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• Simoniz® is offering a “turn-key” express detail
program that regardless of building and zoning
restrictions, can have you up and running
within one week.
• Remember, a successful express detail
business can make up for any loss of car wash
• A movable / collapsible / durable / tent
• Training and certification
• Enough of the finest detail chemicals on the
market to begin and maintain a successful
• Every tool and accessory needed to efficiently
run a busy detail business.
• Marketing tools such as banners, menus and
-The beauty of operating a
Simoniz® express detail business
is that you can offer a viable
automotive service to your
existing customer base.
-There would be very little, if
any, advertising needed other
than effective POS material. The
tent is your advertising!
Unlike many new businesses /
services , your start up costs are
low and the amount of
inventory you will need is
• Owner of the Simoniz® brand...the oldest car
appearance brand in the country. We operate our own
manufacturing facility, producing our products with the
strictest quality standards.
• Simoniz® has owned and operated detail shops. Our
expertise and knowledge will create a profitable, more
efficient, streamlined operation for your business.
• For over 20 years, Simoniz® has been a leading
developer of the express detail industry. Our Proven
systems will increase productivity, control costs, and
produce bottom line results
• Simoniz® products are known and trusted by the
motoring public.
We arm you with the entire arsenal of high quality express detail products.
Have the confidence to tackle anything
Option 1
Option 2
13’ x 20’
Series 43
Technical Details:
Weight: 122 lbs.
Entrance height: 7’ 1”
Peak height: 12’ 7”
Folded dimensions: 21’’ x 16’’ x
• Base Package includes 43mm
Anodized Aluminum Frame, 500
Denier Fire/Water Resistant
Polyester Canopy, Heavy Duty
Stake & Strap Kit and Cover Case
10’ x 20’
Series 30
Technical Details:
Weight: 92 lbs.
Entrance height: 6’ 7”
Peak height: 10’ 7”
Folded dimensions: 12” x 22” x
• Base Package includes 30mm
Anodized Aluminum Frame, 500
Denier Fire/Water Resistant
Polyester Canopy, Stake & Strap
Kit and Cover Case
Package #1
Full start up order - $5,995
Package #2
Full start up order + 10’ X 20’ (series 30) Tent
Package #3
Full start up order + 13’ X 20’ (series 43) Tent
Lets Look At The Pro Forma of an Express
Detail Program operating within a car wash
• A car wash washing
4,000 cars per month
• 3% penetration of daily
• Average ticket
• Employing two full-time
detail technicians @
$12.00 per hour, 40
hours a week.
Pro Forma
Annual Revenue of Express Detail Service Provided
Labor –
Product Cost $6,000
Advertising –
Utilities – 2%
Uniforms – 1%
Commissions –5% $5,688
Total Expenses
Operating Cash Flow
$ 48,740
Operating Cash Flow as a percentage of Revenue: 43%
Percentage of Operating Costs
Based on Pro Forma
43% Net
Cash Flow
Product Cost
Operating Cash Flow
• Certified full day Training
Spanish / English
– Detail Technicians
– Service advisors
• Market Collateral and Co-Branding
– 10 customized laminated
– Signage
• Multi media accessibility
– Live webcast training
– Streaming training videos on
our site
– Training DVDs
• The ability of your service
advisors to “put cars”
under your Express Detail
Tent, may singularly be the
most important
ingredient/challenge in
operating a successful
• Once you have “the work”
it will be up to your detail
shop manager to
productively perform the
Common detail Shops
– Don’t maximize the
– Inconsistent quality of
– Labor/Time = lost $
– Too many vendors
– Inefficient work space
– Non standardized work
– Low customer
Simoniz® Express Detail
– Elevated standards
– No space restrictions
– Service process controls
labor cost
– Single source provider
– Help in creating
additional clientele
– Trained and certified
– Increased Customer
• Treat your detail shop like your car wash.
They are separate businesses!
• Proven operational proficiency
• Better levels of service from technicians
• Added revenue stream
• Increased customer service offerings
• Maximize customer satisfaction
Contact your Simoniz® car wash representative
Tom Palancia 800-227-5536 ext. 242
[email protected]
Jim Dorsey 800-227-5536 ext 166
[email protected]