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Transcript Camden-Youth-Aviation-Program-Overview-6-15

Ira Weissman
[email protected]
Camden Youth Aviation Program – Overview
 Sponsoring Organizations
 Vision and Mission
 Camden Youth Aviation Program-Program Description
 Criteria To Participate In Young Eagles Flights
 Activities And Event Structure
 Catholic Partnership Schools of Camden & EAA’s Wild
Blue Wonders Program
 Tasks To Be Accomplished
 Program History
 Points of Contact
Camden Youth Aviation Program Done Under The Auspices
Of And With The Support of The Following Agencies
 Camden Police
Foundation and the
Camden Diocesan
Community Relations
Advisory Board
Baldwin’s Run/DCCB III
Camden Boys and Girls
Camden Diocese
 Catholic Charities
 St. Vincent de PaulCathedral
 Youth Ministries
Camden Catholic
Partnership Schools
 Camden County
Prosecutors Office/Curfew
Camden Fire Dept.
Camden GPS Program
Camden Police Dept.
Camden Office of Youth
Cartun’s Hardware
Cathedral Clothing Ctr.
(formerly St. Vincent
de Paul)
Center for Family Services
Dudley Elementary School
Camden Youth Aviation Program Done Under The Auspices
Of And With The Support of The Following Agencies
 Gloucester County
Improvement Authority
Knights of Columbus
Lion of Judah (Man Up)
Lourdes Health System
NJ Dept. of Corrections
NJ State Parole Board
NJ State Police
Order of Malta
 Public Service Enterprise
Group (PSEG)
Rutgers - Camden
Rutgers - Camden Walter
Rand Institute
South Jersey Eye Center
Tuskegee Airman,
Inc./USAF/Honor Guard
Supporting Aviation and Corporate Organizations
Aviation Organizations
 Air Victory Museum
 Aircraft Owners & Pilots
Black Pilots of America
Experimental Aircraft
Association and the Young
Eagles Program
Federal Aviation
Pine Baron’s Radio Control
Tuskegee Airmen
West Jersey Radio Control
Corporate Sponsors
 Edmund Scientific
 Gleim Publications
 Jamail Larkins and Embry-
 Jeppesen
 Shell Aviation
 Wyle
Vision and Mission
 Vision Statement
 The Camden Youth Aviation Program will by
introducing the young people of Camden to the Dream
of Flight help them to grow into well disciplined,
educated, and contributing members of society.
 Mission Statement
 The Camden and Aviation Communities by working
cooperatively will provide the young people of Camden
the opportunity to participate in exciting, fun and
educational aviation programs and activities to help
them to expand and improve their educational,
personal, and career potentials.
Camden Youth Aviation Program
 What Will Youth Get From The Program
 An Introduction to Aviation
 Welcome Into A Very Special Community
 An Introductory Flight In A Small Aircraft
 An On-Line Ground School Course
 A Flight Lesson
If 14 years of age or older
 A Student Membership in the Experimental Aircraft
Association and Academy of Model Aeronautics
Camden Youth Aviation Program
 This Program Is A Privilege NOT A Right
 To Participate
 Passion For Aviation
 Good Grades
 Good Behavior
 Able and Willing To Listen and Follow Directions
 Dedication
 Willing To Learn
Camden Youth Aviation Program
 1st Step – Complete AOPA’s Path Work Sheets
Participate in other monthly aviation program activities
Participate in program’s educational activities
Good Grades, Good Reports From Teachers and Program
Young people need to earn the right to take
 Young Eagle Flight
 On-Line Ground School
 Flight Lesson
Criteria To Participate In Young Eagle Flights
 Be disciplined and be able to follow
 Submit PATH package prior to
Be courteous and be on “Best
Understand that the flight is a very
special privilege and not a right.
Must be dedicated to academic
program in school, as evidenced by
attention, homework and discipline
and verified by teacher.
Understand that unless instructions
are followed exactly both on the
ground and in the air, the person
will not be allowed to fly or the
flight will be stopped immediately.
 Sit quietly and do not touch
anything unless told to do so by the
 Do not do anything to distract the
pilot during critical stages of flight
operations, especially during takeoff
and landing.
 Understand that the pilot flying the
young person is volunteering
his/her time, aircraft and the cost of
fuel. The pilot wants to help give
the young person a very special
experience and is no way required to
fly the young person.
 Understand that although we will
do our best to fly all those approved,
if conditions are unsafe, we will
cancel the flights. The issues could
include problems with the aircraft,
weather deterioration, pilot fatigue,
etc. Efforts will then be made, but
no guarantees given, to reschedule
the flight.
Activities/Events Structure
 Activities will include both In Camden and Travel activities
 Must participate at least 2 in Camden events to be able to
go on travel event
 Potential in Camden events
 Flight demonstration by West Jersey R/C Model Club
 Weather Service
 South Star Medevac Helicopter
 Flight Planning and Map Reading
 Potential Travel Events
 McGuire AFB
 FAA Technical Center, Atlantic City
 West Jersey Model R/C Model Club to fly R/C aircraft
 Air Victory Museum
Catholic Partnership Schools of Camden
 Serves the K-8 children of
Provide an excellent, studentcentered academic program
defined by faith-based values,
rooted in respect, and
compelled by justice.
Implemented EAA’s Wild
Blue Wonder program
January to May 2011
Visited Air Victory Museum
and took Young Eagle Flights
April 9, 2011
Program Finals May 14, 2011
 Wild Blue Wonder Program
and Beyond
STEAM Focused (A=Arts)
Multi-disciplinary approach
to activity-based learning.
Components: Math, Science,
Technology, History,
Geography, Language, Art,
and Life Skill Standards.
Use aviation to motivate
young people
Aviation Ground School
 Program suggested by a Certified Flight Instructor who
volunteered to teach program.
Program hosted by the Boys & Girls Club of Camden at
there Parkside facility
Jeppesen donated the course books and other materials for
the course.
Open to all youth interested in gaining the background
knowledge needed to become a pilot.
Course ran January through May 2011.
10 young people started with the program and 4 young
people stayed with the program to the end.
Program History – Camden NJ
Although Camden was once a major center for
manufacturing and industry, Camden despite
significant efforts by its citizens, police, schools, social
service agencies and the state continues to have
significant issues with crime, poverty and education.
Program History - Concept
 Provide a motivational experience for the youth of
Camden to help them experience something beyond
their local environment
 Provide something that can inspire and provide a
dream for underprivileged youth
 Inspire youth to become interested in aviation and
related fields.
 Take Away - Any obstacle can be overcome and
anything can be achieved, if someone has enough
Program History – Potential Speakers
 Jessica Cox
 Young lady who was born without arms and earned her pilot’s
license last year
 Jamil Larkins
 Young Eagle at Age 12
 Spokesperson for Young Eagles Program
 FAA’s First Official Ambassador for Aviation and Space Education
 Jeff Skiles and/or Sully Sullenberger
 Pilots of the US Air flight that went down in the Hudson River last
 The Tuskegee Airmen
 The black aviators who had to literally fight to earn the right to
defend their country during WWII
 The 99’s
 The women’s pilot’s association
Program History
 Original concept presented to Monsignor Mannion
Director of Community Relations, Diocese of Camden
August 1, 2010
Presentation made to the Camden Diocesan
Community Relations Advisory Board August 19, 2010
35 government and non-profit agencies present
Board gave whole hearted support to program
Program being run under the auspices of the Camden
Police Foundation and Camden Diocesan Community
Relations Advisory Board and Supporting Agencies
As word of the program is spreading, more and more
agencies are asking to become involved. On average 1 to
2 agencies per week ask to participate in program.
First Event – September 22, 2010
 Program Introduction
 EAA Young Eagle Flights
 Privilege NOT A Right
 Flight Privilege Must Be Earned
 Introduction to Aviation
 Commercial, Military, General
 Jamail Larkins Key Note Speaker
 AOPA Aviation Booklets, Stickers and Tattoos given out
 Map Reading Exercise – Locate Camden on Jeppesen
VFR+GPS Area Map – Prize Shell Aviation “One Cow Ruled
The Skies Poster”
 Jeppesen Aviation History Books given out as prizes for
answering aviation questions
 Over 100 Young People, 10 Pilots
Young Eagle Flights October 16, 2010
 Flights Cancelled Due To High Winds
 Alternate Activities
 Tours of the Air Victory Museum and going into the E-2B
Radar Plane and CH-53D Helicopter
 Flight planning and map reading
 Aircraft Preflight and Aircraft Flight Introduction\Ground
 Visit the Pine Barons Radio Control Aircraft Club
 Lunch at the Runway Café
 Started 9:00 am, Ended 3:00 pm
 5 Groups, 35 Youth, 10 Adults
 10 Pilots, 3 Museum Staff, 5 Additional Support Staff, 5 RC
Young Eagle Flights November 13, 2010
 Perfect Weather
 Visibility was so good that Atlantic City could be seen 50
miles away
 Flights From South Jersey Regional Airport (VAY)
 13 Young People took Young Eagles Flights
 Young People From Camden PAL and Camden Police
Cadet Academy.
 4 Pilots And 2 Ground Support Personnel From EAA
Chapters 1348 and 216.
November 16, 2010
 Location: Dudley Elementary School, Camden, NJ
 Time 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
 Activities
 Introduction to Civil Air Patrol
 How Pilots Communicate
Telephone Game
Phonetic Alphabet
 How Aircraft Fly
 Forces of Flight
 Build and Fly Balsa Gliders
 Meet Military Recruiters and Tuskegee Airmen
 30 young people, 10 adults representing 5 organizations
 5 members of the USAF from McGuire AFB, 2 private pilots,
2 recruiters, a member of the Tuskegee Airmen and members
of the Gloucester county Civil Air Patrol.
Tuskegee Airmen - February 15, 2011
 Hosted by Rutgers Camden and PSEG at Rutgers
Camden College Center
 30 Young People and 30 Guests had the opportunity to
listen to 3 of the original Tuskegee Airman talk about
their experiences both at home in the US and in
 Also helped arrange and supported presentations by
the Tuskegee Airmen at Dudley Elementary School
and the St. Cecilia School.
Philadelphia Airport – April 25, 2011
 24 young people and 8 adults toured Philadelphia
Airport. Young people represented 5 different
 Tour Included:
 Visiting The Different Areas of the Terminal
 Passenger Screening
 Talks by Operations Personnel
 A Bus Tour of the Actual Airport
 A special Thanks to Bernadette Satchell Nicholas,
Philadelphia Airports Information Services Supervisor
for arranging and leading the tour.
Points of Contact
 Ira Weissman
 856-354-0173
 [email protected]
 Monsignor Michael Mannion
 856-662-5008
 [email protected]