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CECA Program Presentation
An American River College, AVID & Natomas Unified School District Partnership
California Early College Academy enjoys a special partnership with American River College (ARC), the AVID College
Readiness System, and the Natomas Unified School District (NUSD).
This partnership offers students a unique opportunity to earn a high school diploma while building a college
transcript with UC/CSU transferable credit.
Students have the opportunity to receive academic and career advisement from an American River College
counselor specifically assigned to the California Early College Academy.
History & Development
1. NUSD Superintendent and ARC President
form an agreement.
2. Unanimous approval by NUSD Board of
Trustees in the presence of ARC President
and NUSD Superintendent with Associate
Superintendent in December of 2012
3. CECA Launch 2013-2014.
1. Joint administrative planning meetings
ensued between ARC and Inderkum Staff.
2. Inderkum and ARC Faculty collaborated
to develop program structure.
3. ARC dedicated a counselor for ongoing
input and collaboration.
4. CECA schedule of classes outlined.
5. Early college campus visitation.
1. In 2010-11, American River College (ARC)
informed Inderkum High School that an
alarming number of NUSD graduates do not
place at college level as indicated by the
ARC Placement Test.
2. Ideas to launch an Early College Program
with ARC was put forth as a solution for
college readiness.
3. A connection was made with ARC, and
mutual buy-in and momentum quickly
developed between Inderkum High School
and ARC.
4. After visitations to early college
campuses, it became evident that AVID was
a constant for effective college preparation.
6. CECA Student profile identified.
7. On site AVID Training & Development.
8. CECA Staff attended AVID Summer
Institute 2012.
4. 2014 ARC/CECA joint participation at
Early College Conference in LA.
5. 2014-2015 CECA 9 students accepted.
6. 2014 AVID Summer Institute for all CECA
Goal and Mission
California Early College
Academy’s stated
GOAL is for students to
demonstrate college
readiness before
exiting the program.
California Early College
Academy’s MISSION is to
give students the
opportunity to develop
the necessary academic
skills and maturity to be
successful in college.
Program Overview
California Early College Academy is a 4 year college readiness program that prepares CECA students to
take college classes at American River College (ARC). This program employs the AVID College Readiness
System; it is influenced by ARC Enhanced Learning Courses; it requires a schedule of classes developed in
partnership with NUSD , ARC and AVID; and it employs an Early College model unique to the Natomas
California Early College
Academy Consists of 4 Types
of Classes:
• Phase 1—College Readiness
(Grades 9 and 10)
• Phase 2—Early College and
Support (Grades 11 and 12)
California Early College
Academy consists of 2
• Type 1—College Readiness: A rigorous series of classes
focused on fundamentals, approached with AVID pedagogy,
and influenced by the ARC Enhanced Learning Series.
• Type 2—AVID Classes: A rigorous series of AVID classes
driven by the WICOR method, which stands for Writing,
Inquiry, Collaboration, Organization and Reading.
• Type 3—Core High School Classes: A rigorous series of
required classes based on California State Standards,
Common Core, and sequenced with college level classes.
• Type 4—College Classes and Support: College level classes
taken through American River College, coupled with
mandatory participation in the Early College Support Center
that provides support, accountability and meaningful study
The CECA Student
The CECA Student mirrors the AVID Student Profile utilized on
Early College campuses statewide. CECA pursues motivated
students who show individual determination and a desire to
attend a 4-year university upon graduation.
* High level of determination and desire
* Historically underserved in 4-year colleges
* High academic aptitude
* Average to high test scores
* College potential with support
* Teacher/Counselor recommended
* Special/Unique circumstances
* Maturity and consistent attendance
* Focused on college success
An American River College, AVID & Natomas Unified School District Partnership
Students Who Choose CECA
Student #1: I desire a college readiness experience that will prepare me
for the university that I want to attend. I want to be ready!
Student #2: No one in my family has completed a Bachelors Degree at a
college or university. I want to change that.
Student #3: I love sports. I love school. I want to be in a rigorous college
readiness program that lets me do both.
Student #4: I scored pretty high on standardized tests. However, I need
to develop skills to be successful in college. I also want to know what
colleges are out there to pick from.
Student #5: I know that a lot of college students in Natomas don’t
start with college level classes. I don’t want to waste my time or
Student #6: I want to start my college experience in a structured
and nurturing high school program before leaving home.
4-Year Plan
CECA 9 and CECA 10
• CECA English 9
• CECA Algebra 1 or CECA Algebra 2
• Human Biology
• CECA Spanish I or CECA Spanish II
• Advancement Via Individual
Determination 9
• P.E.
• 0 Period P.E. for Band Members
• CECA English 10
• CECA Algebra 2 or CECA Trigonometry
• CECA Physics
• CECA Spanish II or CECA Spanish III
• Advancement Via Individual
Determination 10
• CECA World History and Geography
• P.E.
HCD 310 College Success 3 Units (UC/CSU)*
4-Year Plan
• CECA English 11
• CECA Trigonometry or CECA Geometry
• CECA Anatomy or CECA Chemistry
• CECA Spanish III or CECA Spanish IV
• Advancement Via Individual
Determination 11
• CECA U.S. History
• 0 Period College Support Class
Eligibility based on passing the ARC
Placement Test and class availability
• ENGWR 300 (UC/CSU)
• MATH 300 /301/340 (UC/CSU)
• BIOL 300 (UC/CSU)
• SPAN 401 (UC/CSU)
• HIST 310 (UC/CSU)
• ARC course selection may vary at
Natomas Center
4-Year Plan
• CECA English 12
• CECA Pre-Calculus or CECA Calculus
• CECA Anatomy or CECA Chemistry
• CECA Spanish IV
• Advancement Via Individual
Determination 12
• CECA Government/Economics
• 0 Period College Support Class
Eligibility based on passing the ARC
Placement Test and class availability
• ENGWR 300 or 301 (UC/CSU)
• MATH 300 /301/340 (UC/CSU)
• BIOL 300 /PHYS 310 (UC/CSU)
• SPAN 402 /411 (UC/CSU)
• POLSCI 301 ECON 302 (UC/CSU)
• ARC course selection may vary at
Natomas Center
CECA Measurable Assessments and
Evaluation Part 1
ARC Assessment
End of year ARC
ARC Assessment
College Readiness
CECA’s Minimum Goal
100% CECA Students score
at college level on ARC
Placement Test
CECA Measurability
Statistic, Data, and Program Analysis
NWEA Assessment(s) Results
ARC Placement Test(s) Results
Pre SAT and SAT Results
Goal(s) Evaluation, Data Maturation &
Program Achievement
College Readiness
Innovation in Public Education
A Solution Driven College Readiness Program
An American River College, AVID & Natomas Unified School District Partnership