Maniac Magee Discussion Questions and Quiz

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Transcript Maniac Magee Discussion Questions and Quiz

Why did Maniac (Jeffrey) start
screaming at the school musical?
• He wanted to go back to the house of
two toasters.
• He was sad because everyone hated him
at school.
• He was mad at his aunt and uncle for
hating each other.
• He didn’t want to be Catholic like his
aunt and uncle.
How many miles did Maniac run? #
800 miles
200 miles
400 miles
900 miles
550 miles
What did Maniac think Amanda was
Going to school
Running away
Eating banana pancakes
How many blocks long was Cobblers
10 blocks
4 and a half blocks
3 and a half blocks
5 blocks
Who lived on the east side?
What is Maniac allergic to?
Hot sauce
Grayson knew a lot about
• True
• False
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4 5 6 7
Chapter 1 @ (I got Fun Friday)
“Never again to return to the house of two
toasters.” That is a quote from chapter 1 read by
the narrorrator. Since Maniac’s aunt and uncle
hate each other but can’t get a divorce, they
have two of everything in the house. That
means they have two toasters in the house
making it the “house of two toasters”. Maniac
Magee will never return to the house of two
Discussion Questions
The birth of Maniac’s legacy was when he
screamed at his aunt and uncle and ran away,
earning the name “Maniac” Magee. He ran 200
miles, and by the time he was done, the soles of
his shoes were torn.
Chapter 3
The quote for chapter 3 was “it’s not
where I am, It’s where I’m from. Maniac said
that when where he was from and if he wasn’t
from here, why was he over here. He wasn’t
from the west or the east side.
Discussion questions
The first person Maniac had a conversation
with was Amanda when he walked into town.
Maniac Magee saw her suitcase and thought she
was running away too. He asked her if she was
running away but Amanda was really just going
to school.
Other questions @ @
What did Amanda mean by the east side
and the west side?
She meant all the black people live on one side
and all the white people live on the other side.
McNab could already feel his strikeout
record fading to a mere grain in the sandlot of
history is the quote for chapter 3. It means that
McNab wouldn’t be known as the guy who
struck out everyone because “The Runt”
(Maniac) had hit one of McNab’s fastballs.
How Maniac adds to his legacy
Chapter 4
Maniac adds to his legacy by
intercepting a pass to Hands Down (with
one hand),who is a good football player. He
also rescued a kid from Finsterwald’s
backyard after a group of high schoolers
threw him over the fence. He also joined
the Pickwell’s for dinner so they met him.
By the end of the day, pretty much
everyone knew about Maniac Magee.
chapter 12
Mars Bar did not stop until he was in
Maniac’s phone booth of space is the quote
from chapter 10. The narrator says it and it
means that Mar’s Bar was very close to Maniac
before he stopped and didn’t really give him any
personal space.
The Finsterwallies
You can get the Finsterwallies by being in
Finsterwald’s backyard or near it. It makes your
body tremble and your teeth chatter. You can
get rid of them by getting away from the
But everyone did not love him back
The narrator says this. It means that
Maniac loved everyone. He didn’t care if they
were black or white. But not everyone loved
him. He didn’t know any better so he would go
to the east side and didn’t care if he lived with
black people or white people.
The Beales
#1 After Maniac moved in with the Beales, the
Hester and Lester stopped making messes
everywhere because Maniac would entertain them.
#2 Maniac finally knows what a good family feels
like and he doesn’t want to run away anymore.
#3 Cobbler’s Knot is a giant knot that, if you can
untie it, gets you a year’s supply of large pizzas. It
takes Maniac a while, but he finally gets it untied
after all the practice with little kid’s shoes. But,
unfortunately, Maniac Magee is allergic to pizza.
Cobble’s Knot
If the wonders of the world hadn’t stopped
at 7, Cobble’s Knot would have been number 8.
The narrator says that when Amanda is
explaining to him about Cobble’s Knot. It is a
very, very, very big knot that, when it is untied,
is 4 and a half blocks long.
Grayson was an old man who rescued
Maniac from the zoo where he had been living.
Grayson lives with Maniac and takes care of him
until sometime after Christmas, He doesn’t wake
up in the morning and right when Maniac thinks
he has a friend again, Grayson dies. Maniac just
keeps running…
Online Questions chapters 1-5
#1 His parents were killed in a train crash (C)
#2 8 (B)
#3 His aunt and uncle did not get along (A)
#4 The Lost Year (D)
#5 200 miles (B)
#6 Amanda Beale (C)
#7 He was white (D)
#8 Books (A)
#9 He did it with a book in one hand (D)
#10 He sat down on Finsterwald’s steps and read (B)
Online Questions chapters 6-16
#1 The steel rails (C)
#2 Frog (D)
#3 Yelling “Talk, talk,” and running away (C)
#4 A deer shed at Elmwood Park zoo (B)
#5 Chased him out of town (B)
#6 People don’t eat after each other, black/white (C)
#7 Maniac promised to take care of it (D)
#8 Go out to get his address (B)
#9 Pizza (B)
#10 He didn’t want to lose the last thing he had from his
parents. (B)
Online Questions chapters 17-21
#1 Whitey (C)
#2 Fishbelly go home (B)
#3 Cobble’s Knot (A)
#4 One free pizza a week for a year (B)
#5 Until dinnertime (B)
#6 Encyclopedia a (C)
#7 Middle of the road (C)
Online Questions 22-26
#1 Elmwood Park Zoo (B)
#2 He didn’t have a home (C)
#3 He thought he was bad luck to people around
him (B)
#4 He pitched his worst game in front of the
scouts. (C)
#5 Bought books (C)
#6 Teach him to read (B)
Online Questions 27-32
#1 The Little Engine that could (C)
#2 Because he felt at home there (A)
#3 The Man who Struck out Willie Mays (C)
#4 His baseball glove (A)
#5 He died (D)
Online Questions chapters 33-36
#1 Checked the other cabins (B)
#2 Mexico (B)
#3 John McNab (C)
#4 Hole from 2nd to 1st floor (B)
#5 The attention they got because of Maniac (C)
Online Questions for chapters 37-46
#1 Go into the east side (B)
#2 He disgraced him by running backwards (A)
#3 They got Grayson’s glove (C)
#4 He thought they would welcome him (B)
#5 Mars Bar (B)
#6 Got stuck on trestle in front of trolley (C)
#7 He avoided the trestle because of his parent’s
deaths (B)
#8 Home and family (C)