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IEEE Journal of the
Electron Devices Society
The IEEE Journal of Electron Devices Society (J-EDS) is a peer-reviewed, open-access, fully electronic scientific journal publishing papers
ranging from applied to fundamental research that are scientifically rigorous and relevant to electron devices.
Please submit your manuscripts for consideration of publications in J-EDS at The inaugural issue was
published in Winter, 2013.
The J-EDS publishes original and significant contributions relating to the theory, modelling, design, performance, and reliability of electron and
ion integrated circuit devices and interconnects, involving insulators, metals, organic materials, micro-plasmas, semiconductors, quantumeffect structures, vacuum devices, and emerging materials with applications in bioelectronics, biomedical electronics, computation,
communications, displays, microelectromechanics, imaging, micro-actuators, nano-devices, optoelectronics, photovoltaics, power IC's, and
micro-sensors. Tutorial and review papers on these subjects are, also, published.
The open-access publication, J-EDS is intended to provide the electron devices community:
 Faster speed of publication
 Free access to readers globally
 Worldwide audience
 Increased dissemination
 High impact factor (IF) and articles can be cited sooner and more frequently.
Publication charge for authors:
 US $1350 per article up to eight published pages
 US $120 per page, over eight published pages.
For more information: Visit:
Contact: [email protected]
Editor-In Chief
Prof. Renuka P. Jindal,
University of Louisiana