Transcript PowerPoint

Adapting the Program to
a Tablet Application
Marcia Boberg, Assistive Tech
Sue Schulz, Administrative Liaison for
November 2011
TeachTown Basics
S Must have student license for TeachTown
S Must start TeachTown from the teacher host computer
(desktop/laptop) for either of the options to be
presented today
S You will sign on to TeachTown as usual on the host
What You’ll See In This Video
S Two Options for remote access on a
S Directions for remote access using Air
Display for Mac (iDisplay for PC)
S Directions for remote access using
Splashtop Remote Desktop for Mac/PC
S Equipment and Apps needed for
remote access
Big Picture Demo
Quick walk through so you can see what
we are talking about
S Host Computer – Teacher Laptop/Desktop
S Remoting – the process for moving
TeachTown from the host computer to the
S Connection – Using existing LAN WiFi
connection not Bluetooth (IT person may
need to support access)
S Tablet – iPad or Xoom (or similar portable
What You Will Need
S Student license
S Host computer running
S Mac OS 10.58 or above for Air Display
S Mac OS 10.6 or above for Splashtop
S Splitter and audio cable for Air Display application
S Tablet with Air Display and/or Splashtop installed
S From AEA website – Directions, troubleshooting handout
and video clip for desired method when you’re ready to
give it a try
Two Options For Remote
S Air Display for Mac/PC to iPad –
iDisplay for PC/Xoom
S Screen extension of host desktop
S Drag TeachTown to the
S TeachTown plays on tablet, while
allowing work on host computer
S For this method you need a
S Splashtop for Mac/PC to
iPad or Xoom
S Screen mirroring of host
S Project TeachTown on
S TeachTown plays on tablet
taking over the host
splitter and audio cable that
comes inConnection
the iPad/Xoom
kit host computer and tablet
requires same WIFi connection and may require
security code for screen sharing and/or log on
Ensuring WiFi Connectivity
S Before starting any process make sure the tablet
you are using and your host computer are both
connected to the same WiFi network.
S On the ipad you will find the WiFi connection in
your settings
S Demo
Air Display on the iPad
Walking through a Demo
S When you turn Air Display on within iPad – see a
welcoming screen which includes directions for
downloading the installer
S Downloading instructions can be followed from the iPad
or from the directions on the following slide (arrow
S Click on the arrows at bottom of each screen to learn
more about how to connect the two devices.
S Mouse directions, basically turning your fingers into
mouse – watch video
Air Display Steps
S Learn more about it at:
S Go all the way to the bottom of the screen and find the
Download button
S Click on the correct button to download the application
compatible with your operating system running
TeachTown (host computer) – free install
S This will download the program installer and you’ll follow
steps for installing (unique for each computer)
Communicating Between Devices
S Begin by making sure both devices are connected to the
same WiFi network
S Look for the icon
on your top menu bar
S Turn on the Air Display using
the icon on top task bar
Opening & Moving TeachTown
S Open TeachTown on the host computer
S Complete a typical login including the length of the
session and the command to start the program
S Click and drag the TeachTown dialog box (screen) to the
right so that it looks like it is going off your computer
S Note that as you drag it off your computer screen it
begins to appear on your tablet – you can complete the
screen transfer by dragging the frame on the iPad
Embed video clip
Hide the Cursor in TeachTown
During Tablet Session
S TeachTown: Basics allows you to hide the cursor on
the screen during a session in which a student is
using a touch screen or tablet session
S Open your TeachTown application and sign in
S Click on the student name
S Click on the “Current Student” tab in the top
navigation tabs
Choose “Mouse Settings”
Click “Hide Mouse Cursor During Trials”
Click “Done”
Repeat to enable the cursor for a session using a
Hide the Cursor (cont.)
Transferring Sound
for Air Display
S Since the program is running from the home computer,
each kit includes a splitter and audio cord
S Take the splitter and insert one end of the audio cord in
one jack and the headphones into the other (doesn’t
matter which one)
S Plug the splitter into the headphone jack of the iPad
S Plug the other end of the audio cable into the
headphone jack for the host computer
Headphone Set-up
Splitter + Audio Cord =
Headphone Set-up
Place one end of audio cord in computer headset jack
Place other end of splitter in
iPad headset jack
Headphone Set-up (cont.)
Insert headphone plug in
to second splitter jack
Splitter set up looks
like this
The child’s session may now
begin with the child selecting
a town location just like they
do with the mouse, but now its
with the touch screen of the
Now Let’s Move to Splashtop
S Go to Splashtop website -
S Get the streamer software for your host computer
S Download
and install
like you
would any
Splashtop on Host Computer
S Double click on the Splashtop application (the
first time you may need to go to your
Application’s folder)
S A “splash” icon should now appear on your top
task bar
S Click on the icon and select Preferences and a
new window will appear
Setting Preferences
S Select “Settings” and take off the check mark for
starting Splashtop automatically
S Select “Security” – You will enter a password of
your choosing. Enter it twice. You will need this
password for your tablet device so make sure you
record what it is.
S Video Demonstration
Splashtop App on Tablet
S Start Splashtop on the ipad
S See your device name on screen
S Type in your password
S Both screens should now have “Hints” visible – hit
S Use your mouse to scroll to your doc to find your
TeachTown application, if you don’t already it open
(Note: It might be wise to have all applications other
than TeachTown closed
when you start Splashtop)
All Set
S You now have two methods for running the TeachTown
application on your tablet device.
S Video clips of each method are posted at the site where
you obtained this overview demo.
S Be sure to select the video you need for the app
(AirDisplay, iDisplay, Splashtop) and platform (Mac, PC)
you are using
S Questions/Ideas?
S Marcia Boberg – [email protected]
Sue Schulz – [email protected]
Christy Burnette – [email protected]