
the millions of children
who otherwise may
never have the
opportunity to hear
about Jesus.
SAT-7 Mission Statement
“To provide the churches
and Christians of the
Middle East and North
Africa an opportunity to
witness to Jesus Christ
through inspirational,
informative and
educational television
The TV Shows
SAT-7 KIDS team have created and
commissioned many programmes for
children of all ages.
These include a popular magazine style
‘KIDS Cafe’, ‘Let’s sing together’, ‘A
message from Sunday School’ and
‘Christmas Specials’.
New programmes include ‘Colours’,
‘Discovering Together’ and
‘Alo, Alo!
Lively and enthusiastic presenters
make the shows!
Two of the most popular are Naji
The Scientist and Mr Know who
both have their own shows. They
receive all kinds of questions from
children all over the world and are
almost always able to find the
answer for them!
Current Work
“My brother, my
sister and I love
SAT-7 KIDS and
Jesus Christ. We are
from Bethlehem”
(6 year old from
“In December 2008 SAT-7 KIDS celebrated it’s
first anniversary as a separate channel and
during this year responses from children and
their parents have tripled. The age of those who
respond has an enormous range – from children under four
years to the people in their eighties!”
“I would like to thank you all for your great efforts
to produce meaningful programmes for children. I
am also very happy for the Christian beliefs you
teach and for the wonderful spirit of Christianity
that you reflect through the programmes on SAT-7
(A mother from Kuwait)
Hopes for the Future
• Change in the law so that Broadcass can be
from Lebanon or Cyprus with more interaction
from the audience
• More live broadcasts – limited to Christmas
and Easter at present.
• Recruit more senior staff for the Audience
Relation services in ensure rapid personal
responses to viewers who make contact.
Prayer Points
• Funding – we have lots of ideas but not
enough money. The station only makes 10% f
he programmes they are capable of making
• The SAT -7 KIDS programmes would be a very
powerful tool in making the gospel accessible
to people regardless of location and literacy.
What support is needed?
• ‘On the Box’ Project will help to fund the
production of programmes that SAT-7 KIDS
currently makes and will also allow the
channel to produce new shows.
• Its costs 65p to reach 1 person for a year and
it is hoped that ‘On the Box’ will go some way
to reach many more children who have never
heard the gospel.
How you can get involved
• How about using the material in the pack at
Sunday School, Bible Class or any youth
• Or showing the DVD to the whole
Help us to raise awareness, support and funds
and partner with this unique and exciting
mission opportunity.
“We are planting a seed and God will
develop it in the future and have it
grow in their lives so that the
children of the Middle East come to
know Jesus Christ as their Saviour”
Naji Daoud – Executive Director
Further Information
Youth and Children’s Office,
Church House,
Fisherwick Place,
Tel: (028) 9032 2284
Email: [email protected]