Incoming 9th Scheduling 13-14 (2)

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Transcript Incoming 9th Scheduling 13-14 (2)

duPont Manual High School
Scheduling 2013-14
Where to find scheduling information?
 Click on Counselors, then Scheduling
 You will find a copy of the
Scheduling Booklet, full
course descriptions, &
this scheduling PowerPoint.
Meet Your Counselor
What’s in your packet?
 Schedule Request Form
 Newsletter/Student Records
 JCPS Campus Portal/Social Studies
Course Descriptions
 Athletic Form
 Accelerated Learning Programs
Why Manual?
 #1 high school in the state for academics
 One of the top high schools in the nation
 Colleges recognize Manual students
 97% of our students go to 4-year
 42 National Merit & Achievement
 and Hispanic Scholars
 70% of students have 3.0 GPA or higher
 Average ACT composite score of 25.7
It is a privilege to be a Manual student!
But, with this privilege comes great responsibility…
◦Very competitive environment
◦Heavy, demanding work-load
◦Must have strong, consistent study
◦Can be a stressful atmosphere
◦Must be organized
How to handle “Manual”?
Time Management
Good Attendance
Get Organized
Know Your Teachers’ Rules
Ask for Help
Get to Know Your Teachers and Counselor
Get Involved
Make a Friend in Each Class
Use Your Agenda Book
Get a Life! All work and no play is not the answer!
Parental Support
Get Organized!
Use your agenda book
Separate notebooks/binders/folders
for each class
2 backpacks
Do homework at home
Use your study skills time
Know your teacher’s rules
No late work
Find a friend in each class
Request homework for extended absences
Helpful Tips
Work after school with your teacher
NHS in library (before/after school)
Forming study groups with other students in your
Checking your grades regularly with your teacher
Use your agenda
Structure study time at home
Participate in class
Maintain healthy lifestyle
Top 10 things Seniors wish they had
known as Freshmen!
Don’t procrastinate—get left behind
Don’t be afraid to ask questions
It’s not at all like middle school!
Always take a study skills—you need it!
Get involved—extracurricular very important
Choose friends wisely
Never give up!
Make friends
Get help immediately—NHS tutoring or from your
Study Hard! Grades/GPA begin your 9th grade year
and do not go away on your transcript
Ways to Get Involved
Join a club
Try out for a sport
Be in a play
Check out opportunities at YPAS if you love drama,
dance, music
Volunteer/community service
List of classes taken
Provides credit summary
Only semester grades are included
GPA: grade point average (Unweighted &
 Failed classes do not disappear
 Levels of courses
Honors (Hon)
Advanced (Adv)/Math, Science, & Technology (MST)
Advanced Placement (AP)
1st Semester
1st 6-week progress report
2nd 6-week progress report
3rd 6 week Semester Grade
(final grade on transcript)
2nd Semester
4th 6-week progress report
5th 6-week progress report
6th 6-week Semester Grade
(final grade on transcript)
Stay on top of your grades
Get help if you see that your grades are falling
• Turn your assignments in on time
• Do all of your homework assignments
Problems in a class?
Student - Teacher
Student – Teacher - Parent
Student – Teacher – Parent - Counselor
Student – Teacher – Parent – Counselor – Asst. Principal
Graduation Requirements (pg. 3)
 4 credits in English (English I, II, III, & IV)
 3 credits in Math (Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra 2 or
more advanced math – must take math all four years.)
 3 credits in Science (life, physical, earth/space)
 3 credits in Social Studies (World Civ., U.S. History, and
one of economics, government, or geography)
 .5 credit in Health
 .5 credit in PE (or 1 year of Fundamentals of Dance)
 1 credit in Humanities (History Arts – reg. or ADV, AP Art
History, Spanish Humanities, 3-VA courses, or 4 -YPAS
courses in one area)
 7 – Electives (2-3 credits of the same World Language)
per JCPS policy
Other Diploma Requirements
Complete the ILP to 100% each year and make sure your ILP shows all
classes taken. (Information will follow during the freshman school
Students must meet the following ACT benchmarks: English (18);
Math (22); Reading (21); and Science (24).
All students must show technology competency:
 MST & HSU must take Computer Applications
 J&C, VA and YPAS will either demonstrate proficiency by scoring at
least 80% on the JCPS 8th grade technology assessment; or complete
a Computer Applications course in high school. (Students from
private school must either have a Computer Skills Standards test
before the end of the 8th grade year, or you will be required to take
Computer Applications one year at Manual. JCPS will give the
technology test this summer, if you are interested, please call 4853010 to register. You must complete this before you begin your
freshman year.)
Course Level Descriptions (refer to pg. 4)
 Comprehensive
 Honors (HNR)
 Advance Program (ADV)
 Mathematics, Science & Technology (MST)
 Advanced Placement (AP)
Commonwealth Diploma (pg. 4)
 Successful completion of 22 credits in pre-college
 Successful completion of 4 Advanced Placement
courses that must include: English – 1; Science or
Math – 1; Foreign Language – 1; and 1 in
additional course)
 Successful completion of 3 AP Exams in the
subject areas of completed AP Courses.
Graduation Requirements for
Advance Program (pg. 5)
 12 credits must be earned in Advance Program (ADV) or
Advanced Placement (AP) in at least 3 of the following
areas: English, Math, Science, Social Studies, World
 ADV Humanities, AP Art History, or Spanish Humanities
are required.
 A cumulative GPA of 3.0 is required to stay in the program
 Students must take 3 years of the same World Language.
per JCPS policy
Advance Program (ADV)
 JCPS incentive program
 Students make a certain
score on Advance Program
test at the end of the 8th
grade year
 Students must maintain a
3.0 GPA and take 12
credits of ADV or AP
 Seal on your diploma
 Do not have to be Advance
Program to take advanced
per JCPS policy
Advanced Placement (AP)
 Most challenging courses
offered at Manual.
 Opportunity for college
 Must take 4 or more AP
courses to be considered
most rigorous.
 AP exam given at the end
of year.
Grading System (pg. 5)
Standard Scale
A = 4 (93-100%)
B = 3 (86 – 92%)
C = 2 (79 – 85%)
D = 1 (70 – 78%)
U = 0 (0 – 69%)
College Scale
B = 3.75 (80 – 89%)
C = 2.5 (70 – 79%)
D = 1.25 (60 – 69%)
(0 – 59%)
*Only AP Courses
Per JCPS Policy
Scheduling Instructions
 Students and their parents must assume the
responsibility for providing the school with a
 Students are responsible for meeting with their
counselor and teacher regarding academic
 All students are required to request a full schedule
(8 courses and 3 Alternates for electives – A1, A2,
& A3).
Review 4-year
Magnet Planning Sheet
(Turn to your Magnet Planning Sheet and follow grade 9)
 High School University (p. 7)
 Journalism & Communication (p.8)
 Math, Science & Technology (p. 9)
 Visual Arts (p. 10)
 HNR English I – B’s and C’s, not a strength,
prefer a regular pace
 ADV English I – A’s, strength, accelerated
Choose your level and mark it on your
Magnet Planning Sheet.
Algebra I – Have not had Algebra I
HNR Algebra I – Have had part of Alg. I but will not
complete the Alg. I textbook
MST Geometry/Trig (Algebra 2) – All MST students
must choose this course.
ADV Geometry – Will have completed the Algebra I
textbook, math is a strength, accelerated pace (on
track for Calculus AB in the senior year)
(math placement test for all students)
Choose your level and mark it on your Magnet Planning
ADV Integrated Science – Science is a strength /
accelerated pace
MST Integrated Science – All MST students must
choose this course.
HNR Integrated Science – not a strength / prefer a
normal paced course
Choose your level and mark it on your Magnet
Planning Sheet.
Health (½ semester)
 PE (½ semester) or
Fundamentals of Dance (1 full year)
 Required for graduation
Honors World Geography
AP (Advanced Placement) Human Geography – The
only AP (college level) course offered to freshman.
Mature, organized, significant amount of reading.
Strong comprehension skills, commitment to large
amounts of reading.
(J&C and VA – If you would like to take a Study Skills,
please choose either Social Studies or World
Choose your level and mark it on your Magnet Planning
Manual offers 4 years of instruction in French, German, Latin, and Spanish to meet
graduation requirements. In addition, AP classes are offered in French, Latin, and
Spanish, as well as courses in Spanish Humanities and Spanish Conversation.
ADVANCED: If you have been in the Advance Program in a JCPS school and/or
intend to pursue an Advance Program diploma, you should enroll in the Advance
level of your chosen language whether or not you have had previous instruction in
that language.
HONORS: Honors level classes teach the basic language skills at a slightly slower
pace, allowing more time for practice and reinforcement of concepts.
FRENCH : Students who have had 2 or more years of French in middle school may
enroll in Adv. French 2 with the recommendation of their middle school French
SPANISH : Students who have had one full year or more of Spanish will need to
take a placement test to determine their level. The test will be administered on the
same day as the math placement test (refer to newsletter for dates/times).
LATIN and GERMAN : Freshmen choosing these languages need to enroll in level
1, either advanced or honors.
Check your magnet planning sheet and mark the
remaining required courses
J&C Journalism I and Eng Graphic Arts
MST MST/ADV Computer Applications, MST
Geometry/Alg. II, MST Integrated Science
VA Basic Design and Drawing/Painting
HSU Computer Applications and
4 Advanced Placement (AP) courses prior to graduation
Study Skills – Strongly recommended by faculty
Visual Art I
Computer Applications
Business Law
Business Management
Life Skills
YPAS – courses open to non-majors (refer to newsletter)
HSU & MST Students have room in their schedule to take an
elective. Please mark your chosen elective with an ‘X’ but
list 3 alternates, as well noted with A1, A2, and A3.
(A1 – 1st choice, A2 – 2nd Choice, and A3 – 3rd choice)
These are the only electives offered to freshman due to space and content.
Scheduling Directions
(Student Request Form)
On the Student Course Request sheet:
*Print an email address at the top of the sheet.
1. Print first and last name clearly
2. Circle grade 9.
3. Circle magnet.
4. Place your signature and have parent/guardian place
signature on appropriate line.
5. Select 8 classes, those noted on your Magnet Planning
Sheet, and mark them with an ‘X’ on the student
course request sheet.
6. If you were able to choose an elective please mark 3
alternates with an A1, A2, & A3 in the X column.
7. Return the completed Student Course Request form
Please email your Counselor if you have any
 Mrs. Marti Johnston (Last Names – A-G)
[email protected]
 Ms. Christy Teague (Last Names – H-O)
[email protected]
 Mrs. Amy Medley (Last Names – P-Z)
[email protected]