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• Texas AgriLife Extension Service
– Established in 1915, the Texas AgriLife Extension Service
provides Texans with continuing education programs and
services related to the food and fiber industry, environmental
and natural resources conservation, family and consumer
sciences, youth development, nutrition and health, and
community economic development.
– More than 900 professional educators and some 90,000
volunteers team up throughout Texas to serve families, youth,
communities and businesses in all 254 counties. The agency was
previously known as Texas Cooperative Extension.
Collin County Master Gardener Association
• Our Master Gardener program in Collin County is
an educational and volunteer program affiliated
with the Texas AgriLife Extension Service of the
Texas A&M University system.
• The 130 members of the Collin County Master
Gardener Association are citizens of the local
community who not only take an active interest in
their own lawns, trees, and gardens but also strive
to promote sound horticultural practices in the
community. Members receive invaluable training
and continuing opportunities for education, then
share their horticultural expertise through a wide
variety of projects benefiting Collin County
residents and organizations.
Vegetable Gardening
for Kids
Sand Compost Clay
Some are good
Some are scary
Integrated Pest Management
Do the least damage
Soaker Hoses
Raised Bed Garden
Where do I plant it?
What should I grow?
What I Like to Eat
Seed Packets have lots of
For Horticulture information and services please contact the Collin County Master Gardeners
at 972-548-4219,, or [email protected]
For more information on Extension Programs offered in Collin County please contact the
Texas AgriLife Extension Office at 972-548-4233,, or
[email protected]
Extension programs serve people of all ages regardless of socioeconomic level, race, color,
sex, religion, disability, or national origin. The Texas A&M University System, U.S. Department
of Agriculture, and the County Commissioners Courts of Texas Cooperating. A member of the
Texas A&M University System and its statewide Agriculture Program.