The plan created a ___ legislature

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Transcript The plan created a ___ legislature

The plan created a ___ legislature with an upper and lower house.

To change the constitution you must ___ it.

The House of Representatives has the authority to__ , or bring charges against, the President.

The President has the right to ___ legislation passed by Congress.

In order for the constitution to take effect, 9/13 of the states had to ___, or approve it.

A written plan for government is called a ____.

The sharing of power between the states and national government is called ___.

A nation in which voters elect representatives to govern them is called a ___.

A type of representation in which the number of votes a state has in Congress is based on population.

Enlightenment thinker who came up with the idea that people have natural rights.

Known as the Father of the Constitution because he took careful notes of the Convention.

The eldest delegate at the Constitutional Convention.

Enlightenment thinker who came up with the idea of dividing government into branches.

Presided over the Constitutional Convention.

Opposed the ratification of the Constitution.

The group given the power to select the President.

Counted a portion of slaves for the purposes of taxation and representation.

The division of authority between the legislative, executive, and judicial branches (Montesquieu’s idea)

Gives each branch of government the power to limit the other branches.

Combined the New Jersey and Virginia Plans to set up the U.S. Congress.

The purpose of this is to limit the power of government and list the rights of citizens.

Just printing paper money was not a way to get more money because it needs to be backed up by:

Trade between the states was difficult following the war because each state used its own system of

In the Land Ordinance of 1785, land was divided into 36 square mile _______

Under the Northwest Ordinance, in order to apply for statehood, a territory had to have a population of:

What disturbance showed that the Articles of Confederation weren’t working well?

What type of national government did the Articles of Confederation set up?

How did the Articles of Confederation limit the national government?

Why did the Confederation Congress have difficulty paying off its war debt?

Where was the Constitutional Convention held?

Which state was not represented at the Constitutional Convention?

Which groups of people were NOT represented at the Constitutional Convention?

Concern about _____ separated delegates from big states from delegates from small states.

Who was chosen to preside over the convention?

Why did the convention keep its meetings secret?

How did the convention keep its meetings secret?

Which plan first suggested using a bicameral legislature?

According to the Virginia Plan, how would the number of seats in both houses of Congress be determined?

Which plan presented at the Convention favored only the small states?

According to the Great Compromise, how would the number of seats in the Senate be determined?

Why did Southerners want slaves included in their population counts?

Why did many people object to the Constitution?

What was the purpose of the the Federalist Papers?

What is a reason why the Constitution has lasted so long?

Which powers are shared by the federal and state governments?

How many amendments are there in the Bill of Rights?

What fraction of the states must ratify an amendment in order for it to be added to the constitution?

How many amendments have been added to the constitution?

Amendments 5-8 of the Constitution have to do with: