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France & Switzerland
Why travel?
•Important for our students to become more culturally aware and globallyminded.
•Students will experience the global classroom first-hand and see what they
have been studying in their classrooms come alive.
•New perspectives not only of themselves, but also the world around them.
•Students who participate will grow their social skills and take part in an
experience that will set them apart when applying to college and their future
Educational objectives
- To gain awareness of global perspectives and
- To align with school curricula to bring subjects,
places and events to life.
- To develop the interpersonal skills necessary to
navigate new experiences with confidence,
maturity and flexibility.
What you need to know
EF Education First
Who are they?
Why did we choose them?
Safety on tour
Our tour package
What’s included?
What isn’t?
Passports and visas
Our tour itinerary
Pricing, Monthly Payment Plan
How to enroll
Questions and answers
Why EF?
Best value
Most educational
Highest quality tours at the
guaranteed lowest prices
Fully accredited,
just like our school
Planning and organizing
all tour logistics by
travel experts
Full-time personal, bilingual
Tour Director
Educational itineraries
based on almost 50 years
of experience
Why EF?
Safety first
EF’s Peace of Mind Program
All-Inclusive Coverage Plan
Should social unrest or natural
events make traveling to our
destination unsafe, EF will
work with our group to make
alternative arrangements.
6-to-1 student-to-chaperone ratio
Trained & licensed local guides
24-hour emergency on-call service
Coverage Plan
The plan covers your child for:
 Tour cancellation and interruption
 Illness and accident
 Baggage and property
 Flight delay
 24-hour access to an
English-speaking representative
For more information visit
or call EF’s Customer Service Department at
My approach
to safety
My 6-to-1 chaperone ratio
(for every six students there
is one adult chaperone)
My rules (the abridged version):
No wandering off alone
There is a nightly curfew, followed by
a room check
No visiting rooms of someone of the
opposite sex
No drinking (Board policy)
No swimming (Board policy)
**If a traveler (student or adult)
violates my rules, I have the
right to send them home from
tour at their parents’ expense.
Our itinerary:
What’s included?
Round-trip flights on
major carriers
Full-time Tour Director
Licensed local guides
Hotels with
private bathrooms
Entrance fees to select attractions
Comfortable motorcoach
Educational Itinerary
Breakfast and dinner daily
What are you
responsible for?
Spending money for optional
excursions, free time activities,
souvenirs, beverages, lunches
and snacks ($30-$65 per day)
Tips for your Tour Director,
bus driver and local guides
(around $10 per day)
Passport and/or visa fees
These are all necessities each
traveler will be responsible for
on this tour.
Passports and visas
All travelers are responsible for
securing necessary documentation
 Valid passports are required for all
 Passports may take up to 14 weeks
to process
 Some destinations may require travel visas
 Non-U.S. citizens may require special
visas or other travel documents
 Important note: Passports must be valid
for at least six months after our scheduled
return date
Paying for your
a month
a day
Fundraising: Your Donation Page
3. Share your Donation Page – Send the link to whoever you’d like via email /
Facebook / Twitter etc.
Fundraising: Your Donation Page
What does my donation page look like?
How do I enroll?
Tour Number: 1415242TM
Phone: 800-665-5364
Enrollment deadline: