Quality Assurance: Online Course

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Transcript Quality Assurance: Online Course

Please provide the
following information in
the box to the right:
◦ Your name
◦ Your course
◦ Course title
◦ Your CRN
◦ The academic term
◦ The learning
management system
(LMS) used for your
course (ANGEL or
Leila Wells Rogers
HUMN 1101 O
Introduction to
CRN 20140, 20139
Fall 2012
What information does your homepage
provide? Discuss it in this box. (If you use the
ANGEL master template, you may simply indicate this
Provide a screenshot of your course homepage
in the box to the right.
I use the master template provided by SCTC. I
also use the Custom Nugget for relevant
supporting material.
Screenshot of Homepage
I use a Start Here folder to
orient students to the course.
In it I include course
information, the syllabus, a
syllabus quiz, an opening
lecture, study guides,
biographical information,
work ethics, and written
assignments for the
I use modules. Each unit
covers 2 chapters.
Inside each unit I have 2
folder: this week’s
assignments (including a
schedule, a quiz, a study
guide, and other relevant
information) and lectures
(including my power points
and supplemental material).
I use discussion boards to
encourage conversation about
course content. I require a
blog assignment wherein
students submit critiques on
art, architecture, and
literature. Students have to
respond to at least one other
student’s blog during the
semester, which encourages
conversation on these topics to
I respond to student emails
I keep office hours on campus.
I meet with students on the
phone or in person.
I occasionally hold live chats.
I contribute in forums.
I give 8 content quizzes and
one syllabus quiz.
I assign three blog posts (~500
words each).
I offer an optional journal
assignments and exercises
relevant to the various units in
the book.
I use discussion boards.
Students critique art, music,
literature, and architecture in
writing assignments in this
They respond to one another
after sharing their critiques.
I make online videos available
(via links on my homepage) on
a wide range of topics
pertaining to the material in
the chapters.
Please add additional slides as necessary in order to complete this reflection.
Goals (What would you like to improve in this course in the future?)
◦ I would like to record my lectures and insert them into my PowerPoint lectures so students can hear
the anecdotes and asides that accompany the slides. I am always seeking better web-based material
to provide them as supplementary material. I am also exploring web-supported tools available
through the publisher.
Training (How can we help you with your course design?)
◦ I need to explore recording options.
Teaching Philosophy (What motivates you to teach the way that you teach?)
◦ I conduct my classroom based on a student-centered model. While I am the content expert, I am
also a facilitator. I believe that students and teachers can (and should) learn from one another. The
learning environment should be flexible and supportive in order to encourage this type of exchange
of ideas.
Thank you for completing your QAP. Please review your
portfolio at this time to make sure it accurately reflects your
online course’s scope and delivery.
Save your file in the following format:
◦ //QAP_YourLastName_YourFirstName_CourseID_Delivery_term (“delivery”
refers to online, hybrid, or web enhanced)
◦ For example, the portfolio file name for an online English course would
look like this:
 QAP_WellsRogers)_Leila_HUMN1101_O_201312
Upload your file to the SCTC Repository in the folder under
your name titled Portfolios.