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Congratulations on taking the first step in
your transition from university to the
Australian professional workforce.
Your Journey Begins……
oWork within Australian legislative requirements
oWork safely and participate in OHSE processes
oWork effectively within the organisations requirements
oCommunicate effectively in the workplace
oProvide effective service to internal and external clients
oParticipate successfully in a team environment
oApply skills and knowledge to professional work situations
oImplement strategies to manage personal career development
Students are expected to treat the program as a workplace, therefore punctuality and participation are mandatory
There are three main requirements for successful completion of the PYP:
1. Attendance
2. Assessment tasks (including learning
3. Internship
100% attendance – this is a requirement of both Department of Immigration and
Border Protection (DIBP) and the professional bodies
There are 3 categories for missed classes:
1. Late intake – second and third intake students
2. Extenuating circumstances – unforseen circumstances such as illness,
bereavement, trauma (accompanied by documented proof)
3.Non-extenuating circumstances – undocumented absence (a fee may be
Attending missed classes – all three categories require an application for Disruption to Studies to be
completed and returned to [email protected] (See MyQIBA for forms and check the Student
Handbook for further details regarding absence from class)
In order to graduate you must successfully complete the following
assessment tasks.
Working with diversity presentation
Workplace Health and Safety Case Study
Reporting to Managers Group Presentation
CV and Cover Letter
Interview Assessment
Team Project
Workplace communication role play
Business meeting role play
Networking Assessment
Oral Presentation
Internship Performance and Evaluation
To further enhance your professional skills you are required to complete a
workplace internship consisting of 264 voluntary hours (Accounting), or
240 hours (Computer Science), or 480 hours (Engineering).
This is to be completed in no less than 10 weeks, usually 12 weeks.
QIBA has an extensive client base of host employers Australia wide, and
you will be invited to interview for your internship. Alternatively, if you are
an Accounting student you are welcome to source your own internship
(approved by QIBA) and on completion you will receive a $500 rebate.
Please refer to the website or contact our Internship Manager on
[email protected]
Study Materials on MyQIBA
All study materials, support materials; contact details
and forms are available to enrolled students on our
electronic support site: MyQIBA.
 The web address
On successful completion of the 44 week Professional
Year course and your internship you will receive your
Graduation Certificate and can apply to DIBP for 5 points
toward your permanent residency.
Please note that under no circumstances are you able to
graduate earlier than the date specified on your Offer
Letter. This is a stipulation of the professional bodies and
Student enquiries
Fees and Accounts
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Ms Louise Hodder – PY Administration Coordinator
Contact Louise regarding timetabling and administration including applications to defer study or special leave considerations
[email protected]
Ms Jo Rackham – Internship Manager
[email protected]
Mr Kyle Renwick – Enrolment officer all states
[email protected]
Ms Dorota Skawinska – Finance Officer
Contact Dorota regarding any financial enquiries including course fees and payments
[email protected]