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Primary Schools Program

Session 2: Linking Theories to Practice


Let’s create a

‘Little Book of Quotes’!

Add quotes from the resource, including references, to support the professional learning of your colleagues.

Session 2 (Day 1) aims to:

• deepen literacy knowledge and understanding • provide opportunities for you to explore the resource • explore key terminology to develop a shared language for future conversations • investigate and become familiar with the theories that underpin the resource.

Key terminology

To explore terminology we are going to use the Question Key from Tony Ryan’s

• • • • •

Activity - Key terminology

form a group of two or three each group will be provided with a key term or phrase (answer) from the resource explore the resource to formulate at least five questions that give only that answer present your findings on a poster be prepared to share!

Key terminology

What text type does the author/student use to present information in written and visual form?

If the answer is ‘multi-modal text’, what could the questions be?

What type of text includes words in headings and headlines, images, and written text?

What is text that has a number of different modes?

Linking theories to practice

… practitioners need to seek out a connective web that bonds various theories and research approaches, moving beyond the confines of a single model …

Linking theories to practice

… a single theoretical perspective cannot address all the issues faced by teachers and students in complex and diverse classrooms.

The theories of these theorists underpin the resource

• Marie Clay • Allan Luke • Peter Freebody • John Munro • David Rose • Lev Vygotsky • Jerome Bruner • Barbara Rogoff

Scaffolding Vygotsky Bruner Rogoff Sharpe

Activity - Investigating a theory

Search DoE - enter

‘Overview of Literacy Learning’.

Select four different link/s.

Investigate by reading the sections and recording key points.

Share your findings

Create a

‘Behind the Door’ or ‘Chatter Box’

to share your findings with a partner.'s%20craft%20corner/Chbox.htm

Linking theory to practice

Discuss and record your understandings.

Add quotes to your

‘Little Book of Quotes’.

Consider: • How you will inform colleagues about the theories • What tools or strategies you will use.