Review of Purchasing Guidelines

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Transcript Review of Purchasing Guidelines

Instructional Materials
and Student Records
4309 Warrior Drive, Bldg. C
McAllen, TX 78501
Instructional Materials
Allotment (IMA) Funding
• Annual allotment from the state provided for each student
enrolled in the district.
• Districts can use IMA funds to purchase:
– State adopted or Non-adopted instructional materials
– Technological equipment; student/teacher software licenses
– Training on the use of technological equipment
• Factors considered when purchasing new IM:
– Print/digital format
– Technology requirements
– TEKS Alignment Percentage
– Assessments, monitoring tools, resources, etc.
New School Year, New Textbooks
 Grades K - 5: Texas Go Math!
 Grades 6 - 8: Texas Go Math!
 Grades K - 5: Texas Interactive
 Grades 6 - 8: STEMscopes 2.0
 Biology:
Pearson Biology
 Chemistry:
Dynamic Chemistry Online:
 Physics, IPC:
TX IPC &Physics Online:
Delivering New Books to Campuses
The objective is to ensure that all teachers have the adequate materials in
their classrooms before students return to school.
Process Before Distribution:
1. Inventory
2. Add to TIPWeb (Quantities, publisher info, campus eligibility, etc.)
3. Bar-code
4. Organize and sort by title & grade level
5. Re-distribute to accommodate the increase and/or decrease of new
teachers and students.
Purchasing New Books
•Determine what funds will be used for purchase:
- Department, District, IMA funds, etc.
- IMA funds require District and TEA approval prior to PO process
•Observe Purchasing guidelines for all purchases:
(If expenditure is $50,000 or greater, in the district annual aggregate,
competitive Bids and Board approval is required)
- Obtain Vendor Quotes for Purchases from $5,000 - $49,000
- Obtain Vendor Sole Source letter (if sole source purchase)
- Include Signed Contract, Board approval, Bid Number, etc.
- If not a current MISD vendor, set up through Accounting Dept.
• Have books bar-coded and added to TIPWeb before distributing:
- Provide Copy of PO to Instructional Materials Department
- Provide Distribution list (i.e. Qty per Campus, Grade level, etc. )
Removal and Disposal
of Old Textbooks
•Make available to students before removing from campus
•Remove old textbooks from classrooms and bookroom
•Inventory textbooks to be returned
•Stack neatly on pallets in 5’s (5-Spine IN, 5-Spine OUT)
•Complete IM Disposal Request
•Submit work order for Central Warehouse - KACE User
•Attach IM Disposal Request to work order
**Not to exceed 3FT
•Place pallets or boxes in a secure location.
•Allow enough room area for easy removal.
•Do not dispose of books without proper authorization.
•Do not leave books in classrooms; staff not allowed in
•Do not place pallets or boxes outside of classrooms or in
obstructing areas as this could result in a risk of injury for
•Do not over-stack pallets; not to exceed 3 ft.
•Do not stack soft cover workbooks or loose material on pallet
secure them in boxes.
Inactive Student Records
All Student Perm Folders are stored at home campus for 5 years
Elementary and Middle School Records sent for disposal after 5 years
High School Transcripts sent for permanent storage after 5 years
Where to Refer
Former MISD Students
Attended MISD less than 5 years = Last Campus Attended
Attended MISD more than 5 years = Student Records Department
It is not within District Policy or the McAllen ISD Records Retention Schedule to keep copies of birth
certificates and/or social security cards and make them available to replace lost or misplaced cards.
Birth Certificates = Vital Records Department
Social Security Cards = Social Security Administration
Diplomas = Not available; one time event
Required Minimum Storage Conditions
for Permanent Records
Texas Administrative Code Title 13, Section 7.164
(b) Records shall be stored in a manner that complies with the
(1) offers protection from fire, water, steam, structural collapse,
unauthorized access, theft, and other similar hazards; and
(2) does not expose records to direct sunlight.
(c) Records or storage boxes shall not be stored in contact with the
While this does not directly apply to non-permanent records, such as Elementary
and Middle School student records, similar precautions should be taken until they
reach their minimum required retention period.
Storage and Disposal
Of Student Records
Before sending folders for storage or disposal:
1. Remove binders, heavy-duty folders, fasteners, etc.
2. Secure in approved storage boxes.
3. Complete Records Storage or Destruction of Records request.
4. Submit work order for Central Warehouse - KACE User
5. Attach request before submitting work order
*Storage and Disposal requests are processed once all books for the new school year have been delivered
(October – December)
Storage and Disposal Boxes
•10 x 12 x 15
•Storage efficiency
•Easy access
•Reduce risk of injury
•Protects records
Access to Stored Department Records
Department records stored at West-side Stadium secured by MISD
PD. - Contact Chief Esquivel’s office
Business & Payroll records stored at Central Warehouse.
Imaging and Destruction of Records
Departments interested in having records digitized for permanent
storage should obtain quotes from at least 3 sources, such as:
Creative Imaging
1212 S. 28th St.
Edinburg, TX
(956) 316-0500
Lone Star Shredding &
Document Storage
1970 West Expressway 83
Mercedes, TX
(956) 564-1045
Records Consultants, Inc.
12829 Wetmore Road
San Antonio, TX 78247
(877) 363-4127 Toll-Free
Expired records may be taken to the McAllen City Recycling Center for
proper disposal.
*Submit a work order on Central Warehouse - KACE User if you need
help moving the boxes to recycling center.