The ASA Mission  Promote the practice and profession of statistics  Support excellence in statistical practice, research, journal, and meetings  Improve statistical.

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Transcript The ASA Mission  Promote the practice and profession of statistics  Support excellence in statistical practice, research, journal, and meetings  Improve statistical.

The ASA Mission
 Promote the practice and profession of statistics
 Support excellence in statistical practice, research,
journal, and meetings
 Improve statistical education
 Promote the proper application of statistics
 Advance the statistics profession
What Does the
ASA Do For You?
 Career Resources & Services
 Professional Development
 Networking Opportunities
 Advocacy & Outreach for your profession
Professional Accreditation
A voluntary, portfolio-based credential.
Available only to ASA members.
Visit to learn more.
The PStat® designation recognizes:
Advanced statistical training and knowledge
Experience in applying statistical expertise competently
Maintenance of appropriate professional development
Adherence to the ethical standards of practice
Ability to communicate effectively
Graduate Statistician (GStat) is an entry level of
accreditation, preparatory for full PStat® accreditation.
Visit for more information.
A website for young statistics professionals offering:
Professional development tips
Conference information
Industry news
Scholarship and award information
Internship listings
Professional Development
To meet your Professional Development needs, the ASA
offers Continuing Education and Personal Skills
Development courses and workshops at JSM and other
meetings throughout the year.
ASA Sections
Subject-area groups to further the development of
statistics in specialized fields, including these
Bayesian Statistics
Business and Economic
Health Policy
Medical Devices and Diagnostics
Mental Health
Physical and Engineering Sciences
Quality and Productivity
Risk Analysis
Social Statistics
Statistical Computing
Also, post your consulting
profile when you join the
Statistical Consulting Section.
Learning and Data Mining
Programming and Analytics
Defense and National Security
Genomics and Genetics
Survey Research Methods
Teaching of Statistics in the Health
an online setting in which professionals can connect with their peers,
post questions, start discussions, and network
Meetings & Workshops
The ASA sponsors meetings and workshops around the world.
Chapters and sections also organize smaller meetings that focus on
specific areas of research and application.
Conference on Statistical Practice
brings together hundreds of data analysts, researchers and scientists, who engage in the
application of statistics to solve real-world problems on a daily basis. Learn about the
latest statistical methodologies and best practices in statistical design, analysis,
programming and consulting.
More information at
Influencing Public Policy
Statisticians influence public policy by using congressional visits,
letters, and board of directors statements to connect with
policymakers and advocate on behalf of statisticians.
Director of Science Policy
Steve Pierson
[email protected]
ASA Elevates the Profile of Statisticians in Policymaking
 CLIMATE CHANGE - Evaluating information on how human activities
affect the climate system
 FORENSIC SCIENCE - Reforming the methodology associated with
“expert” witnesses in trials and bringing statistical principles into the
validation of these techniques.
 ELECTION AUDITING - Preventing fraud vs preventing voting & limiting
the risk of wrong electoral outcomes
 STATISTICAL LITERACY - Working actively to promote K-12 and
undergraduate statistics education with policymakers
 NOMINATING STATISTICIANS – Encouraging the appointment of
statisticians to federal advisory committees and panels
Outreach Groups
Reach beyond the typical member by getting involved in the ASA’s
outreach groups, such as the Caucus of Academic Representatives or
the Directory of Minority Statisticians.
Statistics Without Borders
A volunteer, apolitical organization
providing pro bono statistical consulting
and assistance to organizations and
government agencies in support of efforts
to deal with international health issues.
ASA Member Benefits:
Amstat News* and Significance Magazines
Networking opportunities with the ASA Community, chapters, and special-interest
Open Online access to our Journals
Career opportunities with the ASA JobWeb, JSM Career Service and more
Member Rates for the annual Joint Statistical Meetings, the Conference on Statistical
Practice, other ASA-sponsored meetings and Professional Development programs.
Regular – $175
Post-graduate – $53
Student – $18
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