OA Centennial 101 - Occoneechee Lodge #104

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Transcript OA Centennial 101 - Occoneechee Lodge #104

Ta k i n g A d v a n t a g e o f
t h e O A’ s C e n t e n n i a l
2015 is a Special Year!
• Founded in 1915 - E. Urner Goodman
– Recognize those who best exemplify the Scout
Oath and Law in their daily lives and through that
recognition cause others to conduct themselves
in a way that warrants similar recognition.
– Promote camping, responsible outdoor
adventure, and environmental stewardship as
essential components of every Scout’s
experience, in the unit, year-round, and in
summer camp.
2015 is a Special Year!
• Founded in 1915 - E. Urner Goodman
– Develop leaders with the willingness,
character, spirit and ability to advance the
activities of their units, our Brotherhood,
Scouting, and ultimately our nation.
– Crystallize the Scout habit of helpfulness into
a life purpose of leadership in cheerful service
to others.
Centennial Opportunitie
Legacy Project 2015
Arrowman Service Award
Centurion Award
NOAC 2015
Conclave 2015
Occoneechee Centennial Celebration
Report to the State
Legacy Project 2015
- All Lodges Challenged at 2012 NOAC
Rock for Centennial Campfire Ring
Painted Lodge Lid 2014
History Book by December 2014
Wood for a Centennial Fire 2015
Arrowman Service Award
Arrowman Service Award
• Can Wear Patch on Uniform
– Youth and Adult Requirements
Centurion Award
Centurion Award
• October 1st – Feb. 28th
• The Centurion Award aims to highlight
“Hometown Heroes,” or Arrowmen who
have meaningfully contributed to the
forming, maturing and ongoing operational
excellence of their local council’s lodge,
and who, in doing so, inspired others to
follow in their footsteps.
• 1 per 100 Lodge Members
NOAC 2015
• Michigan State University
– Replacement of the Founder’s Day
– Lodge Exhibits
– Shows
– Award Recognition
Conclave 2015
Campwide Game
Centennial History Exhibits
OA Birthday Bash!
Centennial Celebration
• Ask A.J.!
• Gather at Camp Durant during the
– Thunderfest
– OA Promotions
– More!
Report to the State
• February 9th
– Tour of
the Capitol
Legislative Building
State Supreme Court Building
Governor’s Mansion
Report to the Legislative Branch on the OA’s 100th
Centennial Cache