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Office of Title I & Section 31a Compliance


2010-11 Title I Program and Budget Planning

February, 2010

Office of Title I & Section 31a Compliance


To assist principals with:

• • The planning of 2010-11 Title I Programs The completion of the required Title I Budget Planning Forms

Office of Title I & Section 31a Compliance


 Compliance staff will provide guidelines and requirements to principals and assist with the planning of 2010-11 Title I programs.

 Principals must meet with school teams and parents to develop final budgets based on the school process rubric (comprehensive needs assessment).

Office of Title I & Section 31a Compliance


Title I legislation requires that funds be allocated to schools on the basis of poverty.

Office of Title I & Section 31a Compliance

Purpose of Title I

To ensure that all children:

• Have a fair, equal and significant opportunity to • • obtain a high-quality education Meet State academic achievement standards Meet proficiency on State academic assessments – MEAP, MME

Office of Title I & Section 31a Compliance

Title I

• The use of Title I funds must be directly related to a Title I program within a Schoolwide or Targeted assisted Title I school as described in the school’s School Improvement Plan. • These funds are to be used to supplement the costs of effective Title I programs designed to increase student achievement in the core academic areas – ELA, Math, Science and Social Studies.

Office of Title I & Section 31a Compliance


When any expenditure (use) of Title I funds is made, it must be schools based on a school process rubric must be clear and as to how that expenditure complies with and enhances its Title I program described in its School Improvement Plan.


Office of Title I & Section 31a Compliance

Planning Requirements

School Process Rubric

Involvement of parents of participating children

Budget must be within allocated amount

Decisions must be based on data

Office of Title I & Section 31a Compliance

Priority Title I Budget Items

 Schools in Phase 1 or 2 of School Improvement (no AYP for two or three consecutive years) – must set aside and spend 10% for professional development.

 Salaries (current + steps) & Fringe Benefits for requested staff must be sufficient. Schools must have adequate funds to cover cost of requested staff, i.e., if cost is over, staff must be removed/released from Title I Budget by HR where necessary; otherwise budget will not be balanced and must be revised.

Office of Title I & Section 31a Compliance

Priority Title I Budget Items

 Discretionary items – funds other than salary & fringes that can be distributed at the discretion of the school.  Supplemental Supplies – Must be limited to supporting the Title I Targeted or Schoolwide Program Strategies. Cost must not exceed $50,000 , per the Michigan Department of Education.

Office of Title I & Section 31a Compliance

Consolidated Application

The purpose of the Consolidated Application is to ensure coordination between funding sources and programs.

The application budgets should reflect support of your School Improvement Plan and its programs, goals, strategies, and professional development.

All expenditures must be allowable under the legislation and supplement the costs of district responsibilities.

Office of Title I & Section 31a Compliance

Required Planning Forms are Due

March 12, 2010








Statement of Assurances Budget Process Checklist Title I Budget Development Team Sign-off Program Description School Budget Planning Summary DPS Buy-In Summary of Services TITLE I 2010-11 Expenditure Checklist

Detroit Public Schools Office of Title I and Section 31a Compliance STATEMENT OF ASSURANCES

Please complete and attach this assurance form to your completed 2010-2011 Title I School Budget. Return this form along with your requested Title I budget.


Name of School: Telephone No: _____________________ Principal: Constellation: _______________ Department ID: _____________

Amount of School Allocation Title I

Title I Allocation: $____________ Title I Parental Involvement: $____________ Check One:  Title I Target Assistance  Title I Schoolwide



I certify that parents have been directly involved and consulted with the development, approval and submittal of the school’s proposed Title I budget for the 2010-2011 school year and that meeting notes and agendas, with lists of parents in attendance at meetings, are on file at the site to document that all program services, including bilingual, special education, and Title I, were included in discussions. Signed:___________________________________ Date: __________________________________ Title I Parent Representative


I certify that the attached Title I school budget has been prepared and submitted in accordance with all legislative and District budget development guidelines; that I reviewed the budget and verified its completion; and that the level of the budget request does not exceed the level of the designated budget allocation to my school for the 2010-2011 school year. All services provided at the site will be in compliance with Board Policies, State and Federal Regulations, and District Administrative Procedures


Expectations. Signed:_____________________________________________ Date: _________________________________ Principal

Detroit Public Schools REQUIRED #2 Office of Title I and Section 31a Compliance BUDGET PROCESS CHECKLIST

Please complete and attach this checklist form to your completed 2010-11 Title I School Budget. Return this form along with your requested Title I budget.


Name of School: _________________________________ Telephone No: _____________________________ Principal: Constellation: ___________________ Department ID: __________

Amount of School Allocation Title I

Title I Allocation: $____________ Title I Parental Involvement: $____________ Check One:  Title I Target Assistance  Title I Schoolwide


Before submitting your completed school budget, make sure you have done the following: _____ Completed a comprehensive needs assessment. _____ Involved teachers, parents, other staff and members of the community (where appropriate) in the development of your budget. _____ Considered existing Board policies and administrative procedures, including the Superintendent’s School Improvement Plan. _____ Considered negotiated agreements, union contracts, and grant terms and conditions. _____ Considered State core curriculum standards, student learning goals and essential academic teaching- learning requirements. _____ Aligned your budget to your School Improvement Plan to ensure Adequate Yearly Progress. _____ Limited your request to the level of your school’s allocation. _____ Calculated all personnel (salary and benefits) and non-personnel costs in accordance with costs and guidance provided by the Budget Office. _____ Followed all budget development guidelines in the preparation of your budget. _____ Worked directly with your Title I and Section 31a Compliance Administrator. _____ Met the essential components required to implement a Title I Schoolwide or Targeted Assistance program. Signed:_____________________________________________ Date: ________________________________ Principal

Title I Program & Budget Development Team 2010-2011

Please Note: A minimum of three (3) parents of participating children must be involved in the program planning & development and must sign below.


Classification: Parent or Staff

Principal's Signature: __________________________________ Date: ___________________

In accordance with the No Child Left Behind Act, Title I of 2001, Section 1114 , the school's comprehensive plan shall be developed with the involvement of the community to be served and individuals who will carry out such plan, including teachers, principals, other staff, and, where appropriate, pupil services personnel, and parents, and, if the plan relates to a secondary school, students from such school.


Office of Title I & Section 31a Compliance Title I Program Description 2010-11

(Refer to School Improvement/Academic Plan) School: Core Subject Area:  ELA AYP Phase: Areas Identified:  Math Grade Level(s):  Science  Social Studies Number of Students: Need for this Title I program was determined by: Criteria for Student Selection: This Program is provided:  In regular classroom (Push-In)  On pull-out basis Explain operation and objective(s) of program: Type/s of academic instruction (check all that apply):  Readiness activities  Enrichment activities  Reinforcement  Other (Specify) Describe communication/coordination activities between regular staff and Title I funded staff: How are parents kept informed of their child's participation in the program? How is the program evaluated?

School: Dept. ID: Allocation $ Parental Involvement $ SUPPLEMENTAL PERSONNEL (during the regular school day) Func. Code Prog.

226 212 125 00100 00100 00100

Object Code

511900 512200 512400

Enter up to one (1) FTE per line.

Name Classification

Assistant Principal (9th Gr. Restruct. Only)

List Subject Area ELA, Math, Science or Soc. Studies

Counselor Teacher Budget Summary Forms 221 22130 125 00100 216 213 125 00100 00100 00100 282 00100 282 211 00100 00100 211 00100 512500 512900 514400 514500 516310 516320 516330 516800 516800 Instructional Specialist Educational Technician School Social Worker Nurse School Service Assistant (SSA) Student Assistant Graduate Assistant Assistant Attend. Officer Attendance Agent

Subtotals F.T.E.


Salary Insurance ($18,393 max.) Fringe Benefits Pension (16.94%) FICA (7.65%) Total Fringes Total

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ -

2010-2011 Title I Buy-In Summary of Services School

Nil Report (check if applicable)

Detroit Public Schools Buy-Ins

Reading Recovery-Ongoing Prof. Dev. for Trained Tcrs. ($1,600 per school) Reading Recovery-New Teacher Training ($7,500 per teacher)

TOTAL (SUBTRACT from allocation below) Amount

****Buy-Ins Are Not Refundable**** Budget Development Allocation Worksheet Title I Allocation

(do not include Parental Involvement)

Less DPS Buy-In Programs Budget Development Requested Total

$ $ $

This Form must be submitted with Title I Budget Principal Signature _________________________________ Date ___________________________

 The checklist below serves to assist Principals with the preparation and submission of their school's 2010-11

Title I Budget Summary Form expenditures

. Using this checklist will help to ensure, that schools' assigned Title I/31a Compliance Administrator is equipped with the required data, that must be entered into the District's Consolidated Application for MDE review and expenditure approval for the 2010-11 school year.

Purchased Services for Instruction Expenditures

 Provided name and description for students' purchased services during

"regular school hours ,”

for math, science, reading and/or social studies  Provided sufficient detail for each purchased service including the number of hours per session, rate and total amount for purchased services

Student Field Trip Expenditures

 Identified


student field trip destinations  Identified No. of buses w/cost for each bus per each field trip  Identified No. of students per each field trip  Identified admission cost per student, per each field trip

Classroom & Lab Technology Expenditures

 Provided description and location for technology, i.e., classroom or lab  Provided number of units per each item, i.e., computers, laptop, copier  Provided cost per each unit

Teaching/Testing Supply Expenditures

 Provided detailed description for all supplies, for each category, consisting of math, reading, science or social studies classes  Identified cost for each unit of supplies, i.e., calculators, work books, charts, flash drives, etc.  Identified No. of students and average cost per student

Office of Title I and Section 31a Compliance

Budget Justification for Purchase of Equipment This form should be used for equipment purchases that were not requested during budget development.

2010-2011 School Year

Requisition #______________ Function Code: ___________ Object Code: ___________ School____________________________________ Date_______________________________ 1. Program Name _____________________________________________________________ 2. Description of item (one type only) _____________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ 3. Life Expectancy ____________________________________________________________ 4. Unit Cost_________________________ Quantity Ordered __________________________ 5. Location of Equipment (Room #) ______________________________________________  Classroom  Lab 6. Describe how student will use the equipment _____________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ 7. How will the program be affected if equipment is not available? Why? __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________ Principal Signature _______________________ Date

Copy of this form must be on file in the Title I and Section 31a Compliance Office.

If you need any assistance, please contact your Compliance Administrator.

Department of State & Federal Programs Office of Title I & Section 31a Compliance

Contact List

Linda Blanton, Desk Compliance Administration Joseph Flint, Field Services & Monitoring Boston, Gwendolyn Bruce, Charles (Fiscal Analyst) Enoex, Antonio


873-7667 873-7691

Compliance Administrators

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Office of Title I & Section 31a Compliance


Office of Title I & Section 31a Compliance