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6-Port Global Data Transmitter
6-Port Global Data Transmitter
Always a complete data set
Smart while efficient
6 ports for sensors
Secure data transmission
3G GPRS or UMTS coverage
Internal barometric and
temperature sensor
• Designed for field use
• Easy to use
6-Port Global Data Transmitter
• The most important functions:
– Transmitting sensor data of the connected sensors to the
Back Office
– Enabling remote monitoring and control of the connected sensors
• The most important features:
– No software needed
– Global connectivity
– Easy ‘plug-and-play’ installation
– Internal barometer
– Multiple sensors can be connected.
GDT Multiple
Monitoring well modem
SMS modem
6 ports
1 port
2 or 8 ports
1 battery type
1 battery type
2 battery types
Option external power supply
Option external power supply
2 types antennas
3 types antennas
Fixed antenna
Service tool
Service tool
Servicing Hyperterminal
1 button
1 button
Status/Signal strength led
Status leds
Status display
Communication via EAE
Communication direct via
e-mail & SMS
Communication via SMS
Service over the air
Service over the air (limited)
e-SENSE direct + pc-modem
3 years
1.5 – 2 years
1 year battery lifetime
Principles of 6-Port GDT Multiple
E-mail, files, database
Service via web
• Modem only functions via Eijkelkamp server
• Modem wakes up  Server has control
• Modem and loggers can be started, stopped and reset
• Modem can be updated via server
• Setup via server
• Measurements are subject to entrance control, eventually compensation.
Customer Benefits
• Lower data costs
• Long battery life
• Remote management of modem and loggers saves hour of field work
• Global data coverage
• Fully backed by the Van Walt Technical team.
Customer Example
Tree consultant
Art no.
1 Mini-Diver + 10 m cable
1 e+ RAIN + 10 m 2-eye cable
3 e+ SOIL MCT + 10 m 2-eye cable
Above ground housing
Field support
1 Pillar antenna
1 modem (GDT Multiple GPRS)
1 modem software (modem)
5 modem software (logger)
Expenses for Customer
Tree consultant
• Equipment (one-off)
 Loggers
 Cables
 Modem
 Antenna
 Housing/support
• Software (one-off)
 Connection via Database or files (optional)
• Use of server and maintenance of software (periodical)
 Modem software
 Logger software
The Future
• Global Data Transmitter Multiple is a platform & expandable
 Wireless sensors, analogue, control signals, q-SENSE, etc.
• Front-office will be modernised
 Basic application showing data
 Extra tools for customer (visualisation, reports).