Luz Carime Bersh, Ph. D.

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Transcript Luz Carime Bersh, Ph. D.

Luz Carime Bersh, Ph. D.
I was born in Cali, Colombia
Colegio Colombo Britanico
• School years: Orange Prep.
Happiest years!
• High School Days
Bonds Forever…
25th High School Reunion
Spreading Wings: Moving to the Big City
• Bogota: Universidad de los Andes
Teaching Kindergarten
Washington, D.C. 1998
The University of Alabama
• M.Ed. Elementary & Early Childhood Education
• Ph. D. In Education: Ed. Leadership & Children’s Lit.
Keene State College, N.H.
National Louis University
Clearwater, FL
NLU New Colleagues: Chicago & WI
My Babies:
• Lala Perlita
• Rosie Pink
• Katze Babe
New Paths, New Interests, More
Sail Away Whispering Night
• Sail away, whispering night
• Once you’ve cried my sea of truth
• Sail away, embrace the waves
• Where my ship-wreck sinks
• And my passion rests.
• Sail away, caress the sky,
• With your velvety touch
• Seduce the tide
• Quiet the spirit, whisper your blessings
• Over my sleepy eyes.
• Sail away, sweet black night
• Echoing my longing lullaby…
• Sail away with marine soft breeze
• Gently weeping, silently sleeping
• Until my soul awakes.