Affordable Learning Solutions: Webinar Series for Sharing Today’s Features: CSU Fullerton McGraw Hill Education Welcome! Please introduce yourself to others by entering your name, title, and.

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Transcript Affordable Learning Solutions: Webinar Series for Sharing Today’s Features: CSU Fullerton McGraw Hill Education Welcome! Please introduce yourself to others by entering your name, title, and.

Affordable Learning Solutions:
Webinar Series for Sharing
Today’s Features:
CSU Fullerton
McGraw Hill Education
Welcome! Please introduce yourself to others by entering
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AL$ Webinar Agenda
 AL$ Overview
(Gerry Hanley,10 min)
 CSU Fullerton
(Kristin Stang & Kim Ball, 20 min)
 McGraw Hill Education
(Doug Hughes & Amber St. John, 20 min)
 Wrap Up
(All, 10 min.)
CSU’s Affordable Learning Solutions
CSU Provides Free or Low-Cost Textbook
 Lower Cost Publisher eTextbooks
 CSU Library eBooks
 Faculty-Authored Materials
 Open Educational Resources
Why Do CSU Students Use Rent Digital?
Reduce Stress
Unique Benefits
• Helping you redesign
AL$ Campus Days
Professional Development on
Using Digital Textbooks
Marketing Resources
Enterprise search tools
• AL$ Workshop and Grant
Est $15K grants per campus for 2014/2015
15 grants awarded. 4 new campuses.
 CA Open Educational Resources Council
– Select & review open textbooks
 CA Open Source Digital Library
– Catalog open textbooks
– Create eportfolios focused on faculty open
textbook adoption
Adaptive & Personalized Learning
 Personalized learning solutions
 Focus on student performance reinforcement
 Provides interactivity and feedback
 Supports campuses bottleneck needs with focus
on student success
CSU Fullerton
Affordable Learning Solutions
A Campus Wide Collaborative Effort
April 29, 2014
ALS Steering Committee:
CSUF Campus Constituents
• Academic Technology Center (ATC)
– ATC Advisory Board
Disabled Student Services
Faculty Development Center
Information Technology
Titan Shops - University Store
CSUF ALS Program Goals
Develop a website (completed)
Improve knowledge of programs (on going)
Improve campus outreach (on going)
Interactive on-line resources for digital
content (pending)
5. Digital delivery model (pending)
6. Assessment of program (pending)
CSUF ALS Steering Project:
Key Project Milestones
Campus steering committee meets
Campus website collaboratively developed
Website reviewed by steering committee
Faculty advisory board “road-show”
Trainings to be developed based upon road
show feedback
• Revisions to website and posted material
CSUF: What’s Working Well
• Shared information from collaborative team =
campus website
• “Did you know” campaign
• Peer to peer presentations (faculty to faculty within
each college)
• “Incentives” for information sessions (snacks)
• Key talking points, but no formal presentation
• Website used as key support for information
• Asking, not assuming, about future training topics
• Dedicated and diverse leadership team
CSUF: What’s Not Working as Well as
We Would Like
• Peer to peer presentations via open forum
• Firm timelines—flexible schedule found to be
beneficial especially when accommodating
department meetings
• Student membership on committee unstable
• Roadshow faculty may need to defer to committee
experts for specific questions and can’t do so “on the
• How to institutionalize the project website after
grant funding ends (webmaster, fact checker, etc.)
• CSUF Affordable Course Materials Expo – low
attendance by faculty
CSUF ALS Project: What’s Next?
• Continue information forums
• Develop trainings for needs identified at
information forums
• Deliver trainings and obtain feedback
• Ongoing revisions to website; add live tally
for $$ saved
• Continue to evaluate and expand pilot
projects while adding to campus showcase
CSUF College of Education: Project
• Need to prepare future teachers
• Classrooms and K-12 students are
technologically advanced
• Presentations by Apple and Pearson
• Department reached out to Titan Shops on
how to deliver
• Wanted to keep some flexibility in options for
• Needed a custom website for information
CSUF Credential Program iPad Cohort
• Elementary Education Program
– Required digital textbooks
– Required iPad
– Started Fall 2013
– 44 student in program
– Student have choices on purchases, average savings
of $400+ each semester
• Challenges
– Not all students ready for digital
– Not all titles available digitally
CSUF College of Education Next Steps
• Single Subject Credential Program
– 175 students in Fall 2014
– Additional 50 students in Spring 2015
– Two semester program
• Recommend technology purchase to students
• Programming on how to utilize the iPad
– Partnering with Apple reps
CSUF EdEl iPad Project Takeaways
• Start early
– Technology is the easy part
– Special requests will take time
Options are helpful
Communication is essential
Be flexible
Ask publishers for digital content
CSUF Contact Information
Dr. Kristin Stang
Professor, Department of
Special Education
Director, ATC
[email protected]
Kimberly Ball
Director, Titan Shops
[email protected]
// McGraw-Hill Higher Education &
the California State University
Partnering For Performance
Who We Are
• Student performance partner
• Global learning company with 125 year history
• Undisputed global leader in personalized and
adaptive learning technology
LearnSmart Prep™
LearnSmart Achieve™
LearnSmart Labs™
LearnSmart Master™
Every Minute Counts
• Maximize efficiency and productivity
• Fight knowledge decay
• Move content into long-term memory
• Recall content under stress
What makes a
• Content I have not yet been exposed to
• Content I am about to forget at this moment in
• Content that has the highest statistical
probability of being stored in long term memory
with one more repetition
• Content that will ensure continued engagement
with the system – boost confidence
Breadth and Experience
3M+ Students
2.5B+ Questions Answered
30B+ Data Points
Over 350 Titles – LearnSmart®
Over 300 Titles – SmartBook®
100 Disciplines
Adaptive Study and Practice
Adaptive Study and Practice
Adaptive Reading Experience /
Book content
Adaptive Study and Practice
Adaptive Reading Experience /
Book content
Complete Adaptive Instruction
Learning Resources InLine:
Narrated slide shows
Small games & exercises
Most importantly:
We can allow the students to make
CSU ALS Activities: What’s the Schedule?
2013-2014: Faculty/Staff-focused activities
 Join the AL$ Online Community for info and support
 Monthly webinars by CO, CSU campuses & vendors
 Campus grant opportunities
 Workshops at your campus
Overall AL$ Comments or Questions
Contact / Connect
[email protected]
ALS Website
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