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• What is Morality?

• Can Morality Really Be Taught?

– Can anyone really tell you what is right or wrong for you?

• Why Should We Study Morality?

– Moral Dilemmas as a child – Main moral decisions that confront most teenagers – What are the major moral dilemmas facing society today?

• Are There Different Stages of Morality?

– Morality of Childhood – In-Between Morality of Adolescence – Morality of Mature Adulthood

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Vocabulary Words


– “that which is good”




– “that which is bad” - How people ought not to – those actions that are neither good or bad

Decision Dictates

authority – a conclusion arrived at after consideration – directives or commands by someone in

Obedience Dilemma

– submission to the command of another – something difficult to solve


action – policies or other indications for proper


– consequence


– the human capacity to weigh and evaluate right and wrong

Code of Conduct

– a system of principles or rules

• Principles



*Are there any universal “rules” or philosophies?


• Intelligence and Freedom • Help of the Holy Spirit • Support of the Church • Help of the Magisterium • Help of Jesus

Help of the Holy Spirit

• What is Grace?

• Gifts of the Holy Spirit Wisdom Knowledge Understanding Right Counsel Fortitude Piety Fear of the Lord

Go out with friends or stay home?

Lie to avoid getting in trouble Eat at McDonald’s or Burger King Have sex before marriage Lie to your parents Cheat on a test

What factors might make it difficult for teenagers to make informed, courageous decisions?

Actions & Choices Habits Virtues CHARACTER Vices

 The Church    Mother & Teacher Confers grace of the sacraments Christian Community  The Magisterium   Popes & Bishops Infallibility  What is our Role?

 To Summarize...

• Virtus (Latin word) • Augustine • Article

What is Virtue?

Theological Virtues

Cardinal Virtues

– Prudence (wise judgment) – Justice – Fortitude (courage) – Temperance (wholeness)


• Webster’s defines love as … – ”a powerful emotion felt for another person manifesting itself in deep affection, devotion or sexual desire”

• C.S. Lewis’ Four Loves – Storge – Philia – Eros – Agape

• English word • Relationship • Example:

• English Word • Relationship • Image • Example:

• English Word • Relationship • Image • Example:

• English Word • Relationship • Image – Na Maste • Example

• What reasons might people have for not choosing to do the right and good thing? To not love?

• What reasons are there for being good or moral, for doing what is right?

• What scripture passages are you aware of that would help you in the process of moral decision-making? Have each person in your group select one.