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Benefits of
Members & advisor of Omega Nu, Delgado Community College,
New Orleans, LA
Opportunities for Recognition
• Golden Key Membership Pin
• Membership Certificate
• Membership Identification Card
• Diploma Seal
Opportunities for Recognition
• Membership Notation on College
• Distinctive Graduation Regalia
• Letters of Recommendation
• Newspaper Press Release
Phi Theta Kappa Partner Benefits
Bank of America
Follett Higher Education Group
Kaplan Test Prep
USA Today
…and more
Members of Alpha Chi Zeta, Seattle Central Community College,
Alpha Epsilon Omega, North Seattle Community College &
Pi Iota, Shoreline Community College, Seattle, WA
Connect to Scholarships
• FREE for Students
• Phi Theta Kappa
Transfer Scholarships
• More than $37 million in scholarships
• Over 700 colleges and universities
• Highly-Selective Colleges including:
Harvard University Extension School
Cornell University of General Studies
Columbia University
University of Pennsylvania
Washington University – St. Louis
John Hopkins University – Carey Business School
Boston University
Syracuse University
Associate Degree Scholarships
Coca-Cola Leaders of Promise Scholarship
• Up to 180 $1,000 awards annually
• Application deadline April 1
Frank Lanza Memorial Scholarship
• Up to 20 $2,500 awards annually
• Students in Nursing, Respiratory Care, or
Emergency Medical Services
• Application deadline April 1
Baccalaureate Degree Scholarships
Hites Transfer Scholarship
• Up to 10 $7,500 awards annually
• Application deadline December 1
Guistwhite Scholarship
• Up to 20 $5,000 awards annually
• Application deadline December 1
Other Scholarship Opportunities
Apply for up to four scholarships
on ONE application!
All-USA Academic Team
• Up to $50,000 awarded annually
• By nomination
• Recognition in USA TODAY
Coca-Cola All-State Academic Teams
• Up to $350,000 awarded annually
• Recognition in USA TODAY
Other Scholarship Opportunities
New Century Scholars Award
• Top All-USA/All-State nominee from each state
• Up to $104,000 awarded annually
All-State Academic Team programs
Currently in 37 states
Recognition on the local level
Varying amounts awarded annually
Application deadline December 1
Other Awards
Nota Bene Honors Anthology
• Nationally circulated two-year college academic
• Professional publishing opportunity for members
• $3,000 awarded annually for top submissions
Other Awards
USA TODAY Case Study Challenge
• Scholarly research
• Four Case Studies published
– USA TODAY Collegiate Website
• $2,000 awarded annually
Member of Omega Nu, Delgado Community College,
New Orleans, LA
Scholarship First
• Membership is based on academic
• Participation in activities is not
required, but expands your
Five Star Competitive Edge
• Professional development plan for members
• Strengthen your leadership skills for
scholarships, transfer, and job placement
• Create your own portfolio
• All online!
Building Leadership
• In your chapter
• As a chapter or
regional officer
• Internationally
Fellowship and Networking
• Chapter Meetings and Activities
• Regional Meetings
– Leadership and life-skills development
• Annual Convention
– Celebration of Phi Theta Kappa Hallmarks
Honors Programs
• Honors Study Topic
• Honors in Action
• Honors Seminars
• International Honors
Membership Eligibility
Members of Alpha Kappa Xi, Santa Fe Community College.
Santa Fe, NM
Eligibility Requirements
• 3.5 Cumulative GPA
• 12 Hours of Associate Degree
Accepting the
Member of Pi Iota, Shoreline Community College, Seattle, WA
Making Membership Official
• Online membership application
• To receive scholarship offers &
benefits, members must provide:
– Academic Major
– Expected Graduation or Transfer Date
– Current Email Address
Making Membership Official
• One-Time Membership Fee
• Induction Ceremony
– Date
– Time
– Location
– Guests
Accept the Invitation
Members of Alpha Kappa Xi, Santa Fe Community College. Santa Fe, NM