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Canadian Committee Meeting
“General Update”
What is the IARA?
International Automotive Remarketers Alliance
 The IARA is a nonprofit organization composed of corporate
remarketing professionals dedicated to the continuous
improvement of the vehicle remarketing industry.
 IARA was created in 2001 in response to a realization by
several vehicle remarketing organizations that this multibillion dollar per year industry had no direct representative
 The IARA currently conducts two semi-annual Roundtable
industry meetings in the US.
 Facilitate standardization of processes within the industry.
 Provide a medium to facilitate joint initiatives among Alliance
 Develop performance measurements for the industry.
 Provide a forum for sharing ideas, knowledge, and best
 Encourage and support member adherence to the IARA
Code of Ethics.
 Share information on legislative and regulatory issues
impacting the remarketing industry.
 Provide a lobbying body to address legislative issues.
 Provide a process of continuing education focused on the
support of best practices in the remarketing industry.
Canadian Committee Benefits
• Drive change to help strengthen the Canadian Remarketing
• Co-Develop industry guidelines for corporate performance
• Conduct educational and training programs
• Discuss, develop and learn various industry best practices
• Networking in a forum of remarketers collaborating with peers
• Experience international growth and exposure
• Participate in round table seminars to achieve corporate goals
Canadian Committee Goals
• IARA Canadian member meetings – 3 times annually
• Offer a Canadian remarketing email networking
• IARA representation at Canadian Industry Events
• Industry publication support
• Create and provide educational and informational
programs geared towards the Canadian Remarketing
Canadian Committee 2012 Accomplishments
IARA Canadian Committee founded in January 2012
Past Events 2012
Inaugural Meeting – Toronto
CAR Conference – Las Vegas
- Canadian Committee Added to Agenda
1st Canadian Committee Meeting – Toronto
- Structure and Sub-Committees Defined
IARA 2012 Summer Round Table – Chicago
- Canadian Committee Welcomed
- Canadian Committee Added to Agenda
Canadian Committee Meeting – Toronto
- Canadian Legislative Forum
Canadian Committee Meeting – Toronto
- Canadian National Economic Forum
Canadian Committee 2012 Accomplishments
Canadian Committee Established January 2012
Canadian Committee Goals Defined
Canadian Sub-Committees Created
Met our Goal of Hosting 3 Canadian Committee Meetings in Toronto
The Members Drive the Association!
- Legislative Update, Economic Forum
• Each Meeting hosted record attendance!
• Monthly Canadian Committee Conference Calls
• Canadian’s Joining US Committee Conference Calls
Canadian Sub-Committee
Canadian Sub-Committee Teams
Education and Certification
John Paonessa – Lead (GM Financial)
Gerry Corcoran - Pattison Lease
Claudio De Angelis – Foss
Steve Langdon - ADESA
Brent Burpee - CarFax
Dave Sutton
Membership Development
Doug Collis – Lead (Ford)
Marty Meadows - CarProof
Stu Ralph - North Toronto
Kathy Ward – Canadian Black Book
Press & PR
Josh Bailey – Lead (Canadian Black Book)
Stu Ralph – North Toronto
Remy Rousseau – Rousseau Publications
Industry Recognition and Rewards
Alex Johnston – Lead (Hyundai)
Larry Shred – Canadian Black Book
Richard Pasta – Kia Canada
Technology and Standards
Tim Quesnel – Co-Lead (Ford)
Don Wallace – Co-Lead (Manheim)
Kim Thomson - Porsche
Bernard de Souza - Nissan
Larry Shred – CBB
Lisa Scott – ADESA / Openlane - NAAA
Membership Committee
Doug Collis, Ford Motor Company
Marty Meadows - CarProof
Stu Ralph - North Toronto Auction
Kathy Ward – Canadian Black Book
IARA Membership Committee
• Current Canadian membership of 22 companies
• Identified 28 new potential members
• Will continue to expand membership base over the
coming year.
• Join up, participate, network and volunteer for a
2013 Membership Drive
• Effective May 1st we will be contacting all members
and prospective members with membership renewal
and/or new membership payment options.
• Package will include a letter with membership
benefits. In this are contact e-mail addresses if you
have any questions or thoughts.
• Remember that your membership in the IARA
includes all your employees.
• Drop off your card to be included!
Industry Recognition & Rewards
Alex Johnston - Hyundai Canada
Larry Shred – Canadian Black Book
Richard Pasta – Kia Canada
• This year’s award is co-sponsored by ARC & IARA
• The Remarketer of the Year Award recognizes an outstanding
leader in the Canadian used car and remarketing industry. This
award is given to a Canadian auto remarketer that continually
exceeds expectations through dedication, integrity, hard work.
• This auto remarketer will have played an active role in shaping
the Canadian used car industry into what it is today.
IARA wants to recognize any person within our Industry who
make a significant contribution in one of the following
Business Builder Award
• Awarded to the IARA business/person recognized by IARA
members for contributing to the success of IARA in
Leadership Award
• Awarded to the IARA business/person that recognizes and
pursues activities which define, promote and inspire
leadership within its company and industry.
Management Quality Award
• Awarded to the IARA business/person that recognizes and
pursues activities which define, promote and inspire
quality values.
Community Award
• Awarded to the IARA member who has displayed a
commitment to give back to the community and whose
efforts have benefited the community and/or the residents
Education & Certification Committee
John Paonessa, GM Financial
Gerry Corcoran – Pattison Lease
Claudio De Angelis – Foss National
Steve Langdon – ADESA / OPENLANE
Dave Sutton – Carfax
Brent Burpee - Carfax
Education & Certification Update
IARA Certification Program Re-Cap
- established in 2008
- Approx. 38 members have been certified (successfully
completed 20 courses in 3 years)
- Approx. 400* members have been certified (have
successfully completed 12 online courses)
* Approx. 340 of the 400 come from one organization
Education & Certification Update
Certification Program “Canadianized version”
Based on numerous discussions, feedback received and
level of Interest, it was decided to adopt the IARA US version
of the Certification program
If the Program is accredited in the US or there is renewed
interest for a “Canadianized” Certification program we will revisit this decision.
For more information Regarding the IARA Certification
program the can be found at:
Education & Certification Update
• Re-focus on providing more educational experiences for our
members via: committee meetings, Web-Ex experiences and
presentations at industry events
Guest Speakers
• Support Canadian committee events by sourcing guest speakers
i.e. Legislative experts, Economic experts etc.
College Program
• Canadian Automotive Institute (Barrie, ON)
• Potential to offer remarketing training programs for students
Send any topic suggestions to:
[email protected]
Education & Certification Update
Upcoming IARA Summer Roundtable in Dallas, Texas
scheduled for August 22nd – 23rd
Currently working on Canadian content for the conference
• 2 Canadian Roundtable topics – TBD
• Canadian Consignor Only Meeting
IARA Canada
Technology & Standards Committee
Tim Quesnel, Co-Chair (Ford Canada)
Don Wallace, Co-Chair (Manheim -NAAA)
Bernard de Souza (Nissan)
Kim Thompson (Porsche)
Lisa Scott (ADESA / Openlane – NAAA)
Larry Shred (Canadian Black Book)
IARA Technology & Standards Committee
Committee Goals:
• Explore current and new remarketing
• Work with key industry stakeholders to
improve/clarify/align industry standards
• Work in conjunction with US Committee while embracing the
unique industry opportunities & variances in Canada
• Inform IARA members about technological innovations and
standards that are relevant for them and to make
recommendations regarding these innovations/standards
Current/Completed Canadian Initiatives
• Central Repository for OEM Build Data
• Post Sale Inspection standardization
• Monitor/provide industry input into
pending Nova Scotia MVDA legislation
• Disclosure source information reporting standardization of processes with auctions
 Vehicle History Report - documented process
guidelines for data error correction
Current/Completed US/Cdn Initiatives
• Multi-Platform Selling facilitation
• Internet-based resources for remarketers
• Align IARA and NAAA (Cdn) standards
• Structural Damage Policy revisions and clarifications
• Used Vehicle Condition Report & Grading System
 Remote Selling Representation best practices/tools
guidance for auction partners
US IARA Tech and Standards Committees
Technology Committee
Stephanie Gingras, Chair, DAASW
Chris Barrett, Openlane
Summer Ernsberger, ADESA
Stephanie Gingras, DAASW
Dan Heinrich, GM Financial
Dan Kennedy, GM
Greg Levi, Columbus Fair AA
Tim Lawson, Mike Albert Fleet Solutions
Robert Lewis, Synergy Logistics
Levi McCoy, LeasePlan, USA
Gary Mott, FLD
Tim Quesnel, Ford Canada-Co Committee Chair
Diane Scharafin, Carfax
Jim Simmons, Xcira, Inc.
Robert Wagner, Hyundai Motor Finance Company
Don Wallace, Manheim Canada-Co-Committee Chair
Standards Committee
Dan Heinrich, Chair, GM Financial
Darrin Aiken, Wheels
Eric Autenrieth, Indiana Auto Auction
Kevin Brown, Missouri Auto Auction
Jeannie Chiaromonte, Bank of America
Nicole Guio, ADESA
Jason Herman, US Bank
Dan Kennedy, General Motors
Tim Lawson, Mike Albert Fleet Solutions
Greg Levi, Columbus Fair AA
Gary Mott, FLD
Tim Quesnel, Ford Canada-Co-Committee
Diane Scharafin, Carfax
Sal Terranova, Carolina AA
Fred Uhter, TriState AA, Chicago
Robert Wagner, Hyundai Motor Finance
Don Wallace, Manheim Canada-Co-Committee
Canadian Committee Chair
Steve Macaluso - CarProof
IARA US Board of Directors
• Executive Director Search
• 2013 Canadian Budget Established – Thanks to our
past sponsors!
• Website and Social Media Development
• Continued Membership Growth
• Proposed merger of the IARA and NAAA fall events
• Vote cast – 70% of IARA Board voted “Not this Year”
• Definitely perceived value by members of each
Canadian Committee Meetings & Events
Our goal is to host a minimum of 3 IARA Canadian
Committee Meetings annually in Canada
Proposed & Planned Events in 2013
CAR Conference - Las Vegas
AR Canada Conference - Toronto
Canadian Committee Meeting – Toronto
IARA 2013 Summer Round Table - Dallas
Canadian Committee Meeting – Toronto
Canadian Committee Meeting – Toronto
IARA Remarketing Summer Roundtable Event
August 20th – 21st 2013
Hyatt Regency
Dallas, TX
Volunteers Always Welcome
We need your help drive the Canadian Committee
List of Sub-Committee Opportunities
Education & Certification
Membership Development
Press & Public Relations
Industry Recognition and Rewards
Technology and Standards
“Consignor Only” Meeting
• Tuesday April 23rd – 3:45 PM
• Hosted by IARA Canadian Committee leaders:
Doug Collis – Ford Motor Company & John Paonessa GM Financial
• Private Meeting for Corporate Consignors Only!
• Be sure to attend
Open Discussion
• Open dialogue and question period
• What else would you like to see our association accomplish in
Canada in 2013
• Next Steps – meeting being planned for June 2013
• Follow up email to all members and non-members
Thank You for Attending
& Enjoy the Rest of the