Why did the Vasa sink?

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Transcript Why did the Vasa sink?

Why did the Vasa sink?
The Facts
• Instability
– Design changes ordered by the King
• Two gun decks
• Increased armament
King Gustavus II Adolphus
What prompted the changes?
• King
– Successful military leader
• 1611, assumed the throne; “Sweden was a small
impoverished country…”
• 1632, at time of death; “Sweden ha become the
strongest force in northern and central Europe…”
“Second to god, the welfare of the Kingdom depends on
its Navy.”
• Why didn’t the shipyard oppose the King’s
• Shipbuilding relied upon experience-based
knowledge, not theory-based knowledge.
• Shipyard lacked the capability to build such a
grand ship.
• Results of the stability test.
• Shipyard
– Needed to put a limit on design
– More importantly, Needed a process.