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Boyd Walden, Director
Florida Tax Collectors Spring Workshop
2012 Motorist Services Legislative Summary
HB 226 - Requires DHSMV to review disabled parking permit holders,
verify information and implement means for reporting abuse
 Renewal/replacements will require certificate of disability issued within past 12
 Upon 2nd confirmed fraudulent use of a permit, permit holder may not apply for
permit for four years
 Every 6 months, Department must randomly review permits for continued validity
 Creates an abuse telephone hotline or option to mail in abuse via a form.
HB 1165 -Revises requirements for documentation for veteran status of
the Driver License/ID Card
 $2 fee to replace ID Card w/ “V” designation
HB 1207 - Allows for autonomous technology vehicles (“Google Car”)
to use Florida roads; requires DHSMV to prepare report
2012 Motorist Services Legislative Summary
HB 1223 (Department’s Bill)
• Authorizes the issuance of a specialty driver license or ID
 Certain state and independent universities
 Professional sports teams
 All branches of the Armed Forces
• Authorizes DHSMV to issue a “bonded title”
 Bond amount equal to 2 times the value of the vehicle
 Indemnifies prior owners/lienholders & subsequent purchasers
• Requires lienholders to electronically transmit liens and lien
satisfactions (Mandatory ELT)
2012 Motorist Services Legislative Summary
HB 1223 (Department’s Bill)
• Authorizes DHSMV to collect email addresses and use for
renewals of registrations, driver licenses and ID cards
• Authorizes DHSMV to conduct pilot program to evaluate
alternative license plates
• Revises registration renewal period to end on midnight of
owner’s birthday – allows for refunds up to this time
• Provides for DHSMV to waive the fees for ID cards for
2012 Motorist Services Legislative Summary
HB 1223 (Department’s Bill)
• Authorizes DHSMV to implement an electronic system for
issuing salvage certificates of title and certificates of
• Active members of the Armed Forces are exempt from
address requirements on registration applications
• Authorizes automatic extension of a driver license for
members of the Armed Forces or their dependents while
serving outside of the state
2012 Motorist Services Legislative Summary
New Special License Plates
Governor, Federal/State Legislators and Former Legislators
Combat Infantry Badge
Vietnam War Veterans
Korean Conflict Veterans
Silver Star
Distinguished Service Cross
Navy Cross
Air Force Cross
(Note: NO new specialty license plates)
2012 Motorist Services Legislative Summary
• New Voluntary Contributions
• Autism Services and Supports (MV & DL)
• Support Our Troops (MV & DL)
• Take Stock in Children (MV Only)
• Florida Association of Food Banks, Inc. (MV Only)
Electronic Titling (E-Titles)
Florida law (s. 319.001(1), F.S.) allows for electronic titles
• Problem is when an odometer disclosure with signature of the buyer and seller is
Currently each state must file its own petition for a variance
• States can petition the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)
• Virginia, Wisconsin & Texas only states approved – but haven’t implemented
Florida petition - December 2009
• Casual Sales
• Dealer Trade-ins
• Leased Vehicles
Preliminary Response – September 2011
• Approved for Casual Sales
Electronic Titling (E-Titles) -Casual Sales Approval
Seller and Buyer Agree to Terms
E—Title and Odometer Reading
Available to Public Online
Buyer and Seller go to Tag Agency
Buyer Receives Receipt
Tag Agent Checks ID
Information Stored in FRVIS
Buyer and Seller Disclose Odometer
and Sign Secure Document
Tag Agent Processes Transaction
Electronic Titling (E-Titles)
NHTSA Update
March 2012 - Congress passed Transportation Bill
that will allow NHTSA to issue regulations on use
of electronic odometer disclosures
Electronic Titling (E-Titles)
American Association of Motor Vehicles Administrators (AAMVA)
• Working Group Created
• Motor Vehicle Administrators
• Dealers
• Manufacturers
• Auctions
• Lienholders
• Insurance Companies
• Federal
• Develop Best Practices
• Electronic MCO → Dealer → Retail Sale
• Dealer Reassignments
• Develop Guidelines for Requesting a Variance from NHTSA for Odometer Disclosure
Electronic Titling (E-Titles)
Concept of Central Issuance
Mailing credentials from a central location
• Discussed at AAMVA International Conference
• Indiana – reduced costs/tremendous benefits
• Possible Florida Benefits:
Consistent quality with printing (decals)
Eliminate decal printers in field
Decreases equipment maintenance
Reduced inventory – create credentials as requested
Reduced resources
EFS inventory problems/lost plates
Electronic Filing System (EFS)
• State Oversight – December 2010
• With ETR and real-time submission of data, no longer a need for
issuance of metal license plates
• Central issuance impact
• Tax Collectors distribute license plates – but don’t audit
• Eliminates annual/semi-annual audits for EFS agents
• Cost avoidance of $28 missing license plate fee
Electronic Filing System (EFS)
Focus On:
• Electronic submission of applications and
• Calculation of fees
• Create efficiencies in workflow
License Plate Redesign
• License Plate Committee formed Jan 2012
• DHSMV Staff
• Tax Collectors
• Department of Transportation
• Florida’s Turnpike Enterprises
• Specialty License Plate Association
• Law Enforcement
• 7 Digit Configuration
• Improve Legibility/Readability
• Regular Graphic License Plate Only
License Plate Redesign
• Review New Technologies Available
• Review Along with Centralization Efforts
• Timeline:
• September 2012 – 3-5 Design Options
• September/October 2012 – Online Voting
• FY 2013/2014 & FY 2014/2015 – Replace all
regular graphic license plates
o Keep 10 year cycles
o No cost to motorist
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
RFID = small electronic device that provides a
unique identifier for an object
• Working with DOT Toll Authorities
• Allow for Electronic Identification of a Vehicle
• Eliminate need to “read” the plate
• Eliminate need for decal
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
Other Possibilities:
Open-Road Tolling
Stolen Vehicles
Red Light Cameras
Amber & Silver Alerts
DHSMV – Tax Collector Escalation Procedures
For questions, computer problems and any other issues
needing DHSMV assistance:
Field Support Center – (850) 617-3805
Staff will assist, redirect or report your issues. This
includes notifying our Technical Assistance Center (TAC)
with computer/IT issues.
Division of Motorist Services
2012 Initiatives