Transcript Document
The project is done
By the pupils of the 10a Form of The Municipal Comprehensive Secondary School
specialized with subjects, Sanchursk Kirov region
Kosolapova Alyena
Selivanova Nastya
Krasnoshyekova Kseniya
Kozlova Anna
Grosheva Zhenya
Project manager
Foreign language teacher
Gnatyuk O.G.
The aim of our project work is
to discover our Hometown for the world
The tasks of our project work are
 To study and research the historical documents
 To learn about the most famous people and events
 To find and present the monuments of ancient and
modern architecture
 To present the achievements of our people
A settlement of primitive people
There was a settlement of primitive
people in Kubashevo Hills not far
away from my hometown.
Now it is a place for rest for tourists
and guests in summer and a
wonderful place for skiing in winter.
“The town must be built here”
5 streets are like
5 fingers of the
There is a legend about Sanchursk. The Russian Tsar
Ivan the Terrible went to conquer Kazan. He kept his way
through dark forests, deep swamps. But the chiefman
Baltaush didn’t allow him to cross his territory and built a
fortress Shemchura. It was impossible to overcome it without
battle. It was a great fight. The army of Baltaush was
defeated. Ivan the Terrible ordered: “The town TsarevoShemchuragrad must be built here!”Later the town was
named Tsarevo- Sanchursk. Now it is Sanchursk.
Historical reference
The arms of Sanchursk was maintained on the 28th of
May 1781 by Ekaterina the Second. It consists of two parts:
the arms of Vyatka and the arms of Tsarevo-Sanchursk. On
the arms of Tsarevo- Sanchursk the bird kanyuk is walking
in the meadow. Long ago there were many such birds in our
The building of our local
historical museum opens the
view of our hometown. Here we
can see rich collections of
exhibits and presents. The
museum was founded by the
War correspondent D.A.Naumov
in1967. At first it was the
museum of the revolution
honour. In 1984 it became the
historical museum.
Serkovsky ravines
Serkovsky ravines are
the place where the first
Now it is a traditional
place for sport
competitions and
different festivals.
The Nikolsko-Vladimirskaya
Church was built in 1784. There
were 3 huge bells in it. The reading
hall was built here in1898. It was
opened for readers every day.
People could take books home
once a week. It was the “Mother” of
the whole library.
In 1922 the most valuable
things were taken from the
church. Only one silver icon
was saved. In 50th the
church was destroyed.
Now it is the Court House.
The Pokrovsky
Cathedral was built in
1770 and was destroyed
after the Revolution.
A new building had been a
secondary school for a long time.
Now it is a medical college.
Tikhvinskaya Church
It was built in 1761. Later it was closed and destroyed.
The bell was broken, the building was used as a garage.
Tikhvinskaya Church
Our small town has rich
history. It was founded in
Many ancient buildings still
remain in Sanchursk.
They were built in
17-18th centuries:
the militia, some
shops, the hospital.
The population of Sanchursk is about
5 000 people.
Our inhabitants are skillful people,
that’s why their houses are so smart.
Sanchursk is very picturesque.
In spring it is as white as snow from
Home gardens decorate our
sweet town.
Almost every house has its
own garden with appletrees, cherry-trees and
Modern houses are
The fountain square is a
favourite place for rest. You
can relax good in a hot
summer day.
The streets of our town are
green in summer and yellow in
autumn. They are always
clean and nice.
The Great Patriotic War (1941-1945)
5 000 people fought in the Great Patriotic War, only the half of
them returned home.
The Heroes of the Soviet
Union during The Great
Patriotic War
Zevakhin V.S.
Vershinin K.A.
Zhukov V.S.
Myagchilov A.G.
Norkin I.A.
Yudin P.K.
Kartashev K.Ya.
Kartashev Konstantin
Yakovlevich - the Hero of
the Soviet Union. He
finished our school in
1940. He fell down
heroically by Kenigsberg
in February 1945.
Air Chief Marshal - Vershinin K.A.
Culture in our
That’s a pity we have neither
theatre nor cinema, only the House
of Culture, where concerts and
shows take place.
We have the opportunity for reading
books and magazines in the local
Our nature
Sanchursk is
surrounded by
the river
It flows into the great Russian
river Volga. Its length is about
288 km.
Our Town Park is situated
on the bank of the river. It
is more than 100 years
old. The air is clean among
pine - trees and bushes.
It is a favourite place
for fishing, swimming
and bathing in the sun.
There are no big factories
and plants in our place, but
some collective- farms still
They produce milk and
meat production.
Collective-farmers grow
cereals, potatoes.
Famous people
Many famous people were born
in Sanchursk. Among them –
Kirpichnikov P.A., scientist,
professor , rector of the Kazan
Institute of Chemistry and
We have our own writers.
Among them Alexey Ryzhov.
Some of his books are
The verses and poems by
Faina Stolyarova people can
read not only in our region.
Her poems are published in
books and magazines. Faina
Romanovna was born in 1941.
From early childhood she had
been working... After leaving
school she became a
collective-farmer. But her
heart was full of the beauty of
our picturesque nature.
”Sweet Homeland” became
the theme of her verses. In
1971 she entered the Institute
of Literary. After her study at
the Institute Faina
Romanovna returned to
Sanchursk and became a
correspondent of a local
Prohorov A.I. spent his youth in
Petrograd. He worked hard with
his father. After serving in the
army he entered the medical
institute in Leningrad and in 1930
he decided to work in Sanchursk
as a doctor.
This dream to build a
new hospital came true
in 1933. Workers,
collective- farmers,
pupils took part in
building the hospital.
The Bulyigin’s House
He was the most famous and
richest merchant and sponsor
for charity in our hometown.
It is the monument to
Educational Institutions
The Professional Technical College
The House for Orphans
The Medical College
The Municipal Comprehensive Secondary
School specialized with subjects,
Sanchursk Kirov region
Of all towns and villages in our country
there is one sweet to our hearts. It is our
hometown - Sanchursk - the place of our
childhood and youth!
Thanks for attention