Chapter 8 (Texas And Texans)

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Chapter 8 (Texas And Texans)
Growing Tensions
Why It Matters
• Tensions increased between Texans and
Mexican government in the 1820’s and 30’s.
Some Texans believed that separation from
Mexico- even if it meant war- was the only
solution to their grievances. Other Texans
believed it was possible to remain a part of
Mexico. Stephen Austin’s imprisonment in
Mexico city pushed many Texans into believing
that war was necessary
• In the 1820’s Mexico was under a federalist
government allowing the Texans many
• They farmed and even brought in slaves
(which was illegal)
• 1829 Centralist Party came to power
• Issued regulations that many Texans thought
were unfair
East Texas Trouble
• Haden Edwards
• Received 800 family
land contract
• Land already had
people living on it
• Told them they needed
a contract
• Jose Saucedo told
Edwards the people
could stay
Republic of Fredonia
• Benjamin Edwards
• Believed the only way to
solve problem was to
declare colony
independent from Mexico
• Made alliance with
• Took 30 men and took
Nacogdoches proclaiming
the Republic of Fredonia
• January 1827 revolt
collapsed when no one
would help Edwards and
Mexican troops from San
Antonio approached
Mier Y Teran
• Because of revolt Mexico
worries about east Texas
• Mier y Teran is sent to
• He finds that Anglo’s out
number Mexicans 5 to 1
• Teran states that if nothing is
done soon Texas would be lost
• 1829 decree abolishes slavery
in Mexico
• This worries slaveholding
Law of April 6th 1830
• Law issued by centralist
• Stopped immigration
• Suspended incomplete
empresario contracts
• Encouraged Mexican
and European
• Introduced new forts
• Discouraged trade
between Foreign
nations (US) and Texas
Customs Duties
First Sign of trouble
• First serious conflict
was at Anahuac, a port
• Bradburn Mexican
Colonel from Virginia,
quarreled with colonists
about obeying Mexican
Unpopular Decision
• May 1832 Bradburn
arrested two lawyers,
William B. Travis and Patrick
h. Jack, for interfering with
the law
• This upset colonists
• A small Skirmish occurred
• Bradburn agreed to release
lawyers if colonists would
back down
• Bradburn calls for
• Colonists made camp at
Turtle Bayou while John
Austin went to Brazoria to
get a cannon
Turtle Bayou Resolutions
• June 13, 1832 colonists
adopted the Turtle
Bayou Resolutions
• Denied a revolt, insisted
that they were loyal
supporters of Antonio
Lopez de Santa Anna
• Mexican Constitution of
• Mexican Colonel from
Nacogdoches relieves
Bradburn of his duties
in Anahuac
Battle at Valasco
• June 26, 1832 a clash
between Mexican forces
and John Austin occurred
• Ausitn was brining cannon
to free lawyers and Mexican
officials would not let them
• Both sides lost men but
Colonists were able to force
Ugartechea to surrender
• Colonists arrived at
Anahuac only to find the
colonists had already been