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Transcript March 6 Uploaded @ 04:23 AM - Oakland Catholic High School

Welcome to Oakland Catholic High School!
Spirituality, Scholarship, Service
Today is
March 6
• Attention all Students and Faculty: Mr. Young has sent very detailed
instructions about an issue with your computer. Any instructions
that are sent need to be followed immediately and by everyone.
• Printing issues in the library are attached to this issue. On Tuesday
during homeroom we are going to ask all students to reboot their
computer while at school. If you have issues logging in after the
reboot, or have had issues printing you must come immediately to
the Collaboration Center for help.
• If you are able to log into your computer, but are not sure if you
have followed all instructions properly please come to the
Collaboration Center.
• If these instructions are not followed you could have issues at home
where you cannot be helped until you return to school.
• Today is Eucharistic Adoration for
• All are welcome to stop by any time
throughout the day to spend some quiet time
with our Lord.
Seniors that have not had their
computer checked MUST do so
TODAY by 6th period.
• Thank you to everyone who participated or
volunteered in the Blood Drive on Wednesday.
• A total of 40 units of blood was collected.
Each unit of blood benefits 3 people.
• Way to go girls!
• There will be a second round of Spirit Week
Talent Show auditions next Tuesday March
10th immediately after school in the aux.
gym. If you want to have an act in the talent
show you must perform your act during
A message form the Cancer Awareness
• Today’s color is yellow
for bone cancer.
Senior Royale
• Central Catholic will be hosting a Gatsbythemed mixer called, “Senior Royale” on
March 20th at 7:30 at Phipps Conservatory
and Botanical Gardens. The attire for the
dance is semi-formal. All 12th graders from
Oakland Catholic are invited. The cost to
attend is $20. Please email Kevin Costello at
[email protected] or call Central
Catholic if you are interested in attending.
Tickets will not be sold at the door.
GCI presents Joyeux Noel, the story of the Christmas truce of
Thursday, March 5
3 PM in the JOA theater
All sophomores are welcome to attend.
You do not need to be a GCI member.
If you plan on attending, please email Ms. McNulty or send her a
message via Edmodo.
• Anastasia Bodea-Crisan qualified for the State
Forensics Tournament by coming in 3rd place
in Congress during this weekend’s
competition at Peters Township High School.
• Congratulations Anastasia!
Saint Sebastian CYM presents
Godspell Friday March 20
@ 7:30 pm
Saturday March 21 @ 2 pm & 7:30 pm
Sunday March 22 @ 2 pm
• No admission charge; free-will donations are accepted to benefit
our Parish Project Hope in Appalachia and the Diocesan Mission in
Chimbote, Peru
• All performances are in Getty Hall (our school gymnasium).
• You are cordially invited to join the CCHS Ping Pong club!!
CCHS Table Tennis Club
Coach/Sponsor: Mark Krotec [email protected] 412-916-2439
Activity Descriptor:
Based on student interest, the following options are available:
Individual Round Robin Pool Play- includes weekly ranking updates, awards,
etc. Play Wednesdays + Thursdays 3-5.
Team Play: players draft teams and compete in a league format.
Personal training/coaching.
Interscholastic play – possible matches against other schools.
Entry to our POTTC league play, and new POTTC Junior Play.
The POTTC is poised to initiate a Junior Table Tennis Venue.
Players under 18 years of age are invited to take advantage of a choice of: 1.
Match play 2. Clinic-style training 3. Personal coaching.