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West Texas after the Civil War
• Commercial Agriculture-producing crops for sale
• Expansion-the act of extending
• Immigrant-a person who comes to a country to
• Sharecropper-a tenant farmer who receives a
share of the value of the crop minus charges for
rent and other expenses
• Subsistence Agriculture-producing most of the
goods needed by a farm family
Native Americans control the West
• By 1850 all NA had
moved westward
• During the Civil War
federal soldiers left
Texas to fight
• This left West Texas
settlements vulnerable
to NA raids
• Most settlers
abandoned their farms
and ranches to safer
East Texas settlements
Troops occupy West Texas
• After the Civil War federal soldiers
were stationed in West Texas
– Albany, Menard, San Angelo, Fort
Stockton, El Paso
• The army was unable to prevent
NA raids because the forts were
too far apart, food shortages, and
soldiers were not used to fighting
• The NA knew the territory and
were skilled fighters
• By the time it took to reload a
muzzle rifle, a NA could ride 200
yards and shoot 20 arrows
Treaty of Medicine Creek Lodge
• 1867 US agents met
with NA chiefs to sign a
peace treaty
• NA would live on
• US would provide food
and supplies
• US army would not be
allowed on
• NA would stop making
raids on settlements
Indian Reservations
• US appointed agents
that would treat the NA
• Many agents were
Quakers that did not
believe in violence
• Agents educated NA in
agriculture in order for
them to live in the
Anglo world
Peace Policy Fails
• Most NA in Texas did
not sign the treaty
• Claimed the US lied,
cheated, and treated
NA badly
• Kiowas and Comanches
refused to move to
• NA believed Western
Texas belonged to
them and they did not
want to abandon their
way of life
Medicine Lodge Speeches
• I love the land and the buffalo and will not
part with it. I want you to understand well
what I say. Write it on paper. I hear a great
deal of good talk from the gentlemen whom
the US sends us, but they never do what they
say. I don’t want any of the medicine lodges
schools and churches within in country. I want
the children raised as I was.
– Santana, Kiowa Chief
Medicine Lodge Speeches
• I was born upon the prarie, where the wind
blew free and there was nothing to break the
lightof the sun. I want no blood upon my land
to stain the grass. I want it all clear and pure,
and I want it so that all who wish to go
through among my people may find peace
when they come in.
– Santana, Kiowa Chief
Quanah Parker
• Last chief of the
• His mother was Anglo
and raised by NA
• Was captured by US
and influenced other
NA to live like US
West Texas NA questions
•Copy and answer the following questions
1. What advantage did the NA have over the US
2. Why was the US army not able to stop NA
3. List three reasons why the Treaty of Medicine
Creek Lodge failed.