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EPGP-EG 2013-14, IIM Indore.


“Multicore Chips” Group Number: 3

Group Members:

1) Mr. Arbind Kumar 2) Ms. Archana Shinde 3) Mr. Pravin Kolhe 4) Mr. Krushna Chnadra Satapathy (EG2013-04) (EG2013-06) (EG2013-17) (EG2013-18)

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Processor:- Microchip implanted in a CPU's hard drive that processes instructions sent to it by the computer and software programs.

Multicore:- Multi-core processor is IC to which ≥ 2 processors are attached for: – – – enhanced performance, reduced power consumption, more efficient simultaneous processing of multiple tasks Challenge: Much of processing power is unharnessed.

Goal: Attract developer to join multicore movement.

How to Use multicore: – – – Multithreading : Parallel : Concurrent : Single code is executed by several processors.

Property of machine to do side by side.

Property of program to do at same time.


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Apple’s Initiative: Mac OS X Snow Leopard (Code name-Grand Central) gives application leverage up to 8 cores of processing power.

RapidMind: Offers software development platform that allows developers to exploit quad-core AMD Opteron & Intel Xeon Processors.

Nvidia Graphics Processor: Provided Parallel Programming Language & libraries, called ‘Cuba’.

Java Environment for Parallel Real-Time Development (Jeopard):

Java based Real-time applications on multicore chips is planned.

Khronos Group’s Compute Working Group:- Royalty Free Standard for building graphical multicore applications. (OpenCL) Microsoft: Parallel computing initiative.

Intel’s Parallel Studio for C & C++.

Other Vendors:- Codeplay, Polycore Software, Click Arts etc.

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Image, Graphics, videos & business applications will be first to benefit, as they can be broken down in to parts for simultaneous processing.

But, for most complex tasks, it is difficult to find single approach for identifying sequence of parallel computations.

Most software are written for single core chips.

The performance of Off-the-shelf applications reduces after 4 cores.

Lack of multicore programming tools for mainstream developers.

Race Conditions:- Output of one calculation depends on various elements of a task being completed in certain order.

Programs having interdependencies of tasks.

The tools available currently needs manual interventions for identifying code that can be parallelized.

Hardware issues such as Memory Latency & Slow Bus Speed due to limited Memory Bandwidth.


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