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Beyond the Hype:
Where MOOCs and On-Campus Meet
Vivek Goel
Chief Academic Strategist, Coursera
• 15% of Coursera learners
are currently enrolled in
undergrad degree programs
• 70% are over 30 yrs old
• 50% of enrollments in
courses delivering careerrelevant skills
Our Learners
Average completion rates
Retention and Intent
Coursera-hosted class on the
first page of Google search
55% of online degree students surveyed said a University of London
MOOC influenced them to apply to the school’s degree program.
London recruited >100 students or more from its MOOCs
Average program costs £4,000 and £5,000 to complete
Penn State said that it had seen a 24% increase in enrollments in the
Online Geography since starting a MOOC in the same subject
5 out of 300 students said the Coursera MOOC was the main reason
they applied to program, while 6 more said the MOOC was a
significant driver.
Applicants to the Music Technology MFA program tripled
Several students applied to the MFA with their MOOC projects
CalArts admitted one student from the MOOC, covering an estimated
50% of MOOC costs
Teaching at Scale
Wrong student answers
Learning is often a black box in the classroom,
MOOCs allow us to see what students are
doing. With hundreds of thousands of students,
if there’s a correlation to be found, we’ll find
Pavel Pevzner
UC San Diego
Ignacio Martinez
University of Virginia
We now see the huge contribution a MOOC
provides to professors in our attempts to
improve both our classes and textbooks. Where
else could we get a gold mine of comments
contributing to further improvements of our
courses? Any serious textbook author .. should
run a textbook-based MOOC first.
Big Data in Teaching
Students from 27 Universities
in the Universitas 21 network
will take Edinburgh’s
Critical Thinking course
together this fall
Inter-University Collaboration
The University Revisited
“College is a place where a professor’s lecture notes
go straight to the students’ lecture notes,
without passing through the brains of either.”
Edwin Emery Slosson
Transforming On-Campus Teaching
Spring 2011 - Traditional
Fall 2012 – Blended Learning
Comparison of ECE course,
University of Wisconsin Madison
Flipping the Classroom
Grand Prize Winner:
Balesh Jindal
Project-Based Learning in the Real World
Available, Accessible On-Demand Content
What is a specialization?
Course series: a series of short courses
in a high-demand field
Well packaged, efficient unit of
Capstone Project:
an applied project
Applying learning to
real world scenarios
Series of courses with real-life applications
For specializations in high
demand areas:
Across the board:
learners enrolled in
From the Android
increase in SigTrack after
same course is part of a
of learners had not heard of
Vanderbilt and Maryland
SigTrack conversion
Brand awareness
A few early results
Specializations learner
60% of learners said that
their motivation in taking
the specialization was to
demonstrate mastery
through the capstone
project and the
Specialization certificate
Capstone Project
74% of learners valued the
capstone project more
than other content courses.
The reason: they wanted to
use the capstone project to
solve an industry problem
and gain practical
77% of learners valued
capstones projects cocreated with industry and
instructors over capstone
projects that were created
by just instructors.
Thank you