The World Wide Web • 544 million people worldwide are online - 164 million are U.S.

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Transcript The World Wide Web • 544 million people worldwide are online - 164 million are U.S.

The World Wide Web
• 544 million people worldwide are online - 164 million are U.S. users.
-NUA Internet Surveys
• Nearly half of the 115 million adult American employees use the
Internet at work.
-US Department of Commerce
• Use of the Internet at work rose from 26% to 42% from August 2000
through September 2001.
-US Department of Commerce
• This year, more than 10 billion B2B search queries will be made with
search engines such as Google.
-Juniper Media Metrix
Where In The World Are You?
The World Wide Web has evolved into a widespread information
infrastructure greatly enhancing communication and progressing the way
we do business. The web has affected every aspect of business from
marketing to distribution channels, and continues to redevelop all areas of
business. It has become a necessary tool to target and attract prospects,
while retaining current customers.
The Web is growing fast. More people are going online in search of
information at remarkable rates. Your prospective customers could be
searching for you, and will only find your competitors. Now is the time
to put yourself on the map - the world wide web map.
Perceiving Is Believing
In this electronic world where buyers and sellers meet, perception is
your greatest asset.
A website:
• Builds credibility, and elevates status.
• Increases corporate image projected to a vast audience.
• Efficiently introduces new products to the market.
• Puts your audience in control over learning about your company.
• Equally portrays companies of all sizes.
An Investment That Yields Success
To reap the benefits of a website, the site must be strategically developed to
get the appropriate message to the right audience. And this is what we do at
KDS. We aim for more than just eye-catching sites - we focus our efforts on
developing a website that will best communicate the right message to the
target audience.
Key, Direct, & Strategic Marketing
KDS is more than an acronym that’s easily remembered. It is the foundation
of our business supporting all of our marketing solutions.
• Key - help our clients focus on the target audience.
• Direct - find the right way to get the message to the right audience.
• Strategic - develop the proper tools to best communicate the message.
Our approach together with you results in saying the right thing, to the right
people, in the right way, and at the right time.
Custom Built Website Solutions
KDS Marketing strategically develops tailored websites for companies of all
sizes. Our Internet solutions provide a marketing window to your world,
making it easier for your customers and prospects to learn more about your
company, your products and your services – at their convenience.
We combine technological expertise with years of marketing savvy. What’s
more, you’ll find us easy to work with and willing to work within your
budget and time constraints.
The KDS Difference
The message is paramount.
It’s what people will remember about your company and products, and
we make sure it’s on target. Your customers and prospects get the right
message the first time, every time.
You’re in control of the costs.
KDS’ unique pricing structure keeps the costs within your budget. We
put you in control of the development costs to avoid unnecessary design
elements that have no benefit to your site.
Leave it all up to us.
We’ll have you on-line in virtually no time. We have the experience
necessary to handle the whole journey, from concept to go-live, freeing
up your time to focus on your core competencies.
Putting The Client First
Our ultimate goal is helping your company succeed. We take the time
to learn your business, and our customer-centric focus guarantees an
effective website solution that offers value to your company.
We’re committed to helping our clients meet their goals and objectives.
It is their opinion of us that defines our own success. Here’s what some
of our clients have said about us:
PhotoMedex – a medical device company that concentrates on
marketing lasers to the dermatology industry.
The KDS Web Solution allowed this start-up
company to maintain its tight budget controls
while developing a first-class site. “When I
originally saw the KDS web proposal my
concern was not over the amount, but
would we be getting the high-quality, all
encompassing site we needed for the
amount proposed. To this day I still can’t
believe we got as much as we did, and that
we were on budget and on time.”
Dennis McGrath – CFO, Vice President of Finance and
Administration, PhotoMedex.
Click image to see live version of this site.
(Must have live internet connection to view.)
PhotoMedex site needed to accomplish
several goals:
 Create an image that presented the company as a
cutting-edge science and technology based company.
 Allow for a high-level investor relations section
including updated stock pricing, SEC filings, et al.
 Permit interested doctors to learn more about
this ground breaking technology.
 Inform patients about the new technology and
where they can find the doctor nearest them.
 Leverage each skin disorder with the product solution.
Click image to see live version of this site.
(Must have live internet connection to view.)
Internet Business
Ensuredmail – a start up internet company specializing in the
only easy-to-use encryption software that protects your email and
attachments with Federally certified encryption software.
“When we first met KDS, we had great
product ideas but no coherent marketing
message. We had no brochures, no useful
web site, and no trade show materials. They
created a compelling message for us and all
of the materials that we needed to tell our
story. Even more impressive is the fact that
KDS did not miss a beat when their offices,
with our trade show booth in it, burnt to the
ground only days before our first show.
Their commitment is unbelievable.”
Click image to see live version of this site.
(Must have live internet connection to view.)
Matt Scarborough - President, Ensuredmail
Real Estate/Management
Keystone Property Group – a rapidly growing real estate development
company, managing over one million square feet of commercial property.
“I wanted to take my business to the next level
through effective marketing. KDS quickly
responded to this goal by using progressive
technologies and creative thinking to develop
a website that met our objectives and exceeded
expectations. We now have a stronger identity
in the market, and a dynamic platform for our
marketing message that surpasses my
competitors’ sites.”
Bill Glazer – President, Keystone Property Group
Click image to see live version of this site.
(Must have live internet connection to view.)
Real Estate/Management
Keystone’s website enabled them to meet
their marketing goals and achieve the
following successes:
 Establish stronger relationships between Keystone, its
current and prospective tenants and brokers.
 Showcase attractive property images as a slide show
built with advanced animation technologies.
 Heighten Keystone’s image to further establish a
unique identity in the industry.
Click image to see live version of this site.
(Must have live internet connection to view.)
Sterilox – a start up company that markets an exciting and
groundbreaking technology to be used for high-level disinfection
in the medical, food, agricultural, and industrial industries.
“My colleagues and I are extremely pleased
with our website. KDS was invaluable in
that they took the time to understand our
business and our goals. KDS used a
complete team effort, coordinating a large
amount of information from both our US and
UK divisions. They are continually bringing
us new ideas and now handle all of our
marketing projects – not just the website.”
Joe Rafferty – Vice President of Marketing and Sales,
Sterilox Technologies, Inc.
Click image to see live
version of this site.
(Must have live internet
connection to view.)
Sterilox’s goals were:
 Create two separate websites that are connected
for their US and UK divisions.
 Develop a platform that would enhance their image,
and could be used as an educational tool.
 Create awareness as to what the specific
industry problems are, and how Sterilox can
solve those problems.
 Establish credibility by posting success stories
of Sterilox.
Click image to see live version of this site.
(Must have live internet connection to view.)
Fusion Sales Partners – a team of top-grade sales professionals
helping world-class companies make the most of their marketplace.
“Our current site was not getting the job done, it
was OK but it just wasn’t as effective as it could
be. After looking at several groups we selected
KDS as they demonstrated that they understood
our business and how to position us on the web.
We now have a site that we can send clients and
prospects to and they can understand what we
do. Without KDS I feel this probably would have
never happened. Not only does KDS “Get It”,
they got it quickly.”
Paul Ceribelli – VP Business Development,
Fusion Sales Partners
Click image to see live version of this site.
(Must have live internet connection to view.)
Fun N’ Jump – an inflatable bounce ride and party equipment
rental company.
“Being a small company we weren’t sure if
we could afford to do a high quality website.
KDS showed us how to manage the costs of
the site allowing us to get the site we wanted
and stay within the budget we had set. And
with all the new products we keep adding, I
don’t know how we would display them all
without having our website complete. I’m
glad we chose KDS to do our site.”
David Harper – President, Fun N’ Jump
Click image to see live version of this site.
(Must have live internet connection to view.)
Building Supplies
Trevdan Building Supply – a regional distributor of building
supplies representing over 60 major manufacturers.
“Growing as rapidly as we have over the past
several years has left us little time to do anything
else other than attend to business, let alone spend
a lot of time trying to develop a website. We knew
we needed a website, but could not afford to spend
the time necessary to properly develop one. In one
short meeting with KDS we were able to identify
what was important to our company and our
customers, a general theme, and KDS took it from
there. What we got back was a website that
exactly fits our needs. It’s clean, it’s simple, yet
thorough, and best of all it was hassle free.”
Click image to see live version of this site.
(Must have live internet connection to view.)
Tim Kanavy – Vice President, Trevdan Building Supply
Building Supplies
Trevdan’s website goals:
 An easy to navigate site.
 A way to list all products carried and manufacturers
represented in a simple format.
 A site where their customers could download and
print MSDS information eliminating the cost of
mailing MSDS sheets and credit applications.
 List all their locations and directions to get there.
• A site that reflects the company’s and industry’s
patriotic support.
Click image to see live version of this site.
(Must have live internet connection to view.)
KDS Unplugged
Unlike most web developers, we don’t stop there. KDS is your resource
for all of your off-line marketing needs. We employ a dedicated staff of
marketing professionals who combine creative thinking with leading
marketing insight.
To continue learning about KDS
and our full-service marketing
approach, click here:
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Strategic Planning
A truly successful marketing campaign comes from creative that is
strategically developed. We strongly believe that good creative concepts
are developed from sound marketing, and not the other way around.
• Market Identification & Assessment
• Criteria Development - identifying motivational buying desires
• Product Position Creation - initial brand internal agreement
• Image Translation - adaptation of internal position into external focus
• Customer Image Measurement - selection, refinement and validation
of image
• Icon/Image Usage Treatment - guidelines for consistent brand image use
• Marketing Plan Development
• Marketing Plan Evaluation
Corporate Identity
A well-developed corporate identity is a company’s investment into the
future. We leverage years of marketing experience to create an image
that is unique and strategically presented to the market.
• Name Development & Rationale
• Trademark Availability Research
• Logo Design
• Graphic Element Creation
• Logo Artwork
• Logo Sheets
• Corporate Guidelines & Usage
• Corporate Stationary Design
• Corporate Stationary Implementation
We equip your sales force with the tools necessary to attract and bring in
new business. By combining strong creative with content-rich copy, we
develop the most effective marketing message.
• Product Literature - brochures, fact sheets, technical bulletins
• Direct marketing - passive, active, relationship, prospect qualifying
• Educational Programs - university approach, correspondence,
interactive, training materials
• Annual Reports
• Quarterly Reports
• Newsletters - monthly, quarterly, annual
• Point-of-Sale - in-store, on-equipment
• Coop Programs - distributor, retailer, reseller
Marketing Programs
We excel in finding creative ways to build relationships. Our incentivebased ideas target customers, prospects, and even your own employees to
establish and strengthen all your relationships.
• Distribution Channel Marketing Programs - incentive, rebate, rewards
• Customer Incentive Programs - awards, rebate, coupon, product
• Retail Sales Programs - full line, product specific, growth oriented
• Partnership Programs - annual & quarterly reward, early order, bulk load
• Contest Programs - travel, incentive, earnings
• Sweepstakes - direct, in-direct, pre-qualified
Whether it is TV, radio, outdoor, or digital, we research all media to
find the most effective way to deliver your message to the right
audience. We develop advertising concepts with a clear message
and a unique approach.
• Print Ads - verticals, trade, newspaper, element specific, national and
regional consumer, event programs
• Radio - live reads, 20’s, 30’s, 60’s, regional, national and spot buys
• TV - local cable, national cable, national network, 15’s, 30’s, 60’s
• Outdoor - billboards, bulletins, shopping carts, in-store coupon,
public transportation
• Inserts - magazines, newspapers, trade publications
• Onserts - magazines, trade publications
Electronic/Digital Media
Our digital solutions are created using the latest cutting-edge technologies.
We combine technological expertise with years of marketing savvy to
assure a strategically created high-end solution.
• Website Development - informational, hot links, organizational,
end-user oriented
• Video Creation - still photo, video clips, studio, on-site
• Interactive/Non-Interactive - CD ROM, Computer
Event Management
Our professional staff utilizes visual and structural impact combined with
your marketing message to ensure that your next marketing event delivers a
positive message that will be remembered.
• Trade Shows - booth design and development, display panels, storage,
shipping, inventory
• Show Incentives - concept, execution and delivery
• Meeting Planning - theme development, materials, room reservation,
travel reservation
• Sales Meetings - regional, national, key-note speakers
Strategically Creative Solutions
KDS is a full service marketing communications agency, strategically
developing creative concepts that help your company succeed. Our
website solutions are tailored the same way as all our marketing services,
assuring that you “say the right thing, to the right people, in the right way,
at the right time.”
To learn more about KDS Marketing, visit us on the web at
Or contact us at:
102 Pickering Way, Suite 101
Exton, PA 19341
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