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Turning Point
An introduction to Audience Response Systems
By: Patrick Davis
One Time Effort
S Loading Software instructions located in the directory with
the software.
S Familiarize yourself with the product
Load Software
S http://jonathan.con.musc.edu/turningpoint/
S For those using Windows go to the PC folder
S For those using Mac OS go to the Mac Folder
S Follow install instructions in the respective folder
Pre-Class Prep
S Set-up questions
S Prepare presentations
S Reserve Audience Response System
Start up PowerPoint
S For PCs the Turning Point application integrates with
PowerPoint. You will notice a new tab on the top tool bar.
S For Mac you if you are using office 2004 Turning Point
integrates as with PC; if you are using office 2008 you must
start Turning Anywhere in addition to starting PowerPoint
PC: Click the TurningPoint Icon
Mac: Starting
PC: PowerPoint will start
PC: Inserting Turning Slides
Mac: You will see this
Mac: Create your PowerPoint or not
S You may incorporate your poll questions into your
PowerPoint presentation, but you do not have to. Turning
Anywhere allows you to display the questions
S You may run TurningAnywhere independently from
PowerPoint. It is a stand alone polling tool
Creating Question Lists
S Mac: Open Turning Anywhere
S Go to the Question List tab and either create a new question
list or open an existing one.
Mac: Editing an existing question
Mac: Save the Question List
Mac: Adding Questions
In Class
S Make sure the receiver is plugged in
S Starting and stopping polling
S Unplug the receiver and return to NTC
Plug in the RF Receiver
PC: Step through the
S When a Turning slide comes up Polling will be open
S Press the space bar, Polling will close and a chart will
display with answers
PC: Polling Open
PC: Polling Closed
Mac: Starting and Stopping
S To Start Polling go to the A icon on the top right.
S Select Start Polling
S When all have had the opportunity to respond close the
polling by repeating the first step, then.
S Select Stop Polling
S Display your polls
Adding On the Fly Questions
S PC: if during your presentation an opportunity presents
itself to incorporate a polling question you may do so
without leaving the presentation.
S Mac: same as adding questions previously. No need to exit
polling just open the question list, question list editor and
click the + to add another question.
PC: on the Fly question
PC: on the Fly Question
PC: on the Fly question
PC: on the Fly question
S When you exit your presentation PowerPoint will prompt
you to save changes
S Saving will save the new slide and incorporate it into the
slide presentation.
S When the slide is added Polling is open.
S Press the space bar as before to close polling and display the