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Transcript Application User Guide PowerPoint Tutorial

Welcome to Jeffco Public Schools
Applicant Tutorial
This tutorial will take approximately 15 minutes.
Click here to
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Making the application work for YOU!
After reviewing this tutorial, you will have learned
how to apply and manage your Jeffco Job Search.
 You will have the ability to:
Learn about Employment Opportunities at Jeffco
Search for specific Jobs
Apply online for Employment
Attach a resume or other documents to your Jeffco
Employment Application
Let’s Begin
Suggested items to have prior to applying:
Education, references, and employment
 An electronic copy of any documents that you
may want to attach with your application (resume,
cover letter, philosophy statement) in PDF or Doc
Helpful Hints
Do not use your browser’s “Back”, “Forward” or
“Refresh” buttons to navigate the site. This may cause
unexpected or unwanted results including losing your
saved information. Please use the required navigational
buttons within the site, to ensure the correct results.
If you leave your computer before completing all of the
data for your application, be sure to click Save to
protect the security of your data. The system will log
you out after 40 minutes of inactivity.
New users click here.
Existing users click here.
If you forgot your
password, click here.
This will be your new user
name and password.
(Please make a note of this
Careers Home
You will need to
create your profile.
Or, you may view jobs prior to
creating a profile. Click on the
job you would like to view.
Your Profile
You must select your Preferred
Method of Contact to successfully
submit your application.
English must be selected as
the Name Format before any
other data may be entered.
Personal Information
Be sure to include current
Address information.
We strongly recommend that you
provide an Email Address. The
system uses email to notify you
on your application status.
After entering all of your information,
click on the Save button.
Careers Home
For best results, we recommend
that you clear the Posted field
when using the Keywords Search.
To find a specific job you may scroll
through or search for a specific job.
Please click on the job title link and read the
job description to insure you meet the
qualifications before applying for the job.
Job Description
If you would like to apply
for this job, click here.
Or click here to return
to the job posting list.
Resume Information
In this section you will have the
opportunity to upload your resume,
philosophy statement, cover letter and
reference letters in Microsoft Word or PDF
format. Although it is possible to combine
into one document, we suggest separate
Then click the Continue button.
Attaching a Resume
Click here to browse your
computer files for your
resume attachment.
Upload your resume
Once you have loaded your
attachment, click the Continue button.
Attaching other documents
Click here to browse your
computer files for your
resume attachment.
Upload your resume
Once you have uploaded your
attachment, click the Continue button.
The application is one
long page. Complete all
sections through the
Application Questionnaire.
Click here to add your
work experience.
Work Experience
Click here to Save &
Return to the main
Click here to Save &
Add More employers
Add your work history
in chronological order,
starting with your most
current employer.
Education History
Click here to display the
drop-down list. Select
the appropriate highest
level of education from
the list.
Click here to display
the details for
adding a Degree.
Click on the OK button
when complete.
Licenses, Certifications and
Click here to display the
details for adding
licenses and
Click on the OK button
when complete.
Licenses, Certifications and
Click here to display
the details for
adding an
Click on the OK button
when complete.
Competencies (optional)
Click here to
display the
details for
Click the Lookup icon to
find a Competency.
The information entered
here is provided for
supplemental purposes
only. This information is
not required.
Click the OK
button when the
competency has
been added.
Click the Apply and Add
Another button to add
Click here to display
the details for adding
Click the Save & Add
More button to add
additional references.
Click the Save & Return
button when all References
have been added.
Application Questionnaire
Some positions will require the completion of an application questionnaire. The
application questionnaire, if displayed, will be required on each position for
which you apply.
Application Save, Submit or Cancel
To submit the application, you MUST CLICK THE
SUBMIT BUTTON! If you miss this step, your
If you are not ready to submit your application, please
click on the Save button to save your work. You may
return to your application on the Careers Home Page
to complete and submit your application at a later date.
Self Identification Details and Terms
and Agreements
Select your Gender and Ethic Group from the
drop-down lists provided. Alternatively, you may
check the box to decline providing this
All applicants must read and agree to the
terms and agreements of the application.
Check the “I agree to these terms” option
button and then click the Submit button.
My Applications
Once you have submitted your application, the position for which you have
applied will display on the My Applications page.
To view all submitted applications, you may use the Display applications from
drop-down list and click on the Refresh button.
Careers Home
Use the links found under My
Career Tools to do the following
• View application history
• View or upload new resumes
• View or upload other
attachments such as cover
letters, philosophy statements
and reference letters.
Thank you!
Thank you for your interest in Jeffco Public
 If you need further assistance, please call the
Human Resources office at 303-982-6515.