Level 3 Award in Leadership and Management Workshop 5

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Transcript Level 3 Award in Leadership and Management Workshop 5

Level 3 Award in Leadership
and Management
Workshop 5 - Presentation
By Andrew Lake
 Who I am –
 What I do –
 My Team –
I’m a Research Associate from the Department of
Project manage / undertake research & development
activities for an industrial sponsor in the area of converting
waste plastic to diesel.
One technician, two line managers and I also work closely
with the analytical research laboratories manager.
 Coursework question being tackled during todays presentation;
“Understand leadership qualities and review own leadership
qualities and potential”.
Important Leadership Qualities
What are some good
Leadership Qualities:
 A Good Communicator
 Rewarding
 Delegator
 Respectful
 Knowledgeable
 Initiative
 Quiet Confidence
 Open to Change
 Proactive vs. Reactive
 Enthusiastic
 Interested in Feedback
 Flexible / Adaptable
 Open-Minded
 Evaluative
 Realist
 Resourceful
 Organized
 Consistent
Self Assessment of Leadership Style (I)
I self assessed my own leadership style,
using two models:
 The Tannenbaum and Schmidt Leadership Continuum, which categorizes you in four
categories; Tell, Sell, Consult and Empower.
Result: Consult
Leadership Style Traits
 Style is based on asking people’s opinions.
 You are genuinely interested in what they have to say and you use good ideas.
 You believe that, ultimately, it is your responsibility to decide what is going to happen.
 You like to let your team know that they have a degree of autonomy, but at the same
time, you want to support them with the necessary development.
Self Assessment of Leadership Style (II)
John Adair’s Action Centered Leadership.
This model looks at seeing where your leadership skills lend themselves to out of three
categories; task, team or individual orientated.
Result: Team Orientated
Leadership style traits:
 Believe in the group focusing on a common task or problem.
 Value the ability of the group to work cooperatively with
others and respect team members.
 See staff in your team as resourceful human beings rather than
human resources.
 Tend to negotiate and agree roles and responsibilities rather
than deciding these yourself, whilst encouraging self
After modifying the Tannenbaum and Schmidt Leadership Continuum questionnaire, that we received
during the first ILM 3 workshop, I circulated it to three colleagues working within my team and the
results are displayed below.
Questionnaire Results
All my colleagues found my primary
Leadership Style to be Consultive.
These findings were in agreement with my
self assessment.
My secondary Leadership styles were a
mixture of Selling and Empowerment, which
I believe links in with my primary style,
consulting, and towards the Team
Orientated style that I show from Adair’s
Action Centered Leadership model.
Cumulative Scores
Line Manager
Laboratory Manager
Leadership Style
How Do the Working Practices and Culture at
Loughborough Fit My Leadership Styles.
After looking through the Towards 2016 strategy document, the
following points seemed to marry well with my natural styles of leadership:
Part of the Universities mission is to;
 Increase knowledge and understanding through research which is internationally recognized.
 Influence the economic and social development of individuals, business, professions and communities.
The Universities values include;
 To value all our staff and students.
 Value and reward our staff for their contribution and commitment to the University’s successes.
 Listen to our staff, students, alumni and partners.
The Universities Operating principles include;
 A respect for the role that we all play as leaders or members of teams.
Enhancing Leadership Style (I)
My leadership styles are:
Consult (Tannenbaum and Schmidt Leadership Continuum).
Team Orientated (John Adair’s Action Centered Leadership).
People are happier in their work, as they feel more
People can feel a lack of individuality.
Implementation of changes that affect a whole team
can run smoother, due to good communication and
team “chemistry”.
Managed staff can start to see you to much as a friend
rather than a Leader, effecting authority.
Productivity can be greater as everybody is working
towards a common goal as a team.
Productivity can be reduced due to, too much
discussion not enough action.
Promotes the development of potential leaders,
amongst the team members.
It may not be possible to involve everyone in the
decision making process within a large team.
The creativity aspect of the employees' personalities is
also tapped, thus increasing the quality of ideas that
are put forth by them.
If the project is of importance to the company, the
related information may need to be safeguarded.
Enhancing Leadership Style (II)
 After looking at my own leadership style and relating pro’s and con’s, I then needed to look at
ways to improve my leadership qualities.
 When situations occur, in which I need to lead, I need to look back at these models and modify
the way I lead a team or individual to achieve the best possible outcome. As my natural styles
may not be as affective or suitable.
Enhancing Leadership Style (III)
Situation: A new member of staff joins my team.
 Recently a new member of staff has joined my team, at present her job specific skills need improving
and she needs time to integrate into the team. Therefore I don’t feel my natural leadership styles will
allow me to achieve the best from her.
 From looking at the leadership models I have been using, I realized that I should take on a more
Telling approach whilst also becoming more Individually orientated.
By using different styles this would allowed me to;
 Set the new team member training tasks (rotating around the established team) that would
increase there job related skills, confidence and allow them to get to know the rest of the
team and their roles.
 Setup informal one to one meetings with the new member of staff, to keep an eye on
progress, coach and build up a working relationship.
 Once I feel confident that she is progressing, and integrating into the team, I will be able to
start to use my natural styles of leadership.
Thank You For Listening
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