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Room Scheduling System
to find a GPC
and schedule it!)
• Review Policies
• Login to Room Scheduling System
• Learn 3 types of searches
• Demonstration
• Tips
• Q&A
Getting to Know Us: Scheduling Department
Sara Cheatham • Stephanie Gonzales • Michael Lee • Natalie Turcotte
Brenda Schumann • Robert Wyatt • Priscilla White • Lindsay Shupala
• Our team schedules approx. 28,000 classes and 30,000 special events annually.
• We also schedule courses, final exams, coordinate with facilities, construction, IT, and Fire Marshal to
schedule maintenance and renovations.
• We schedule approximately 270 general purpose classrooms. Of those, only about 10% have
over a 100+ seats. Efficient scheduling of these rooms is our main priority, as classes have first
Getting to Know You: Demographics
Please raise your hand if you…
• Plan Special Events/Lectures
• Schedule Office Hours
• Schedule Exams
• Schedule Courses
Who can make a reservation?
• Only Office of the Registrar Staff
and their designees can make
• Only faculty and staff can call or
email requests for reservations.
• The Room Scheduling System
requires a UT faculty or staff EID to
secure reservations.
Who can request reservations through the Office of the Registrar?
Can request a reservation:
• Current University of Texas faculty or staff members
• Officially recognized Faculty/staff organizations
• Sponsored student organizations (requested by a
faculty or staff co-sponsor)
Cannot request a reservation:
• Students
• Student organizations that are not sponsored
• They can request reservations through Student
• Anyone who is not currently employed by UT
Regulations on who can be in rooms
• The RG 750
• Valid for one fiscal year.
• When do you need this?
• Will you be charging a fee of any kind?
• Will a non-UT company or organization be
sponsoring your event in any way?
• Will non-UT students or staff be attending
your event?
• The RG 750 is sent to the
Provost office for approval
Why do we need the RG 750?
• Responsible stewards of a statefunded resource
• Insurance
• Coordinating Board
o Efficient use of rooms
o Must be a supplement to educational
purposes of UT
o Ensure UT will not be a joint sponsor
for political or sectarian gatherings
When do we process your requests?
Fall Requests
Spring Requests
Summer Requests
Mid-July - end of Fall semester
Late November - end of Spring semester
Early May - end of Summer semester
Class Days vs. No-Class Days
Class Day
Monday-Saturday while classes are in session
No-Class Day
Sundays, Official no-class days
(per University academic calendar),
holidays, final exams
Classes and exams have priority
Special reservation holders may not enter
nor disrupt the preceding class or exam
until it is finished using the GPC and must
be ready to vacate the GPC for the class or
exam in the following period, accordingly.
Special Reservations and Final Exams
Final Exam Days
No-Class Days (Dead Days)
Can Schedule:
Can Schedule:
Extended Office Hours
Exam Review
Study Groups
Department events
University Extension Final Exams
Student Organization Meetings
Extended Office Hours
SSD exam accommodations
Exam set up/break down (per request)
Dissertation Defenses (must be in three hour exam period)
Cannot Schedule:
Cannot Schedule:
• Class-related activity (quizzes, exams, extra lectures, etc.) •
• Paper turn-ins
Paper Turn-ins
Exam Reviews
Student Organization Meetings
This is a BRIEF list of events we receive questions about. Please contact Scheduling for more information.
Final Exams Continued
Changes to final exams must go through the final exam scheduler and the
Office of the Registrar
Final Exams must be scheduled within a three hour final exam period
(exception SSD accommodations)
Events scheduled in-between final exam periods must have a 15 minute buffer
so the final exam will have set up and break down time
If there are two final exam periods 9:00am-12Noon and 2:00pm5:00pm, Extended Office Hours would need to be scheduled
Before you book the room…
• Person in Charge EID
Who will actually be there day of the event
• Your EID
You are our contact person and will get the confirmation email
• Description of the Event (to be published)
More than “rehearsal” or “exam,” but not a paragraph
• Date(s)
We can do single-date, multiple-dates, as well as semester-long
• Time(s)
Reservations begin as early as 6:30am and end as late as 11:45pm
• Media/Location
For example, ‘I need movable chairs and continuous writing surface.’ or ‘Please schedule in
the six pack area of campus.’
Using the Room Scheduling System
Room Scheduling
Room Scheduling
Confirm a Room Reservation
Graphical Semester Room Schedule
Partial control room
Yellow = available on
some dates
Green = not available
Technology Classroom Database
General-Purpose Classrooms List
*updated semester to semester
Room Reservation Form
How to use (3 options)
1. Send as an attachment to
[email protected]
2. Copy and Paste document into the
body of an e-mail
3. Call us at 475-7600 if it is between
8:30-12:00 noon and 1:00-4:30pm for
• Classes and final exams will always have a priority over any
special event or reservation.
• If your request is during Final Exam days be aware that we will
not book the reservation until after all final exams have been
• Any “review sessions” on final exam days must not present
new material and should be called “extended office hours.”
• We process the request in the order in which we receive
First come first serve basis.
• Finding a room that is free for the whole day M-F during a
semester can be a challenge.
• The more information you give us, the better!
• It is always a good idea to have a back-up room in mind, in
case your first choice is already booked.
• We tend to give you media preferences over location.
If you cannot reserve a room with us here are a few other places you can check:
• Thompson Conference Center: http://www.utexas.edu/ce/tcc/plan/rates-availability/
• Texas Union and Student Activities Center (SAC): http://www.utexas.edu/universityunions/
• Texas Stadium Rentals: http://www.texassports.com/sports/2013/7/24/facilities_0724130632.aspx
• RecSports: http://www.utrecsports.org/facilities/facility-reservations
• LBJ Venue Rentals: http://www.lbjlibrary.org/about-us/venue-rental.html
• AT&T Conference Center: http://www.meetattexas.com/facilities.php
• AVAYA Auditorium: http://www.aces.utexas.edu/seminar/2.302/frames/total.htm
• Butler School of Music Facilities (Bates Hall, Jessen Auditorium):
Facilities Services
• This is your resources if something in
the room (table, chair, clock, light
bulb, etc.) is broken or not working
• Contact Facilities:
• 1-2020
• [email protected]
If you want to have food at your event, what should you do?
• Please be aware that as the person placing the
reservation, YOU are responsible for ensuring the room
is clean when the event is over.
• You may need to get approval from Environmental
Health & Safety (Food Safety).
• After today you will have access to
the Room Reservation System and
Blackboard room viewers group.
• If you need access for Final Exams or
Course Scheduling you will need to
contact our office for separate
I need a GPC for an event that is for a University of Texas faculty or staff member!
Specific Date
1. Room Scheduling page
• Search for Available Rooms
• Search for a single date
2. Input Date, Time, Room Size
• “Find Rooms”
3. Select best room option
Specific Room
1. Room Scheduling page
• View Room Schedules
• View graphical semester room
2. Input Building and Room
• “View Schedule”
3. “View semester-long events in this
room” or “view events scheduled
by date in this room”
Building and Room number
EID of the person in charge/contact
Brief event description
1. RG 750
• Attendees outside of UT
• Send to the Provost Office
• We cannot make a
reservation until the RG
750 has been approved
2. Please do not schedule a room
“just in case”. It is easier for both
parties when the time and date has
been confirmed.
Make a Change
4. E-mail or call scheduling with:
Special Event
4. E-mail or call scheduling
1. If you would like to make a
change or cancel an event please
provide us with the confirmation
Contact us:
Phone: 475-7600 Monday-Friday 8:30-12:00 Noon & 1:00-4:30 pm
Email: [email protected]