Session 3 - SLIDES ONLY - Stein Mart Vendor Portal

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Transcript Session 3 - SLIDES ONLY - Stein Mart Vendor Portal

Session 3 – EDI (part 2) – The EDI Process
Stein Mart Requires All Vendors to be EDI compliant
 Required EDI Documents
 850 - Purchase Order
 860 – Purchase Order Changes
 856 – Advance Shipping Notice
 810 - Invoice
Let’s Get Started !!
Stein Mart Purchase Order Structure
Stein Mart’s purchase order numbers consist of 9 digits.
The initial EDI - PO transmission will be a “BULK” purchase order which will end in 940
Example: PO # 987654940. The transmission of the bulk purchase order is intended
to provide the vendor with the opportunity to review the details of the
purchase order prior to receipt of the store level purchase orders.
After allocation Stein Mart transmits a 9 digit purchase order number for each store location.
Example: PO # 987654005 refers to PO 987654 going to store 005.
Example: PO # 987654000 refers to the “Blanket” summary of all store level POs.
Stein Mart generally transmits allocation information in the form of store level
purchase orders 3 to 4 weeks prior to the beginning of the ship window.
• Step 1 – Stein Mart transmits the EDI 850 (Bulk Purchase Order)
You must review each PO immediately upon receipt for the following:
SHIP WINDOW – is it accurate and achievable
ALL SKU/STYLE/UPC numbers are accurate
SKUS correspond to the correct UPCs
Does the PO indicate Ticketing is Required?
Does the PO indicate Hanging is Required?
Are the correct hanger model numbers listed?
Please bring any PO discrepancies to the attention of the buying office IMMEDIATELY.
• 850 Purchase Orders:
Acceptance of the EDI 850 purchase order implies you agree to the
terms contained within. It is our vendors’ responsibility to ensure the
terms listed on the 850 accurately reflect the agreement. If your
shipment fails to adhere to the terms contained in the EDI 850
purchase order, business recovery charges may be incurred.
Stein Mart’s Standard Terms and Conditions of Purchase apply
to all purchase orders unless specifically stated otherwise. Please
take time to review the document titled: Stein Mart Standard
Terms and Conditions of Purchase which can be found in the
Accounting Portal of our vendor website.
• 856 – Advance Shipping Notice (ASN)
The ASN provides detailed information regarding the contents of each
carton in the shipment.
Generally, the ASN is CREATED prior to or during the packing process.
This enables you to utilize system generated carton identification
numbers which must be printed on the GS1-128 Labels.
Your ASN must ACCURATELY reflect the contents of each carton. If
the SKU quantity being shipped varies from the quantity ordered – you
will have to adjust the carton contents to reflect this variation.
Prior to creating your ASNs, it is important you “bundle” these
store level PO numbers together transmitting either:
1. One ASN either per trailer/container
2. One ASN or per SDC (Ship To Location) per trailer/container
(The same BOL number may be listed in each SDCs ASN)
Important Note – If a shipment requires more than 1 truck an ASN
must be sent per TRUCK with accurate BOLs provided.
ASN Requirements Checklist: can be found in the EDI section of our
vendor website – http//
Please double check to ensure:
DTM segment must accurately reflect the freight pick-up date
REF*BM segment must accurately reflect the 17 digit BOL number
Once an ASN has been accepted in our system it cannot be altered,
deleted, or ignored.
• 856 – Advance Shipping Notice (ASN) - Continued
The ASN must not be TRANSMITTED until immediately following freight
pick up. It is important to go back and ensure the Freight Pick Up Date and
BOL number provided is accurate.
Important Notes:
1. Stein Mart must RECEIVE ASNs (without error) no later
than 11:00 am (EST) the business day following freight pick up. The
EDI 997 (functional acknowledgement) does not confirm the ASN was
received without error. If your ASN is rejected due to error – an error
message will be sent to the email address you provide in your ASN. Any
errors must be resolved and the ASN resubmitted prior to the 11:00 am
(EST) deadline.
2. Once an ASN has been accepted in our system it cannot be altered,
deleted, or ignored.
• 810 – INVOICE
Once the ASN has been transmitted it is time to transmit the
All questions regarding invoicing should be directed to Accounts
Payable at [email protected]
Stein Mart’s Vendor Website: provides detailed information on all of
Stein Mart’s vendor requirements.
Email Addresses:
[email protected] – Answers your questions
regarding Stein Mart vendor requirements .
[email protected] – Answers your questions regarding
Stein Mart’s routing and shipping requirements .
[email protected] – Answers questions regarding
invoicing and payment.