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Jim Bergeron
Lafarge Canada Inc.
Don Borsk (Chair)
Metro Retail Supply
Chain Solutions
Darren Christle
(Vice Chair)
Manitoba Infrastructure
and Transportation
John Gauvreau
Government of Quebec
Fergus Groundwater
Export Development
Dwayne Hihn
(Vice Chair)
Paltainer Freight
Forwarders Ltd.
Frances Humphreys
Wilfrid Laurier University
Flavia Iuston-Blair
Panalpina Inc.
Susan Krausz
Humber College
Institute of Technology
& Advanced Learning
Maria Lindenberg
Chevron Global
Downstream LLC
David McCormick
Industrial Staffing
Richard Moore
Halifax Employers
Hervé Pilon
Cégep André
Lesley Smith
Wal-Mart Canada Corp.
Mission Statement
"The Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council brings together partners in the
sector to develop solutions to the human resource challenges faced by
stakeholders. Recognizing the vital role of the supply chain to Canada's
economy, the Council is committed to enhancing the sector's ability to attract
and retain workers at all levels and across the full range of functions, and to
advancing the skills of those workers."
Current Issues
 Shift from a Focus on the Supply Side, to the Demand Side – The Council has
concentrated efforts to date on the sources of labour for the sector. Now we are
turning our attention to employers and elements of our work that can build better
and more-effective engagement.
 Career Focus Expanded – Our wage subsidy program for new hires will soon be
expanding to provide more opportunities for firms to hire recent graduates of supply
chain-related post-secondary programs. This easy-to-use subsidy is available for
employers in the sector and can mean up to $12,750 per new hire, for the employer.
Call the office and speak with Sheryl Keenan for further details.
 Older Worker Engagement – Are your member’s firms experiencing issues in
the effective engagement of older workers in their workplaces? Are they
experiencing challenges with communications, job-related performance, ageism?
Are they concerned about knowledge transfer? What about legacy…do individuals
have concerns about “what they leave behind”? Are there best practices that can be
The Council has been invited to provide a briefing to a forum of federal and
provincial labour market ministers on the challenges firms face in our sector, and
we want to bring these issues to life. We are looking for stories to tell! Please
contact Kevin Maynard with any comments or perspectives to share.
What We Need From You
 Work on our Recruitment & Retention Project is nearing completion. We need to
develop a cadre of trainers to take the information to all employers. This easy-touse product is perfect for associations to showcase at workshop sessions at
conferences. Help us in our career-awareness and succession-planning initiatives.
Contact [email protected] for details!
Pam Somers
Ex officio:
Kevin Maynard
Canadian Supply Chain
Sector Council
Philippe Richer
Industry Canada
Sonia Gauthier
For further information on any of the above, visit,
contact [email protected]
or call 905-897-1100 / 1-866-616-3468