LC Update to the Authority Control Interest Group 2012 ALA Annual Conference Janis L.

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Transcript LC Update to the Authority Control Interest Group 2012 ALA Annual Conference Janis L.

LC Update to the
Authority Control Interest Group
2012 ALA Annual Conference
Janis L. Young
Policy and Standards Division
Library of Congress
[email protected]
Bibliographic Framework
Transition Initiative
• LC has contracted with Zepheira
– Zepheira team led by Eric Miller will provide
• A model (or models) to serve as starting points for
• An analysis of related initiatives underway that will be
useful to this effort
Bibliographic Framework
Transition Initiative
• LC will enable community participation
– International users and partners
– Various types of information agencies and libraries
– Library suppliers
• Information will be posted at
Romanization Tables
Tables posted on the ALA-LC Romanization Tables
• New tables
– Moroccan Tamazight
– Shan
– Syriac
• Revisions to existing tables
– Bulgarian
– Khmer
– Russian
Romanization Tables
Tables currently under constituent review
• New tables
– Cherokee
– Manchu
• Revisions to existing tables
– Arabic
– Japanese
– Belarusian
Romanization Tables
Tables that will be posted for constituent
– Kazakh in Arabic script (new)
– Lepcha (revision)
Taiwanese Place Names
• Name and subject headings for geographic
places in Taiwan should now be established
using the Pinyin romanization scheme
– Including all jurisdictions, quasi-jurisdictions, and
– Subject Headings Manual H 690 will be revised
– LC staff will examine the existing headings and
update them as necessary
LCC in Authorities & Vocabularies
• Four LC classification schedules have been added as
a beta test
Philosophy. Psychology. Religion
Music and books on music
Fine arts
Bibliography. Library science. Information resources
• Schedules may be searched by caption
• Bulk download of the schedules is not available
LC Classification: KIA-KIK
• Law of the Indigenous Peoples of the
Americas: North America (KIA-KIK)
– Draft available on LC’s web site at
– Comment period closed May 20, 2012
– Questions: Jolande Goldberg, [email protected]
LCSH: Orphan Headings
• Investigating the possibility of adding BTs to
categories of orphan headings
– To more closely align with ANSI/NISO Z39.19-2005
– To enhance the usefulness of LCSH on the
Semantic Web
072 Fields in Subject Authorities
• Experiment to add subject category codes
(MARC 21 field 072) to subject authorities
– To enhance usability of LCSH on the Semantic Web
• Requires automatic heading generation
– To allow systems to suggest appropriate
subdivisions to catalogers
– To improve automatic validation of heading strings
072 Fields in Subject Authorities
• 072 field will contain Subject Headings
Manual instruction sheet numbers for freefloating and pattern lists of subdivisions
– Will indicate into which list(s) a heading falls
– Will correlate to the 073 fields (subdivision usage),
already present in subdivision records
072 Fields in Subject Authorities
073 ## $a H 1150 $z lcsh
180 ## $x Patients
680 ## $i Use as a topical subdivision under
individual diseases and types of diseases.
072 #7 $a H 1150 $2 lcsh
150 ## $a Autoimmune diseases
Generated heading string
650 #0 $a Autoimmune diseases $x Patients.
072 Fields in Subject Authorities
• Experiment parameters
– PSD subject policy specialists will add 072 fields as
time permits
– Proposals that appear on Tentative Monthly Lists
and headings that are directly encountered during
vetting of the Lists will be eligible
– Straightforward instruction sheets will be included
– Only subject authority records may include 072
fields; 072 fields may not be added to name
authorities at this time
072 Fields in Subject Authorities
• Will allow programmers to experiment with
using the data to create linkages
– Success or failure will help inform PSD’s decision
on whether to continue
– If successful
• The project will likely be broadened to include other
• Problematic instruction sheets will be addressed
Genre/Form Terms
Cartography project
• Proposal
– Broaden meaning of Globes and assign it to all
– Cancel Lunar globes
– Post-coordinate with the subject heading for the
body represented
Genre/Form Terms
Cartography project
• Assignment of headings
Title: [Globe of Ganymede].
651 #0 $a Ganymede (Satellite) $v Globes.
655 #7 $a Globes. $2 lcgft
Title: [Globe of the Earth].
651 #0 $a Earth $v Globes.
655 #7 $a Globes. $2 lcgft
Genre/Form Terms
Cartography project
• Discussion paper: Proposed Treatment of
Globes in the LCGFT Environment
– Comments accepted through July 31, 2012
Genre/Form Terms
Music genre/form project
• Collaboration between the Music Library
Association (MLA) and LC
– Have agreed to over 600 terms to date
Genre/Form Terms
Music medium of performance project
• Library of Congress Medium of Performance
Thesaurus for Music (LCMPT)
– Collaboration between LC and MLA
• MARC coding
– Bibliographic records: tag 382
– Authority records
• MARBI DP02: Authority records for music medium of
performance terms
Genre/Form Terms
Literature project
• Undertaken in cooperation with the
ALCTS/SAC Subcommittee on Genre/Form
Implementation (SGFI)
– Working Group on LCGFT Literature Terms
• PSD provided a seed list of approximately 550
LCSH form headings
Genre/Form Terms
Literature project
• Working Group’s tasks
– Evaluate the terms provided by PSD
– Identify additional terminology
– Suggest the form of the authorized term and
references in a report to PSD
Genre/Form Terms
General terms project
• Undertaken in cooperation with SGFI
• Potential genre/form terms
Genre/Form Terms
MARBI discussion papers
• Inclusion of additional aspects in MARC
bibliographic and authority records
– DP03: Chronological aspects
– DP04: Audience characteristics
– DP05: Creator/contributor groups