Savremeni engleski jezik 8

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Savremeni engleski jezik 8
vježbe – 6
Most of Lahiri’s work focuses on the lives of
Indian Americans, and the stories in
Interpreter of Maladies are set in India or
parts of the United States, including
Cambridge, Massachusetts, and an unnamed
university town very much like Cambridge.
India is a part of
each story, although
its influence varies in
as it does in each
character’s life.
Indians have immigrated to the United States in large
numbers since the 1960s. Largely well educated and
highly skilled, Indian immigrants come for a variety of
reasons, but often to seek work in technological fields.
Indian Americans now constitute the third-largest Asian
American community in the United States.
Central themes of “Interpreter of Maladies” include the
difficulties that Indians have in relating to Americans and
the ways in which Indian Americans are caught in the
middle of two very different cultures.
TASK: Write a paragraph explaining what you think
Each of the different stories trace the individual
characters’ ability to adapt to a new culture and
changing times.