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Understanding Numbers
Alex Smart
Goody Twoshus
S'Marty Pants
Numbers fall into two categories
Real Numbers
Rational numbers
The letter "i" represents
imaginary numbers
Natural numbers
Whole numbers
Irrational numbers
square roots of negative
even roots of negative
Real Numbers are made of two types of
Rational Numbers
Irrational Numbers
can be expressed as a
Cannot be expressed as a
Can be non-terminating
Non-terminating, nonrepeating decimal
Does repeat decimal numbers
Examples of rational and irrational
Irrational numbers
1/2345 4
The most famous is pi
perfect square roots
Any non-perfect square root
perfect cube roots
Any non-perfect any root
perfect any roots
Natural numbers
What is taught the first time you count? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6...
Also referred to as counting numbers
Start at 1 and go to forever or infinity....
Whole Numbers
Whole numbers are natural numbers and zero....
Zero (0) looks like a hole.....(w)hole numbers....
Whole numbers depict quantities in wholes (0) or
many wholes....(1, 2, 3, 4...)
You have 3 whole loaves of breads.....
What happens if you destroy 5 whole loaves of breads of your
You give your 3 and now you owe 2 to your neighbor
Integer numbers are used to show what you owe
Instead of owing 2 loaves, you have -2 loaves.....
Integers are mirror images of whole opposites
Rational Numbers
What about if you have 3 loaves and the fourth loaf is split with
your brother?
You have more than 3 and less than 4 you have 3 and a half.....
The 3 and a half is a rational number.....
Rational numbers are natural numbers, whole numbers,
integers and the parts between those numbers
Represented by deciamals and fractions
Decimals that repeat are rational also
Irrational Numbers
AKA crazy numbers....hence irrational number
These numbers cannot be written as a fraction...the decimal
number goes on forever, never repeating itself