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Borrower Support Services for
Alternative Financing Programs
Session 2
Setting Up Borrower Support
Services with Partners
Patti Lind, Facilitator
Homework from last meeting. . .
Identify a program in your state that
provides a borrower support that could
benefit your current borrowers.
oWho do they serve?
oWhere do they serve?
oDescribe the service?
The Challenge . . .
Even though we value borrower supports at all levels,
they are difficult to provide when we don’t have the
expertise to deliver it or resources to staff it.
• What services should you provide?
• Who are the potential partners?
• How do we establish and formalize partnerships?
• When is it a good idea to co-brand the service?
Determining Services
Key Factors:
– Are there portfolio issues that could be
impacted by training and/or technical
• Disproportionate slow pays
• Defaults
• Denials on 2nd funding request/consolidations
– Are there common requests for training
and/or technical assistance by applicants
or borrowers?
Who are the Potential Partners?
Telework Examples
AFP Examples
1. Financial Literacy
Links to online training
Group workshops
Asset building
2. Credit Counseling
3. Universal design
A. Business Plan
B. Capitalizing Businesses
C. Accounting 101
Establishing & Formalizing Partnerships
Collaborating with a cause . . .
 Sharing common goals
• Making sure you’re ready to dialogue
o The proof is in the documentation
• Taking the initiative
Structuring the connection . . .
 Memos of Understanding
 Contracts for Service
 28E Agreements
Consideration: Co-Branding
Next Week . . .
 Identify 1 or 2 borrower supports
Develop your “Dream Team” of partners
based on support services to be provided
Questions? Contact Patti at [email protected] –
Toll Free 1.888.222.8943 ext 224
Next Telemeeting: Monday, March 17, 2008 @ 2PM Eastern