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The 5 Themes of Geography

Geography     The study of the Earth and its people.

Geographers ask two basic questions… 1) Where are things located? 2) Why are they there?

The 5 Themes of Geography  Location - where something is.

 1. Absolute location - this location describes a place’s exact location. Found by using latitude and longitude lines.

 2. Relative location - explains a place’s location by describing things near it.

Place  A location’s physical and human features.

 1. Physical features - is a place hot or cold, flat or mountainous, etc.

 2.Human features - how many people live there, what do they do?

Human-Environment Interaction  Describes how people affect their environment and how the environment affects people.

Human-Environment Interaction

Movement  Helps explain how people, goods and ideas get from one place to another.

 Example: Types of foods.

Regions  Used to make comparisons.

 Regions have unifying characteristics such as, climate, population, history, etc.